vorlonmwhudson: I certainly agree that this is a bug in pam_env for not being more robust; not committing to the work to fix it though00:06
mwhudsonvorlon: ack00:25
mwhudsonvorlon: are you pam upstream too?00:25
vorlonmwhudson: certainly not actively00:38
mwhudsonvorlon: ok. i'll file a bug there eventually00:39
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xnoxmwhudson:  what's the context for "it settling down" ?11:31
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mwhudsonxnox: i don't know, one of the releases definitely seemed like a bit of a climb down20:21
mwhudsonxnox: i haven't checked the mailing list in a while though20:21
mwhudsonvorlon: reported the pam bug fwiw https://github.com/linux-pam/linux-pam/issues/39522:55
ubottuIssue 395 in linux-pam/linux-pam "pam_env: leading = in envfile causes pam_open_session to fail" [Open]22:55
vorlonmwhudson: cheers22:58
mwhudsonvorlon: i do hope the code in pam that parses user_envfile with handcrafted C runs as the user ...22:59

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