flingxnox: thanks03:40
* fling just lost the url03:40
flingok so how to filter shiftfs related commits?06:48
flingthe ones touching shiftfs.c are not enough06:48
flingthere is something elso06:48
flingeg for shiftfs_setattr to work06:48
flingIs not there newer 5.14 than 5.14.3?08:42
xnoxfling:  there might be in -next and -prep we were frozen a bit for the release. We are now actively working on v5.15 in linux-unstable11:32
xnoxfling:  the 5.14 development continues in focal as oem-5.14 only11:32
xnox(no idea how long lived it will be)11:32
xnoxi think we are actively skipping 5.14 and going from v5.13 to v5.1511:33

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