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new_guest_21Hi, quick question. I learnt recently that you can add ip routes to a custom table in firewall configuration (e.g. for WireGuard). I would like to know what characters are allowed in the table's name. Specifically, are alphanumerics and _ (underscore) allowed, or is it just numbers? (I've seen quite a few examples that use '1234' and '123' as table03:21
new_guest_21E.g. command to give you an idea of what the 'table name' is that I'm referring to: `ip rule add iif wg0 table 123`03:21
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new_guest_21Ah, shoot. That was a dumb question considering there are default tables named 'default' and 'main'. :P03:38
new_guest_21Must rest now.03:38
lordievaderGood morning06:05
koeretwqahi! i have a problem with setting up ufw on a diskless client running ubuntu server via NFS. whenever I enable UFW the system hangs because there must be some rule which is preventing system to get NFS packets from the NFS server. If I set DEFAULT_INPUT_POLICY to ACCEPT, then it works ok (but not something I'd desire). I tried all possible rules08:52
koeretwqaalready to even allow all traffic from local network, but it still hangs the system... I would really appreciate any tip that would led me into the right direction... Thanks!08:52
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atjbHello - please could I ask for help installing a Linux Image package18:20
atjbI'm following a tutorial to run an ubuntu-KVM18:20
atjbAnd windows inside of it - https://medium.com/axon-technologies/installing-a-windows-virtual-machine-in-a-linux-docker-container-c78e4c3f9ba118:21
atjbAt step 7 I'm getting an 'unable to find package' when I try to run apt-get install18:21
atjbThe result of my $(name -r) is 5.4.0-88-generic - so I guess I'm looking for something else that will work that I can install instead?18:23
pycuriousanyone has any experience with cors problem in nginx with python servers - https://dpaste.org/8NvjĀ ? I could use some help. Thanks.18:28
sarnoldatjb: that feels pretty strange.. I didn't think the containers would be able to load kernel modules18:28
atjbIt's the first time I've tried the tutorial - but it makes sense.  In my experience, containers run pretty much anything inside them18:29
atjbBut then again - I'm a novice18:29
atjbOk - I've done a search and there's linux-image-5.4.0-87-generic & linux-image-5.4.0-89-generic - Signed kernel image generic available18:42
atjbuName on my build is 5.4.0-88-generic18:43
atjbShould I go for one version before or after?18:44
atjbI can't imagine it'll make much difference?18:44
sarnoldit's probably worth rebooting into the newer kernel18:45
sarnoldthough I think we're doing kernel updates today, I'm not sure if those are out the door yet or not18:45
atjbOk - fair enough, I'm just going to run with it18:48
atjbIt's a learning exercise so no worries if it fails :)18:48
TJ-why put a VM hypervisor inside a docker container? That does seem extremely silly19:00
sarnoldthat was my first thought too, but I realized I don't know off-hand how to do the "differential disks" kind of thing in libvirt and this guide knows a way to not bother learning it :)19:03
TJ-differential disks?19:22
TJ-Isn't that what we have on our tractors!?19:22
sarnolddunno how else to say "let ten instances all share a qcow2 or zfs dataset and only write their own changes"19:22
* genii makes vroom vroom sounds in the corner19:23
TJ-genii: more of a constant roar if you please :)19:23
TJ-sarnold: looks simple to do for me at least; LVM snapshots19:26
sarnoldTJ-: ah I never got the hang of lvm :)19:27
TJ-it's SO simple and flexible :)19:27
sarnoldI think it's something that would just happen if you use zvols backing storage but I've not actually tried it myself..19:27
TJ-pvcreate /dev/sda1; vgcreate VG /dev/sda1; lvcreate -n VM-base -L 30G VG; ... lvcreate --snapshot --size 1G --name snap01 VG/VM-base 19:31
TJ-and of course the space can be thin-provisioned and images RAIDed and shared over iSCSI19:33
sdezielqcow2 files can have backing files and possibly backing device (never tested the later). I'd be curious to have a qcow2 "delta" file backed by a base zvol ;)19:41
atjbI guess I'm just learning, so I dunno if putting a hypervisor inside. Docker container is a good idea or not19:41
atjbBut at my stage I'm putting everything inside docker containers - so I guess I want to try this19:42
atjbI'd like a Remote Desktop, and this looks a good way to get one19:42
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patdk-lapwell the issue is, by the time you make kvm work inside a docker container, you have removed all security of the docker container, so it's pointless20:06

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