zxmpi_the notch has angered the faithfull :-P03:13
zxmpi_i don't get why people hate bezels. you can pick up, manhandle, adjust and hold devices with out leaving grubby fingerprints on screens with a bezel13:10
zxmpi_especially useful if you are using devices in freezing cold wearing gloves13:57
m0nkey_I like a thick bezel15:33
zxmpi_right? it's like a built in handle15:35
m0nkey_Yeah, I like to be able to grip onto something.16:14
daftykinswell you should never lift a laptop from the lid half imo17:25
zxmpi_you've never ever done that? :-P17:26
daftykinsno sir17:27
daftykinsi baby my gear like i'm a pauper that can't afford to replace it, except i'm not17:27
daftykinsholy moly, Mark that works with Neil of RMC has just lost his house in a fire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSoU03s3nzE17:36
zxmpi_where do you even start to rebuild :-/17:38
daftykinsat least he can soak in the atmosphere of the Mill and probably kickstart his collection via Neil's spares17:39
zxmpi_needs a top 10 things i'l miss most to see if anyone has them lying around to donate?17:40
daftykinsthat's a cunning idea, might be worth prodding Neil with that17:40
daftykinswouldn't be surprised if some kinda fundraiser shows up before too long17:40
zxmpi_i'd hope insurance would pay for refit to bring it back to human habitation even if that's months away17:42
daftykinsmmm, probably after a massive lengthy investigation17:44
m0nkey_the land of north america would like to present the fisher-price chatter telephone.. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/fisher-price-chatter-telephone-hgj69-only-at-best-buy/1565363923:48
m0nkey_yes, that is what it looks like.. a working fisher-price telephone.. connects via bluetooth23:49
daftykinssold out!? my dreams - crushed!23:49
m0nkey_release date of dec 1st23:50
zxmpi_perfect when they make you attend meetings to drag that behind you on a piece of string.23:51
m0nkey_i want to get one and put it on my desk at work and attend Teams meetings with it23:54

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