ball\o/ I have Xubuntu installed!01:31
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linux_ni typed: snap services | grep active in terminal and it says: There are no services provided by installed snaps. I though snapd was installed by defaut in xubuntu?05:36
sophieim wondering if that means services provided by snaps such as daemons. things that run as a service all the time06:30
sophiei have many snaps installed and get the same message06:30
linux_noh ok06:31
nikolamGdebi (GUi gfor installing .deb packages) seems to be crashing here at me at 21.10 (also used to crash on 21.04 as I remember) 14:10
oerheksGdebi is broken, indeed.14:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1946499 in gdebi (Ubuntu Impish) "installation of deb-packages with gdebi-gtk shows 'dpkg: error: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>: Bad file descriptor' in gdebi terminal, package is not installed" [High, Triaged]14:12
nikolamClicked install 2 times after starting it from terminal, it is what I get https://pastebin.com/YebKfyAA14:12
oerheksuse dpkg -i *.deb, and you are fine14:12
nikolamI like Gdebi sort of, GUI for doubleclick on .deb 14:13
oerheksbug was fixed in the package gdebi -; just wait for the testing in proposed14:13
nikolamSounds great oerheks 14:13
pikapikaHi uwu14:21
oerheksɐʞᴉdɐʞᴉd ᴉɥ14:25
xu-help14wI need some help with xubuntu 20.0414:33
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nikolamoerheks, I think also closes itself without installing package, when invoked from right-click on .deb in Thunar "Open with  Gdebi package installer" and then clicking install.. 14:54
nikolamBit is doe it if I forst open gdebi-gtk from terminal and then go to File-Open and open .deb , then it asks for sudo admin password and everything is ok14:55
nikolamSo righ tclick open then install is not working still 14:56
pikapikaoerheks, hi15:01
nikolamOr I actually need to apply .diff manually? 15:09
pikapikaI lowkey want to try adding something to xfce16:21
pikapikaI'll download the code and study it for a few days I think16:21

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