valorieI'm looking forward to getting my cataracts removed in Dec. tho20:06
RikMillsvalorie: I bet. I have an elderly relative who needs persuading to get those done. my eldeest niece (not actually very much older than me) has been doping those ops for a while now. they sound quite routine20:15
Mamarokvalorie: I'll ask my doc to do that together when I go, didn't see him this time, he had a cold and communicated through the nurse20:16
valorieI was about 6 mo. overdue for a checkup when I saw my eye doc a couple of months ago20:17
valorielast time, he said wait; this time he said it's time20:17
valorieI thought my glasses were bad, but no, my left eye is pretty bad now20:17
valoriecan't wait to see clearly again20:17
RikMillsyeah, my relative was basically told we can give you a new prescription, but it won't help much until you get that done20:18
valoriedoc said I could trade my glasses for maybe just readers, and maybe nothing20:21
valoriefor the first time since puberty I will be able to drive without glasses!20:22
valoriesince I don't drive much I don't usually wear them much anyway20:24
RikMillsvalorie: that is the thing that struck me. they replace the lenses with one that are correct for you, so in theory you don't need glasses any more. quite amazing20:28
valorieI'm glad I waited20:28
valoriethe choices are better now20:28
valoriemodern medicine can't do everything, but gosh it's better than even 20 years ago20:29
Mamarokcool, looking forward to this, too, then, my left eye is half blind in low light20:51

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