Guest447Can someone help me with a configuration. I am trying to do a bond of 2 interfaces but have that bond use the specific MAC address of 1 of the 2 interfaces. Is this possible?15:09
Guest447more info I am using mode 802.3ad so there is not primary and slave15:10
Guest447Config so far:15:12
Guest447        version: 215:12
Guest447        ethernets:15:12
Guest447                main:15:12
Guest447                        match:15:12
Guest447                                name: enp193*15:12
Guest447        bonds:15:12
Guest447                bond0:15:12
Guest447                        interfaces: [main]15:12
Guest447                        dhcp4: true15:12
Guest447                        parameters:15:12
Guest447                                mode: 802.3ad15:12
Guest447                                lacp-rate: fast15:12
Guest447                                mii-monitor-interval: 10015:12
Guest447Nvm I got it to work with the macaddress field... just required a few reboots to make it stick :)16:02

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