lotuspsychjegood morning02:06
VMGuy23good morjing02:13
lotuspsychjehey VMGuy23 02:16
VMGuy23its 2am for me02:17
lotuspsychje3h18 (4h:18) with changed hours here02:18
VMGuy23it went back an hour here when it hit 1am here (2am for yo)u02:19
lotuspsychjewich country are you VMGuy23 02:21
lotuspsychjecool, belgium here02:21
lotuspsychjewich Os do you run?02:21
lotuspsychjeyou do support at spotnet too?02:22
VMGuy23are you on there currently02:22
lotuspsychjeim usualy on vanilla LTS 02:22
lotuspsychjecurrently help debugging 22.04 early02:23
VMGuy23i mean, are you in spotchat02:23
VMGuy23i am02:23
lotuspsychjejeremy31 does mint/spotnet too i think02:23
VMGuy23unless its jeremyB theyre not there02:24
lotuspsychjeso how do you keep up ubuntu changes to do support, if you're on mint VMGuy23 ?02:25
lotuspsychjerun ubuntu in vms?02:26
VMGuy23I'm also on Ubuntu. I mainly use Ubuntu, but have Mint on my IRC/on the go laptop02:26
VMGuy23also most things work on Mint and Ubuntu both02:26
lotuspsychjei saw the ubuntu kernels guys share mint and ubuntu kernel bugs too02:27
VMGuy23ubuntu would be horrible on hp mini02:27
lotuspsychjehorrible how?02:27
VMGuy23too slow02:27
VMGuy23this laptop should not be running any big DEs02:28
VMGuy23tiling WMs are what give true performance02:28
lotuspsychjei got good experiences with lubuntu 20.04 on a flaky old acer netbook with 2gb ram02:28
lotuspsychjeyeah i saw you mention i3 earlier02:28
VMGuy23i have an HP netbook with 1gb ram02:29
lotuspsychjewe got some volunteers on i3 here aswell02:29
VMGuy23I'm trying DWM currently02:29
VMGuy23might see what Awesome is like02:29
VMGuy23after its installed ima log out and log in with awesome so will disconnect02:30
lotuspsychjefeel free to share shots :p02:32
VMGuy23brb just switching to awesome02:32
lotuspsychjehttps://imgur.com/a/XNHroLV heres mine02:38
VMGuy23awesome is easier to use but got no idea how to make it tile02:39
VMGuy23i see gnome02:39
VMGuy23im liking aweso,02:43
TJ-just done a side-by-side install of kubuntu 21.10 via debootstrap. Seems really good. Caught out and lost 1.5 hours just now by losing local network multicast-DNS and LLMNR ability and thought it was systemd-resolved  since tcpdump showed the replies from the queried hosts. Eventually figured out some package had pulled in firewalld, and its default (nft) rules reject/drop multicast or12:22
TJ-UDP/TCP LLMNR. For anyone else: "firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service mdns llmnr" and "firewall-cmd --reload" 12:22
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