zxmpiwinter time. listens to wind and rain outside. perfect timing02:19
* penguin42 yaaawwwwwwwnnnns12:28
* zxmpi goes seeking porridge13:28
daftykinsWindows used to handily tell you that daylight savings had applied, no clues these days14:15
daftykinsi will have to use the manual clock on my oven as a reference point to know anything has changed xD14:16
zxmpimy dumb nokia is my oven clock. it has a set time automatically but only works if data is turned on14:32
zxmpii just tell my psion summer time is over and it sorts everything out14:33
daftykinsyay oven said 3:27 so now i know where i stand!14:34
zxmpitime to reset oven by https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/14:35
daftykinsoh yeah easy peasy14:35
m0nkey_daylight savings needs to go14:35
m0nkey_if it's too dark, just use night vision goggles 14:36
zxmpinow at aldi 89.9914:36
daftykinsavailable in the produce section, because farmers14:39
zxmpioops, had to set wrist watch14:43

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