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BluesKajHi folks14:04
santa_hi BluesKaj 14:08
BluesKajhi santa_14:08
RikMills5.89.0 embargoed tars are up: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/2021-December/012570.html20:04
santa_RikMills: so let's have look into the sync/merge from debian strategy? (non-vehemence edition™)20:06
santa_so, let's see...20:08
santa_you have seen the mandalorian right?20:08
santa_for those who didn't, opening scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HgRXwMozEY20:10
* RikMills hugs baby yoda20:12
RikMillswell, not actually him, but hey20:12
santa_so that's a story about an apparently ruthless and brutal man who had a strict religious education and who works in the private sector20:13
santa_so the thing is: that story "sounds familiar to me"20:15
santa_just FYI: if you understand how the mandalorian of the TV show operates, you will understand how the flesh and bones mandalorian who is talking to you right now operates20:17
santa_for example: he does the same things, uses the same knowlegde, uses the same tools, no matter if the work is for money or not20:19
santa_also he takes into account the cost of things, because he has to20:20
santa_that's just FYI in case it helps you to understand the way I think a bit better20:21
santa_do you have any question or may I go on with the technical part?20:22
RikMillscarry on20:23
santa_ok, so about doing syncs with debian, it's not that it bothers me the fact itself or having a disagreement about it, but the consequences of that20:24
santa_so, the thing is: if we can deal with the consequences properly, I think I could tolerate it20:25
santa_so let's see some concerns I expressed about the syncs with debian, I will start with a few minor ones20:26
santa_1. when doing a sync the vcs fields get's overriden20:27
santa_in addition to that, they now changed, the maintainers field, have you noticed?20:28
santa_* they now changed the maintainers field20:28
RikMillsyes, I was pondering what to do there20:29
santa_ok, so to fix both problems I suggest to do the following: and in KA code to set the Maintainers and vcs fields for kubuntu when we do a new release20:30
santa_* add in KA code ...20:30
santa_this way we would have the fields correctly set for the -XubuntuX packages20:31
RikMillsthat is fine with me. the maintainer part mirrors what should be done with 'update-maintainer' for other non KDE things when we make a ubuntuX delta20:32
santa_if it's synced with debian. on the other hand, they would have the "debianesque" fields20:32
santa_sure, also there was an original-maintainer or something, let me have a look20:33
RikMillsthere is20:33
RikMillsso in cases wher I would otherwise be inclined to do a sync, it would be had scripty to make an upload which is mor or less that, BUT with the fields fixed and an ubuntu120:34
RikMills*be nice to have20:34
santa_if you want to do that, we can resurrect the ka-debian2kubuntu-merge or something similar to that20:36
santa_I guess we can discuss the details maybe other day so we don't lose the big picture?20:36
santa_ok, so for now I would focus on getting the fields right with gbp-nr, and  let's move on with the discussion...20:38
santa_another thing that debian syncs have is getting the symbols file overriden20:38
santa_this is usually not nice, because the c++ symbols files tend to be slightly different with different compilers20:39
santa_and of course they tend to be a bit different between distributions20:39
santa_also another thing is the following:20:40
santa_imagine we have a new bunch of legit symbols (not leaks) in a specific package of frameworks 5.8920:41
santa_so we update the symbols and we get them into the file with 5.89 version20:41
santa_now imagine they don't package 5.89 in debian (not the first time that the skip version)20:42
santa_and then this symbols get added in, let's say frameworks 5.9120:43
RikMillsyes, I am aware of how that goes20:43
santa_then imagine we sync the symbols file20:44
santa_we are getting a "worse" symbols file20:44
santa_ok, not a big tragedy, but imho for packages with symbols files it's better to keep ours20:44
RikMillsI did allow overwrite in some cases. minor differences in arches tested, ordering, minor 1st occurring versions changes that looked no to have an impact20:44
RikMillsbut I did in error miss some20:45
santa_ok, fair enough20:45
santa_now let me go into the "jewel of the crown"20:46
RikMillsa careful comparison or our and debian's debian folder using meld or similar is usually what I do20:47
RikMillsNote: I used to do that that even with the KA merge scripts20:48
santa_ok ok20:48
santa_so the "jewel of the crown": one million dollar question that I have when I do a small fix, like that one in powerdevil is: "are my changes going to be overriden by a debian sync"?20:50
santa_the one from powerdevil is easy, because it was meant to fix a lintian warning, so executing the thing for the status pages should get you the thing in orange after syncing with debian20:52
santa_however there might be others more tricky, for example:20:53
santa_qml dependency on prison for purpose20:54
santa_I have seen that you kept that, thanks20:55
santa_however, please note that if you get that overriden, you won't notice in the status page20:55
santa_because I already added the thing to cmake-ignore.json20:56
RikMillswhen I inspected the delta, that was one of the things that meant I did not consider a sync20:58
santa_my point is: back in the days our strategy to keep these kind of changes was merging from debian's git20:58
santa_so the strategy now is: inspecting the delta before doing the sync, not doing if we have custom changes, is that correct?20:59
RikMillsyes, but perhaps the other way might be better. i.e. do a test merge, then inspect to see whet might be dropped or needs keeping. if nothing needs keeping, abandon the merge and do a pseudo sync as suggest. or if we need the diff, then carry on with the merge21:02
santa_ok, well, this was my main concern, I will let you think about that if that's ok with you21:06
santa_may I move on to the next topic/concern/suggestion?21:07
RikMillsok. a lot a things are unlikely to need more merging this cycle, so we have time to ponder21:07
RikMillsgo ahead21:08
RikMillsI will have to go soon, so please be brief if that is ok21:09
santa_ok, one suggestion I have is: when doing a big batch of merges/syncs would be possible to do them in a PPA before getting them into the archive21:09
santa_like, "we are going to merge all (or almost all) the frameworks", in that case use the staging PPA and the staging branches21:10
santa_then, after checking the QA push the thing so the archive and the _archive branches?21:11
santa_s/so the archive/to the archive/21:11
RikMillsfine with me21:11
RikMillspity you can't access the landing ppas to get riscv64 etc builds done21:12
santa_ok, using PPAs and _staging branches is very nice, because this way I can discern between warnings "imported from debian" and previous warnings we had21:13
santa_ok, since you have to leave, let me add a final note:21:14
santa_I have done today a test rebuild, and I have seen the status pages are green, thank you for that. please note that doing merges from debian tends to increase the number of warnings21:16
santa_so imho, it would be nice if we could keep some balance between fixing existing warnings and doing things that tend to add more :)21:16
RikMillsit was always my intention to do a full QA run with a PPA. in fact I did that in the ninjas PPA, hence in part the greenishness21:17
santa_ok, because I was starting to be concerned about that XD21:18
RikMillsI just did it in an out of the PPA that time21:19
RikMills*out of the way21:20
RikMillssanta_: do you intend to do 5.89?21:21
santa_RikMills: yep21:21
santa_oh, one thing not related to merges/syncs: do you mind if I update the signing key of some packages in apps and plasma?21:21
santa_(I would need that to test properly this feature to verify signatures of upstream tarballs)21:22
RikMillsgo for it21:22
santa_as a side effect, it should reduce the delta with debian21:22
santa_ok, so...21:23
santa_I'm going to have a 15-30 min walk, then start to do kubuntu stuff before going to bed21:24
santa_(I've just had dinner before the chat)21:24
RikMillssanta_: ok, and thanks for the discussion21:28
santa_thank you as well21:28

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