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anovaMy Kubuntu is using 9,7 GiB of 14,8 GiB RAM memory, but under applications in System Monitor it only shows qBittorrent using 1,1GiB at max.. not much else. how to check what is eating my ram?07:50
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karstengood morning. on my computer, my root user is executing a process, with user git and command bash. How to find out, which script is starting this process?10:15
Guest10how do i setup and run surfshark on kubuntu I just cant seem to get it to work12:08
Guest10everything I search for is for debian not KDE12:11
Dragnslcrkarsten- if you're using KSysGuard, there's a dropdown in the top-right corner (probably says "All Processes") that you can change to "All Processes, Tree"13:20
DragnslcrIf you're using a terminal, you can use the --forest option for ps13:22
BluesKajHi folks14:04
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