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TenPlus1Hi folks, can anyone help me with a suspend issue please ?12:27
TenPlus1I've turned OFF suspend but for some reason after 10 minutes it persists in suspending my system and stopping everything running.  Any ideas ???12:31
Maikthere's probably no one around at this point, try asking and searching on askubuntu12:32
TenPlus151 people in a channel and no-one to talk to, lol...12:32
TenPlus1thanks Maik12:32
wellhaving booting issues not sure if its an efi or grub?13:20
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> For my work I usually need to write with non-english characters, so after several tests, a few years ago I got something (application or configuration) where I get the character using a combination of keys. For example Ctrl Shift U and then a number15:10
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> Now I have to install in another machine and want to replicate that behavior, but it's been so long and I tried so many different things that I don't exactly remember what I did🤦🏾‍♂15:10
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> Does this functionality sound familiar? What did I install? Could it be related to fcxit o something like that?15:10

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