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tomreynlongus_catus: there is no, and will be no "Ubuntu 21.20"00:03
guiverclongus_catus, Ubuntu releases are year.month in format; 20 makes no sense on a 12 month calendar00:15
srvim using winbuntu 20.04 :P00:22
Dr-007this is me via ubuntu00:40
Dr-007so, jeej00:40
longus_catusI upgraded so I didn't have to compile some libraries.  I made a mistake.00:40
longus_catusNow every time I alt-tab from a gnome terminal, vi exits insert mode.00:45
natewrench123456has ubuntu moved to the gnome 42 DE yet?01:57
EtherManI'm trying to get Steam working on 20.04. 'apt install steam steam-installer' finished just fine, but actually launching it afterwards doesn't work. If I launch from the app drawer, just plain nothing happens. If I instead try from a terminal, results in https://pastebin.com/rhATmFbu I've both ram and disk is fine though :/  I've also tried reinstalling it with same result, as well as deleting .steam with no success as well as steam --reset (seems01:57
EtherMan to do nothing unless steam is actually installed).01:57
natewrench123456EtherMan, did you uninstall your DE01:59
EtherMannatewrench123456: -_-   no.....01:59
tomreynnatewrench123456: you can inspect package versions on different ubuntu releases at https://packages.ubuntu.com02:00
natewrench123456EtherMan, try downloading the deb from steam offical site02:00
EtherManO_o... The official grabbed a whole bunch of dependencies that wasn't installed >_<02:05
EtherManbuuuut ultimate segfaulted that too...02:06
tomreynunless you have games / saves in there that you don't want to loose, i'r start with   rm -r /home/etherman/.steam/02:06
EtherMantomreyn: As I said, I already have tried that.02:07
EtherManIt's a completely brand new install and everything :/02:07
tomreynokay, sorry, missed that. then i don't know. is your system up to date, yet?02:08
EtherManFunny thing is that I know I've had this working before on this very laptop. The only thing different is that I moved /usr to a separate partition :/02:08
EtherManapt update and apt upgrade is done yes.02:08
tomreynhow about apt full-upgrade ?02:09
EtherManNothing there either.02:09
tomreyni'm not sure what segfaulted on your paste. you could try to run the shell script (I assume it is) with +x, that may help narrowing it down02:14
EtherManGonna try just copying over /usr to the root device and see. I know the drive is ok but at least I know that setup has worked.02:14
EtherManIt doesn't finish fetching it. The very first thing it's supposed to do is fetch a bunch of scripts, and it doesn't succeed with even that much :/02:15
EtherManSo it doesn't have any script beyond the main script itself which I'm not even sure is a script, I just assume it is02:16
natewrench123456EtherMan, can you install snapcraft then do sudo snap install steam02:17
EtherManI'd really prefer not using snap...02:17
natewrench123456EtherMan, can you use flatpaks?02:17
tomreynoh so it's an issue with the downloader? maybe you can run that through some tunnel, vpn or similar, in case you're hitting a bad router which is breaking your download02:18
natewrench123456well steam isnt free software so its not like using snaps will hurt you02:18
EtherManI'd prefer not using flatpaks either... Look, I get that they're great for devs and stuff, but for regular end users, they're just plain horrible...02:18
natewrench123456but if they work then the ends justify the means02:18
EtherManNot really.02:19
Dr-007in ubuntu software center i rarely get screenshots. is there something wrong?02:31
EtherManSigh. Oh goodie… back to soft lockup because some update decided to write to the boot sector again… sigh…02:32
Dr-007also when i focus on this irc client (hexchat) and back to software center it seems to restart everytime i focus..02:32
Dr-007hmz.. something really wierd is going on02:39
Dr-007well.. hold your horses, i installed ubuntu fine and everything works fine02:39
Dr-007but this software center, when i install stuff it doesnt show up02:39
Dr-007i can make screenshots02:40
GeeTeeso whats going on here02:40
GeeTeewhere is every one from02:40
Dr-007im from mars02:40
Dr-007men are from mars, i heard02:40
GeeTeeim from but hole town02:40
Dr-007no way02:40
GeeTeefor real babby02:41
Dr-007thats one town over from what?02:41
GeeTeeover the hill to the big nut sack village02:41
Dr-007anyways, back to my 'problems'02:42
GeeTeeim in pasadena02:42
Dr-007i want to edit a few things in ubuntu02:42
GeeTeei just got it going on this old lap top i got02:42
Dr-007like the button 'show applications' its now on the bottom right of my screen02:42
Dr-007by default the whole dock aligns to the right02:43
GeeTeeits a eee netbook02:43
Dr-007i made it align to the bottom02:43
Dr-007now this buttons is aligning to the right02:43
Dr-007how can i make it float: left?02:43
GeeTeeim not sure02:43
GeeTeegooogle it02:43
GeeTeethts what i do02:43
Dr-007that's the usa, right?02:44
Dr-007and.. dont you think ive tried googling02:45
Dr-007there's too many answers02:45
Dr-007i tried `settings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock show-apps-at-top true` to make this button float left02:46
Dr-007but it didnt work02:46
Dr-007hence me being here02:46
Dr-007an eee netboo?02:47
Dr-007he's gone..02:47
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Dr-007i found some gnome extensions to make my desktop feel right05:44
Dr-007just one last thing05:44
Dr-007i want to replace an icon of the app that is running05:44
Dr-007but when i do this via nautilus (even with sudo) it doesnt change05:44
Dr-007the icon im talking about i the one that appears in the bar at the bottom05:45
Dr-007or in defualt ubuntu, the bar on the right05:45
Dr-007any tips to do this?05:45
pikapika'sof-audio-pci' is in 18.04 or 20.04+?05:57
pikapikamy kernel is 4.1505:58
pikapika20.04 seems to have kernel 5.806:08
pikapikawhich I am told should have the shit06:08
pikapikaIts a fresh install so I dont mind doing a dist upgrade, later06:09
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anovaMy Kubuntu is using 9,7 GiB of 14,8 GiB RAM memory, but under applications in System Monitor it only shows qBittorrent using 1,1GiB at max.. not much else. how to check what is eating my ram?07:50
pikapikaWhy does the live image for 20.04 (xubuntu) take so much longer to boot than 18.0407:52
pikapikaoh nice07:56
pikapikaAs stated in the release notes, support for tigerlake was added07:56
pikapikaso shits working better now07:56
pikapikawithin the live image07:56
pikapikaI think I am going to dist upgrade then07:56
pikapikaone thing though07:56
pikapikaspeaker is working but headphone not detected07:56
pikapikalet me see what can be done about it07:57
anovapikapika: I do not think you are supposed to spam this channel with 1 line sentences07:57
anova!spam pikapika07:57
pikapikaanova, sorry, I am kind of thinking-investigating07:57
anovaWhat you could do is paste all your findings in a paste site and let people decide whether they want to read it all on a pastebin07:58
anovaOr shift+enter on some clients to make a new sentence without posting. Not sure what the maximum length is here on this IRC07:58
pikapikaWell after an 'alsa reload' the headphone seems detected08:01
anovaThat's great man! I had issues with sound before on my Raspberry Pi 400, seemed to be using old alsa-bluez drivers (for bluetooth audio) and then it got replaced by PulseAudio I think or something. It confused me.08:02
pikapikaanova, mostly08:03
pikapikaI was very lucky08:03
pikapikaMy first laptop had flawless ootb ubuntu support08:03
anovaI am happy I got Kubuntu to install on a AMD APU. was expecting more issues than I have08:04
pikapikaThis one was having a lot of problems with 18.04 lts, I somehow managed to at least get wifi working by a backport. But after research it turned out that it has mostly tigerlake shit, and a new kernel/ubuntu release had added support for that chip. So I tested from a live 20.04 xubuntu lts and everything works nice, I am going to dist upgrade the base system now08:04
anovaI find Ubuntu too heavy, tabled oriented and touch future like. Xubuntu too old for my eyes and Ubuntu Mate too heavy for a dual core08:05
anovaYou have Tigerlake?08:05
pikapikaanova, so it seems08:05
pikapikaat least the audio chip was tiger lake, probably the motherboard is too08:05
pikapikaI don't know about these things08:06
pikapikaI just looked up the nnnn:nnnn hex ids from lspci08:06
pikapikaduring my debugging08:06
anovaYeah I understand. I'm somewhat new to Linux but I inspected a lot of computers with Windows in my life08:06
pikapikaanova, is there any problem with tigerlake?08:06
pikapikahmm it seems from the manual of the thing 20.04 is actually in the supported list but not 18.04, thank god. But ubuntu website didn't have that laptop model listed, I'll check again.08:08
anovapikapika: It probably still has small bugs with drivers but not anything major I heard about. You can not force 18 on it afaik08:09
pikapikaanova, have you tried ubuntu on a tigerlake?08:09
anovaMy friend has, but he is multi booting and uses Windows a lot more now for his games are not Vulkan compatible yet08:09
pikapikaMy general preference is for all my computers to be as exactly similar as possible, so my first attempt was to install 18.04, which is flawlessly working on my old laptop. But it led to driver issues that I mentioned above and 20 seems okay.08:10
pikapikaanova, whats vulkan?08:10
anovaI am a poor soul, running Linux on oldskool hardware. Also, I'm not rich haha.08:10
pikapikaYeah I can't afford the classic linux stuff like xps and thinkpads either08:11
pikapikaIs it only for new games, or does all graphics now go through vulkan?08:11
pikapikaGraphics and video games were flawless on the old laptop08:11
pikapikaI must add, its intel integrated in both cases08:11
anovaVulkan (German for "volcano") is a low-overhead, cross-platform API, open standard for 3D graphics and computing.[16][17][18] Vulkan targets high-performance real-time 3D graphics applications, such as video games and interactive media. In contrast to the older OpenGL and Direct3D 11 APIs, Vulkan is intended to offer higher performance and more balanced CPU and GPU usage. It provides a considerably lower-level API and parallel tasking for08:11
anovathe application, comparable to Metal and Direct3D 12. In addition to its lower CPU usage, Vulkan is designed to allow developers to better distribute work among multiple CPU cores.[19]08:11
james_Hi folks, I'm new here. Are rants acceptable here? I'm more in the mood to rant than I am to ask for help ;)08:11
pikapikaanova, so if I have older games that use opengl or directx (through wine/proton) they should continue to work?08:12
anovaIt is the opensource variant of DirectX or OpenGL I'd say. I'm not a super leet, hehe08:12
pikapikaI am not a gamer, so I don't have modern games and such. But I do have some video games I occasionally like to play and itd suck if they can't run on the new laptop08:13
anovapikapika: If I can give you a recommendation, Youtube for Steamdeck + Vulkan. (its the way to make AAA games come to Linux I would say)08:14
pikapikaanova, I don't care about newer games. Mostly my question is, will existing games that used opengl or directx(wine) continue owrking?08:14
anovaIf a game is not so modern, usually you get around by emulating. but it costs FPS to emulate afaik. so you always lose performance on Linux so far08:14
anovaVulkan might fix these issues by talking more directly to the GPU afaik and understand08:15
pikapikaYeah I am using wine, windows vms, and steam for video games here08:15
pikapikaon this laptop at least all games of interest work flawlessly08:15
pikapikaBut this vulkan news makes me think they might cause problems on the new one08:15
james_Is it just me or do alot of packages abuse " install recommendeds" ?08:16
pikapikaanova, no to what?08:16
anovaVulkan is always an On/off option, you are not obligated. I am a bad person on explaining this. Its more like a compatibility layer so you do not have to emulate closed source stuff afaik08:16
anovaNo it will not be a cause of problems for a new laptop, this Vulkan. It can only improve a lot of games, together with Proton08:17
pikapikaok I see08:18
pikapikaanova, I am sorry I don't understand modern graphics at all08:18
pikapikaIts quite complex subject08:18
anovaThat is okay, but a good cheat sheet would be to look at games that are compatible on Steamdeck to know what 100% will be playable on Linux =D08:18
pikapikathe issue isn't linux by itself (because all of those games work fine on the linux currently in this laptop) but more linux+the new laptop08:19
pikapikaie potential driver etc problems on new laptop08:20
anovapikapika: You know by any chance how to monitor ram without terminal more? System Monitor seems broken to me on Kubuntu08:28
pikapikawithout a terminal?08:29
pikapikaThere maybe something in /sys08:29
pikapikaor perhaps /proc08:29
anovaYeah, like Task Manager under Windows, that does show more where RAM goes to. I am using a massive amount of ram while yesterday it was under 1gb of the 16gb lol08:30
pikapikaanova, oh ok08:30
pikapikaYou could use 'top' if you want to see per process usage08:30
anovaqBittorrent using up as much as 1,1Gb. no Firefox open, just Konversation, Explore & qBittorent08:30
anovahtop? or just type top?08:31
anovawhoa I do not understand all the data hahaha08:32
anovahttps://pastebin.com/K3Nc4eHZ <- this is what I see08:33
pikapikathere are many types of memory, mainly because on modern systems and with virtual memory, the system often 'overcommits'08:33
pikapikathe last column shows percentage memory use08:33
anovahow to know which process causes the most ram ?08:34
pikapikamine also shows a %mem column08:34
pikapikacheck your man page to see if theres an option for that08:34
pikapikaanova, those are pids08:35
pikapikaYou use the pid to see the process08:35
anovaI used htop. it does show that now but still just by users.08:35
anovaOh pid, process identification?08:35
anovaTheres like 16 processes all using exactly 1147M08:36
pikapikaanova, you can for instance then use pid -p and find the process corresponding to the pid08:38
pikapikaand also see its ancestry from pstree08:39
anovapikapika: Apparently something is wrong. https://snipboard.io/NYrE1y.jpg08:39
anovaI'm gonna go with qBittorrent using heaps of memory, not just 1,1 gb08:40
anovaThanks for the command pikapika08:42
pikapikaanova, good to be of help08:42
james_Wow I am having the worst time trying to configure X08:45
xu-irc41w!info xrandr10:10
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in impish10:10
xu-irc41wanyone ever tried to over clock monitor refresh rates?10:16
alkisgSure, my first time was in 1993 if I recall correctly...10:19
alkisgManaged to do 960xsomething in my VGA monitor, by underclocking the refresh rate :P10:19
xu-irc41wso how to see the max ur monitor supports10:19
KBarxu-irc41w, I'm guessing you're running Xubuntu?10:20
alkisgxrandr lists that for you10:20
KBarWhat version?10:20
KBarXrandr is not available under Wayland.10:20
xu-irc41wjammy dev?10:20
KBarxu-irc41w `lsb_release -rd`10:20
Unit193If one is using Xubuntu, one is most certainly not using Wayland.10:21
xu-irc41wits jammy dev10:21
sebastianoswhen running 'apt-get upgrade mysql-client mysql-server' , am getting an error :10:21
sebastianosThe following packages have unmet dependencies:10:21
sebastianos mysql-common : Conflicts: mysql-client-8.0 but 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 is to be installed10:21
sebastianos                Conflicts: mysql-client-core-8.0 but 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 is to be installed10:21
sebastianos                Conflicts: mysql-server-8.0 but 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 is to be installed10:21
sebastianos                Conflicts: mysql-server-core-8.0 but 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 is to be installed10:21
lotuspsychje!paste | sebastianos10:21
ubottusebastianos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:21
nicoz-sebastianos do not paste too long outputs into the channel10:22
xu-irc41w0: +*LVDS-1 1366/310x768/174+0+0  LVDS-1   this from xrandr10:22
lotuspsychjexu-irc41w: ubuntu 22.04 support in #ubuntu-next please10:23
sebastianosthe error is : https://termbin.com/91vi10:25
sebastianos 10:25
lotuspsychjesebastianos: dependency issues often arise when external ppa's conflict with apt, do you have any installed?10:25
lotuspsychjesebastianos: try to revert your external ppa's back to the default ubuntu vanilla ppa's, then sudo apt update again, see if apt still spits out issues10:29
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | sebastianos10:29
ubottusebastianos: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:29
sebastianoslotuspsychje: Thanks.10:30
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MaximBHi, it's not entirely related but still...in firefox I browsed to some subs website that asked me to approve popups to continue, I approved (noob mistake), and now when I open firefox I get 3 popup msgs (not viruses or anything), how can I disable or revert that approval? where should I look?11:49
MaximBnvm solved it11:58
BluesKajHi folks14:04
quackgyverSo, every time I've tried buying a dedicated PC for Ubuntu in the past, the hardware has ended up not being compatible with the OS (i.e. having  significant issues). This happened even when getting hardware listed in Ubuntu's own recommended (but unsupported) hardware list.14:41
quackgyverNow I need to get a backup laptop while my other PC's are in for repairs, so I figured I'd make another attempt at getting myself a dedicated Linux laptop.14:41
quackgyverAnyone know of a cheap, fully Ubuntu-compatible laptop?14:42
quackgyverWithout me having to get a certified/supported one.14:42
WoolHat61I have a question. I would like to update my zstd from Version 1.4.8 (ubuntu repo) to Version 1.5.0 (git) what would be the smartest way to do it? When I 'cmake install' it only works with root privs, but then only when root uses zstd it comes up as Version 1.5.0 while my user still gets 1.4.814:54
WoolHat61Thanks in advance :)14:54
Maikquackgyver: the older Lenovo Thinkpad T410 (intel only) works well with Ubuntu14:55
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quackgyverMaik: This one? https://www.tradera.com/item/302393/509115357/kvalitetsdator-lenovo-t410-14-i514:57
sonicwindI have a Thinkpad T430 with Ubuntu on it, works well14:57
Maikquackgyver: yep14:58
quackgyverAlright. Will look into both. Thanks for the suggestions.14:59
Maikquackgyver: i also have a MEDION E6232 which works great with Ubuntu15:01
Maikupgraded the RAM to 8GB though15:01
supercoolHello folks!15:27
supercoolI am running badblocks on a usb pendrive in a virtual machine and after a while it is showing a error message as "Remote I/O error during test data white, block (several blocks)"15:29
supercoolI wonder if it's part of the problem identificatin or it it is a problem related to the fact I am emulating the OS?15:30
WoolHatCan I somehow provide the updated version of an existing package?15:45
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quackgyverWhat do you think about HP 14s?16:06
quackgyverAny way I can confirm whether Ubuntu will run on a HP 14s-fq?16:06
BluesKajmost HPs are Linux friendly HW/driver-wise16:12
mjtquackgyver: probably will, best bet is to install live image onto usb and boot using 'Try Ubuntu without installing'16:12
coconutquackgyver, you can also look here -> https://linux-hardware.org/?view=computers&vendor=Hewlett-Packard # i cannot find your model though.16:13
quackgyvermjt: I can't try it before buying it, and opening it will void the return policy, so I'll have to just do my research up-front. :-)16:15
quackgyvercoconut: Good call! Will look there. Thanks!16:15
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mjtdepending on how confident you are, you could take a live usb to a retailer and try booting it :) been there, takes a bit of courage though. :P16:17
quackgyverI don't think they'd mind. But I'm not sure this laptop is on display.16:24
quackgyverFound it. :-)16:25
quackgyverNot sure how to read the results though.16:26
supercoolquackgyver: you could also contact HP and verify.16:26
lotuspsychjethese days ubuntu will also pick the best kernel for you, some brands/machines will get an OEM kernel etc16:27
quackgyversupercool: I don't think they'd tell you anything outside of officially supported information. And generally first line support won't even know what you're talking about. :D16:28
quackgyverPlus I need it ASAP.16:28
quackgyverAlso support for non-Apple devices is notoriously convoluted and terrible. :D16:29
quackgyverLike, the actual experience of calling in.16:29
lotuspsychje!hardware | quackgyver16:30
ubottuquackgyver: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:30
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...16:30
WoolHathttps://stackoverflow.com/a/308961 this fixed my problem16:31
coconutquackgyver, i would still try and ask HP if you want guarantees, most hardware vendors just know the compability these days16:32
mjtubottu: that wiki entry is, relevantly, really out of date16:33
mjtthe latest distribution it refers to is 5.1016:33
mjtfor hP16:33
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quackgyverYeah, and like I said before, previous times when I've had issues with Ubuntu I've actually gone off of the recommended lists.16:34
lotuspsychjemjt: last edit, 202116:34
mjt5.10 was released 16 years ago16:34
mjtit is out of date16:34
quackgyverI bought an Intel NUC because it was recommended on ubuntu.com, only to learn first hand that going into sleep mode will unconditionally brick the device permanently. :D16:35
mjtquackgyver: really? or does it brick the distribution? I can't see how sleeping a device could brick the hardware, thats bizarre.16:36
dob1software updates didn't ask me any password, I don't think this is normal, did I set something as error?16:37
quackgyverRemoving the CMOS battery is the only fix, but on my particular model the battery couldn't be accessed.16:37
mjtyeah i looked16:38
mjtthats messed up16:38
mjtnever heard of anything like it16:39
ogra_quackgyver, https://ubuntu.com/certified ...16:39
quackgyverYeah I don't want to get a certified lappy right now.16:39
quackgyverWhich is why I was mostly asking for tips and suggestions. :-)16:40
supercoolquackgyver: you can check the machine specs and go to each manufacturer to verify for drives16:41
supercoolI think the most trouble you gonna face is with missing drives16:42
quackgyverAh I see.16:44
quackgyverHm. Is Athlon the AMD counterpart to Celeron?16:44
quackgyverAnd is it OK for Ubuntu?16:44
quackgyverThinking about ordering the HP 14s-fq0022no. It can be delivered tomorrow.16:45
supercoolProcessor will be the less of your worries16:45
quackgyverAny red flags here?16:46
lotuspsychjequackgyver: amd cpu/cards might need higher kernel versions in some cases, and that wifi AX200 has some user bug reports on ubuntu a few16:51
lotuspsychjequackgyver: but nothing you cant fix in the end16:54
quackgyverAlright, sounds good.17:02
quackgyverWhat was the fix for the wifi bug?17:02
lotuspsychjequackgyver: well we cant generalize bugs, they are usualy chipset/kernel itchy related17:04
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MarcUKAnyone know how to use Wine in here becasue Winehq is full of dead people19:07
plantmanDid they die due to alchohol poisoning?19:07
MarcUKprobably or boredom programming wine19:08
plantmantry searching "ubuntu install wine"19:09
MarcUKi got this program its windows it uses a coms port but has a usb leed and the program keeps saying com port not available19:09
plantmanoh, then its above my head, sorry19:10
MarcUKi got wine installed and the program runs19:10
MarcUKi even tried editing the registry in wine and it keeps reverting19:10
octav1aHow can I fix grub uefi after windows messed it up?19:21
plantmanrun windows using virtualbox?19:23
plantmanbut for the quick fix, ubuntu cd should have a repair mode19:27
EriC^^octav1a: what laptop model?19:42
EriC^^hp, lenovo etc19:42
octav1aGPD win max19:43
hajonnesI dual boot manjaro and ubuntu. After Ubuntu update I do not enter grub during boot, and I automatically boot ubuntu. Does anyone have an Idea of what has happened?20:02
hajonnesI tried 'sudo update-grub' will see if it worked. :)20:07
brandonelizais there a way to make distupgrade list upgrades row wise?20:36
tomreynbrandoneliza: -V i think20:40
tomreynit also changes the output format, though20:40
brandonelizahmm not sure how to use those flags `apt dist-upgrade -V i` tries to ugrade the package named i20:41
brandoneliza 20:41
brandonelizahuh how did that newline come sorry20:41
tomreynyes, that's what     apt dist-upgrade -V i     would do. and that's not what you want it to do?20:42
brandonelizaapt dists-upgrade list packages for upgrade as "foo bar dar" I want it to display them as "foo]n bar\n dar\n"20:42
tomreynwait, no, actually i don't think dist-upgrade takes any arguments20:42
brandoneliza"foo\n bar\n dar\n"20:43
tomreyni.e. not a package name20:43
tomreynso why don't you use     apt -V dists-upgrade    then?20:43
tomreynor apt-get rather20:43
tomreyn...since you seem to want to parse the output20:44
brandonelizalike ^^20:44
brandonelizathanks tomreyn that works20:46
Dr-007hey guys. ive pimped my gnome with a few extensions. im really happy with how it looks now.20:46
tomreyni'm not aware of a way to do the very output format you're looking for, but replacing spaces by line breaks should be easy20:46
tomreynbrandoneliza: ^20:46
Dr-007but is there a way to customize the 'show applications' menu and button?20:46
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brandonelizathanks tomreyn I juste wanted a little more easier readability this works and it also give extra infor20:46
tomreynyou're welcome20:47
tomreynDr-007: after 'pimping your gnome',     journalctl -f    will probably be a constant stream of gtk spam now.20:50
tomreyn(unless you hand picked those gnome-shell extensions very carefully)20:51
tomreyni think all of the gnome-shell is meant to be themeable with css, but i would not know how to do this exactly.20:52
tomreyn(and i would not recommend it if you're looking for a stable desktop)20:52
Dr-007tomreyn, im going to check the journal now20:53
Dr-007i installed `sudo apt install menulibre` and am checking that out right now20:53
Dr-007yeah there is some stuff20:54
Dr-007i have to reboot, brb20:54
samilinuxerror package E:21:38
zenofhey, I have my user's umask set to 077. when I su - or sudo -i , I somehow inherit those values, as neither for root nor globally umask is set to 077 (but globally to 022). now, what would be the proper way to work with root privileges on the console and have the global umask values?22:24
jeremy31zenof: Might have to edit the sudoers file22:35
rfmzenof, put "umask 022" in /root/.bashrc?  Pretty sure "su -" runs that, dunno about sudo -i22:36
zenofrfm: sure, your suggested explicit setting of the umask values do work, yet I wonder why root would inherit the (non)users permissions, which I think is kind of a security issue22:40
AsenMxHello, I have Intel i7 cpu with integrated graphics, I want to plug 2x 4k dispays and do fractional scaling 150%. Do you guys think wayland will be able to handle this better than xorg? Right now on xorg I can feel some tearing and lagging. Any ideas?22:41
Dr-007hey, if i replace wayland with x11 will this affect gnome? i installed a few extensions and now im super pleased with how it looks22:42
Dr-007but x11 is needed for vnc-server22:42
Dr-007or do you guys know of something to run vnc-server in wayland?22:43
Dr-007(where i can control the actual screen instead of a virtual ubuntu screen)22:43
adam_Hi - I'm using standard Ubuntu (Gnome/Wayland) 21.10 on a convertible laptop. I'm happy about the fact that it auto-rotates the screen based on accelerometer inputs/events. I'm trying to figure out how to make a custom even listener that can piggyback off of the same triggers. Specifically, I'm hoping to modify a (dconf?) setting to move the launcher bar to the bottom of the screen when it is vertical.22:52
john150Client: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8400  @ 3.00GHz (1.99GHz) • Memory: Physical: 5.7 GiB Total (4.5 GiB Free) Swap: 7.4 GiB Total (7.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 37.0 GB / 298.5 GB (261.4 GB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] @ Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller • Uptime: 1d 1h 47m23:26
john150 34s23:26
Dr-007is there a way to backup everything from ubuntu in such a way that i can reinstall ubuntu with all my applications and configs. and then preferrably reinstall thise apps and configs inside the newest version of ubuntu thats available at that time whenever i need to reinstall23:28
john150@Dr-007  I'm new with Ubuntu (linux in general) but I assume there's a ISO type app that can do that?!23:31
Bashing-omDr-007: Take a look at "debfoster" = ' apt show debfoster ' . May be of some help.23:32
jeremy31clonezilla Live, make an image of the entire thing23:32
Dr-007Bashing-om, thanks.23:33
Dr-007john150, if i were to create an iso then i wouldnt be installing the newest ubuntu23:34
john150@Dr-007  Fair enough...  :)23:36
john150Client: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8400  @ 3.00GHz (2.38GHz) • Memory: Physical: 5.7 GiB Total (4.5 GiB Free) Swap: 7.4 GiB Total (7.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 37.0 GB / 298.5 GB (261.4 GB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] @ Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller • Uptime: 1d 2h 12m23:51
john150 39s23:51

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