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gholaromwhat does it mean if i entered command "ubuntu-drivers devices" and it return nothing? does my system cant detect my gpu? running on 21.1001:51
tomreyngholarom: it does not mean this. it means that no hardware was detected that would require proprietary drivers.01:56
tomreyni.e. things are how they should be, yeay!01:57
gholaromah good then :)01:57
tomreynnote i'm guessing there, because i don't know which hardware you really have01:57
gholaromi just found out that my gpu is no longer supported by nvidia haha01:58
tomreynby the way, for questions which are not specific to xubuntu's wnidow manager and graphical user interface (such as the above, anything about drivers and the kernel), you can also ask in #ubuntu (and maybe get a faster reply)01:59
gholaromok, i'll try that01:59
tomreynhmm so if you have an old nvidia gpu then maybe only the nouveau driver is usable.01:59
gholaromyeah it used to work on ubuntu 20 but ubuntu 21 doesnt have it. at least nouveau is here02:01
ubottuUbuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle02:02
tersitequalcuno che parla italiano?07:11
pikapikatersite, hi07:12
tersiteIhave a problem with  metapackage xubuntu-restricted-extra07:13
tersiteunable to load :(07:13
pikapikaAsk first07:13
pikapikaWhat error messages?07:13
tersitesudo apt install xubuntu-restricted-extras07:13
tersiteImpossibile trovare il pacchetto xubuntu-restricted-extras07:14
KBartersite, version of Ubuntu? Also, check out #ubuntu-it07:14
KBarThe package is actually `xubuntu-restricted-addons` or `ubuntu-restricted-extras `07:15
tersitexubuntu 20.04  fresh instalation07:15
KBartersite, `sudo apt update && apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras`07:16
KBarTry this pipeline (two commands).07:16
tersitecan i try to install ubuntu-restricted-extras'07:16
KBarYes, you can but always `apt update` first.07:17
KBarTo make sure apt fetches the latest sources from the repositories.07:17
tersitealready done07:18
KBarAh, good.07:18
tersiteI copied the sources.list from ubuntu site07:18
KBarYou don't have to do that.07:18
KBarIf it's a fresh installation, the lines are already included (just commented out).07:19
tersitegot it07:20
KBartersite, if `ubuntu-restricted-extras` doesn't give you what you want, you can then try `xubuntu-restricted-addons`.07:20
tersiteok thank you07:22
tersiteUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/cef1770a4fd1666717c49f315b0610b8/Istantanea_2021-12-04_08-21-35.png07:22
KBarYou're welcome.07:22
tersitethis is my sources.list It  looks like ok07:23
KBartersite, do you really need to fetch source code as well? The `deb-src` part will tell apt to download source code of software as well, which then you can compile yourself.07:24
KBarIf you don't need that, I recommend you to revert the sources.list back to its original state.07:25
tersiteok thanks a lot  :)07:26
KBarNo problem. Just remember that all this can be done via GUI as well. The Software & Updates app should suffice.07:28
tersiteI konow :)07:32
tersiteit works You saved my life  :)07:32
miaohello world11:31
xubuntua saluti11:31
Guest85i want to input Chinese but i have no idea, and i can't find any page helpful. my xfce is running on ubuntu.11:55
Guest85i need help may11:55
pikapikawtf man11:59
pikapikaI told the installer not to download shit from the net and yet it is doing so12:00
pikapika20.04 lts12:00
xu-help59whow do you install steam on xubuntu?12:32
Maiksame as you do on ubuntu i guess, just google it, there should be tutorials/how to's enough out there12:34
xu-help59wdo you really think i would be asking if it was that easy..12:39
pikapikadoesn't steam provide an installer script14:33
Maikthey are gone, pointless to keep going on about it14:59
pikapikahadnt noticed the quit15:26

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