lirodonHaving issues with a new computer I built (Asus Prime B560 Plus, Intel Core i5 11400); audio doesn't seem to be working right. On some videos on YouTube in Firefox, I can hear music/sound effects on the front headphone jack, but not voices00:12
riku3on kubuntu 21.10 whenever I use my headsets usb playback device it plays audio but my mouse doesnt work at all, however my keyboard still does. ive tried other distributions and usb ports but to no avail, I do not have any other audio devices to test this with though00:27
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BluesKajHi folks13:43
DragnslcrJust out of curiosity, should I get a notification at any point to upgrade from 21.04 to 21.10? Or will I need to just launch the upgrade manually?14:48
omegatrondepends on your settings .. I haven't been bothered about an upgrade so far15:00
MaikDragnslcr: sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop15:02
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> Hi, I'm having a problem, It's about the session. Every time that I turn on my PC it start with a new session. My problem is that the wallpaper and the plasmoids are not saved and every day I have to set them again15:05
Maik@eliharriet are you sure you installed kubuntu and not running it from a live usb stick?15:06
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> Yes15:07
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> I also tried updating kubuntu15:07
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> Some weeks ago I haven't this problem15:07
Maikhmmm.... not sure then, i'll leave it to someone with the knowledge of Kubuntu15:07
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> Ok15:11
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> Its something strange15:11
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> In order not to disturb the chat, I leave these links with the more detailed problem:15:14
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquesthttps://superuser.com/questions/1692318/kde-dont-save-my-sessonlem_saving_some_configurations/KDE don't save my sesson15:15
IrcsomeBot<eliharriet> (First I asked in those places and since I did not arrive at a solution, I come to consult here)15:15
IrcsomeBot<TimoSalola> I've had some audio issues as well, but most of them were solved by a hardware upgrade. For example I had to plug in usb devices after booting the system in order to get them to work. I tried to debug the issue but I think either my motherboard was going bad or perhaps my motherboard was just poorly supported.15:44
DragnslcrMaik- yeah, I know how to launch the upgrade. I was asking specifically if there's supposed to be a notification for it.15:44
RikMillsDragnslcr: not in recent releases. the notification code that allowed them was removed upstream from discover by KDE15:46
IrcsomeBot<TimoSalola> Just some hints about audio debugging, hearing one side of the audio, left or right channel could indicate cable or connection failure. If you have an audio cable which is connecting poorly, it may only transfer left or right channel. In addition check audio output profiles and other headphones/speakers in case the issue is on that side.15:47
DragnslcrThat's pretty annoying. I'm assuming a lot of non-advanced users won't know to manually run the version upgrade every 6 months.15:48
IrcsomeBot<TimoSalola> i've also had a website specific audio issue which was solved by using the website on chromium. Firefox had audio codec/decoding issues which I was unable to fix for that one specific website but this was resolved after a few software updates.15:53
MaikDragnslcr: if they read the release announcement they would know. Otherwise they mostly ask here or elsewhere online on how to upgrade.16:01
DragnslcrMaik- but how would they get notified that there is a release announcement? I'm not asking about how to upgrade, I'm talking about someone even knowing that an upgrade is available.16:06
Maikdistrowatch, the ubuntu, kubuntu and other websites, OMG!Ubuntu etc.....16:16
Maikand again, most ask here too16:17
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Maikspamkiller: if you have a kubuntu support question just ask, offtopic chit chat is in #kubuntu-offtopic18:09
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IrcsomeBot<cnc_machined> What would the "ctr alt delete" equivalent to kubuntu be? need to free up ram...21:46
mybalzitchI like htop21:48
mybalzitchdunno ify ou want something more gui based though21:48
IrcsomeBot<cnc_machined> sorry. Can I ask n00b questions here?21:50
IrcsomeBot<Berkan> try ctrl+esc it start ksysguard21:52
mybalzitchsure, but you only get 5 per lifetime, so make them good21:52
IrcsomeBot<cnc_machined> Many thanks!21:53
IrcsomeBot<cnc_machined> Many Thanks! (re @Berkan: try ctrl+esc it start ksysguard)21:55
IrcsomeBot<cnc_machined> Where would the "system tray" equivalent be for kubuntu?22:36
valorie@cnc_machined - we have a system tray if you choose to display a panel22:54
valorienot everyone does, and you can put the panel(s) where you want, etc.22:55
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