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nomad_frhi, on an Ubuntu 20.04 I was using encrypt swap for 'secure' hibernation on disk. Since an upgrade to 21.10 the prompt which ask to unencrypt swap arrive to late and then hibernation won't work, if I uncrypt it it's work, but can't made it work again in an encrypted way ! I tried on several computer and always obtain the same result, after do-release-upgrade -> no more encrypt swap for07:43
nomad_frhibernation (but swap still work). I encrypt my swap this way. https://lab.neuronfarm.net/nomad/wiki-system/wiki/encrypt-swap-Ubuntu-20.04 it works perfectly on an Ubuntu 20.04.07:43
ahasenackdo we know if the dep8 vms/containers/chroots by any chance configure dpkg to not install documentation? i.e., /usr/share/doc/<pkg>/* stuff13:07
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rbasak^ any thoughts on legit emails to ubuntu MLs (ubuntu-server@ in this case) but with screenshot attachments making them really big?13:58
rbasakAllow? Or Reject asking for a smaller email with a link to big things to avoid stuffing people's mailboxes excessively?13:59
ahasenackthat's a large attachment, 1.7Mb?14:15
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vorlonmwhudson: so I worked out *that* rebuilding libosl without LTO fixes gpsshogi's build failure due to undefined symbols; but I don't know why this is the case and how to determine where the bug lies.  Any insights?21:25
tewardanyone got any idea why a local sbuild instance would *fail* with Qt strings when qtbase5-dev is installed, but it looks like the main repositories work *fine* building the Qt application (SSL3 requirements aside I mean - I upstreamed that for xca to the upstream dev since it FTBFS)23:17
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