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ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> ?13:33
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <Maik_aD> pawel you are aware that this group is for those testing ubuntu or any of it's flavors and remixes?13:44
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> only one group i have found, but maybe Guys u know other?13:44
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <Maik_aD> i don't13:45
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> thx13:45
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <Maik_aD> pawel try asking for support with cypress through their website13:47
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> then dont have telegram group, but thats fine 13:48
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> thx13:48
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <Maik_aD> pawel they use Gitter chat and stack overflow, try there: https://www.cypress.io/support13:49
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> i know this side, but was looking for some community, not only cypress but testers,13:50
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <Maik_aD> that's all there is, so good luck ;)13:52
ubuntubridgebot_[telegram] <pawel> thanks Maik13:54

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