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phr34kI have a problem with my ubuntu installation, basically when i run `shutdown now` or `shutdown -P now` the computer iniitates a shutdown (i can see it close off ssh, bring down docker etc) but basically after 2 seconds it comes back alive.17:31
phr34kit looks like it powers off briefly, I can see the led lights turn of for a a moment before it boots up again.17:31
sdeziel woot! php8.1-fpm made it into main!17:56
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kevindankHello, im unable to connect to my linode server from my home network.  My laptop, phone, ipad cannot connect.   They can connect when on a public wifi network but not on my home network.  im able to connect to the server on the lish console but cannot ping the hostname19:43
kevindankmy mtr results are here: https://pastebin.com/F1hxYkcn19:43
JanCthat looks fine (assuming li1840-169.members.linode.com is actually your linode server)19:52
JanCwhat do you mean by "unable to connect"? what protocol?19:53
kevindankJanc: i cannot ssh, ping, or access the website from browser20:09
kevindanki can access the lish panel on my hosting providers dashboard, i can access everything if on a public wifi network20:10
JanCyou can't ping but MTR works?20:10
JanCthat's... weird20:10
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