sloth_on_methhow do i update to 5.4.0-9000:03
barnabaSo, I have killed every single GUI program, and then restarted X with ctrl+alt+bksp, never got over 9 GB available. Now after reboot I have 28880 available memory. After killing everything, the program that reported most rss was Xorg at 250 mb or so00:04
JoeBksloth_on_meth, what is  5.4.0-90 ?00:04
sloth_on_methhttps://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/issues/8663 https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/20.04/ubuntu-proposed-main-amd64/linux-image-5.4.0-90-generic_5.4.0-90.101_amd64.deb.html00:05
ubottuIssue 8663 in Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt "CH341 driver bugged in recent Linux kernel versions" [Open]00:05
sarnoldsloth_on_meth: if you need to downgrade kernels, it'd be nice to have a bugreport for it00:06
sloth_on_methi need to *upgrade* actually00:06
sloth_on_methim on .8900:06
sarnoldoh :) sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade   will probably do the job00:07
sloth_on_methyeah that's the thing - it'd tell me it didnt exist, even after i added the repo manually. im rebooting now and will report back00:07
JoeBkI just installed ubuntu 21.04.  21.10 would not install.00:08
sloth_on_methsudo apt-get install linux-image-5.4.0-90-generic gives me this:00:13
sloth_on_methE: Package 'linux-image-5.4.0-90-generic' has no installation candidate00:15
jhutchinssarnold: Does Ubuntu not need full-upgrade to upgrade the kernel?00:19
sarnoldsloth_on_meth: because 5.4.0-90 was replaced by 5.4.0-91 two weeks ago, 5.4.0-90 was removed from the mirror networks to save space00:19
sarnoldsloth_on_meth: you can download it from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+publishinghistory if you need to...00:19
sarnoldjhutchins: 'apt upgrade' will install new packages as part of an upgrade00:20
sloth_on_methhow do i do that lol00:20
sloth_on_methomfg replacing 0.90 with 0.91 in the command did it00:20
sloth_on_methcan you imagine i just spent 3 hours on this00:20
sloth_on_meththank you :D00:21
sarnoldsloth_on_meth: what was wrong with apt update && apt upgrade? :) you shouldn't need to type version numbers at all..00:21
sloth_on_methit wouldn't update past .8900:21
sarnoldwh ynot?00:21
sloth_on_methno clue00:21
sloth_on_meththat's just the version it'd install00:21
sarnoldhmm. it feels lik eit'd be worth debugging that00:22
sarnoldnot getting kernel upgrades is a bad place to be00:22
sloth_on_methmeh, at this point im just trying to get that .91 kernel so i can fix my *** lights.00:23
sloth_on_methzigbee serial issues00:23
sarnoldfair enough :) but be sure to confirm that sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade   gets you the *next* kernel update when it's released00:24
sloth_on_methwill do00:24
akiki know of build-essential to get build tools installed but is there something similar for libs/headers?00:46
sarnoldakik: "apt-get build-dep <packagename>" will install the listed build-dependencies for a given package; this can sometimes be very useful, if you're eg building a newer version of something that is already packaged00:47
akiksarnold: thanks00:49
bumblefuzzso, all of a sudden I have no sound from my headphones03:07
bumblefuzzI've played with all the settings03:07
bumblefuzzI don't know what to do03:08
sarnoldusually running pavucontrol  is enough for folks to figure out what went wrong, where03:09
sarnolddon't forget to check all the wires, maybe your bunny chewed through the wires03:09
bumblefuzz59any reason my headphone audio would just die?03:16
bumblefuzz59only my headphone audio?03:16
sarnoldusually running pavucontrol  is enough for folks to figure out what went wrong, where03:16
yukiupbroken headphones03:16
sarnolddon't forget to check all the wires, maybe your bunny chewed through the wires03:16
sarnolddead batteries03:16
bumblefuzz59headphones are workoing03:16
bumblefuzz59pulseaudio detects the headphones03:17
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz59: recent updates/kernel could also influence things, check your dpkg logs?03:17
bumblefuzz59lotuspsychje how to do that?03:17
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz59: /var/log/dpkg.log03:18
bumblefuzzwhat am I looking for in dpkg log?03:24
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz: anything audio and kernel related03:24
plarkeyou might try restarting pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k03:25
bumblefuzzsomething is screwed up03:26
bumblefuzznow I'm showing two bluetooth icons on my menu bar03:26
bumblefuzzand the sound icon is gone03:26
bumblefuzzI dunno what I'm looking for in these logs03:26
bumblefuzzhere: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gwGG68bzcX/03:28
bumblefuzzhere: http://ix.io/3Hy403:33
bumblefuzzlotuspsychje any other ideas?03:34
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz: pulsaudio updates on 9/1203:35
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz: so that 'could' be related right03:36
bumblefuzzI just know my headphones stopped working and I have two bluteooth icons in my menubar and no audio icon03:36
bumblefuzzand I don't know how to fix it03:36
bumblefuzzis there a way to receheck the integrity of all system files?03:37
bumblefuzzthat way, if something has become misconfigured, I can just run that command and have it put everything back03:37
bumblefuzzor is that not a thing?03:38
sarnoldbumblefuzz: debsums -ac   is a pretty good starting point03:38
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joyce72Hi, so I working with a machine which I can SSH into, and it seems to be able to access the internet05:38
joyce72but when I do: sudo apt update05:38
joyce72Err:1 http://sg.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal InRelease  Connection failed [IP: 80]05:39
joyce72I get this for all repositories05:39
all64bitsHi, I'm keen to know if it's possible to have something like a disk image or tarball where its contents remain mounted & accessible like a normal filesystem (read & write etc) but I can hash the image file at any point and confirm if there has been a single bit flipped in any of the files/directories contained inside05:40
joyce72what's interesting also is that I tried to wget a file from a server, and it seems to resolve the IP address etc, but it just shows05:40
joyce72Connecting to site.com (site.com)|xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx|:443... connected.05:40
joyce72but the download doesn't start05:41
Kilosjoyce72  maybe the server is updating05:41
Kilostry changing repositories05:41
joyce72also, it seems like I can access google.com from the browser05:46
joyce72but the moment I try to google search something, it stalls05:46
joyce72nothing loads05:46
joyce72I check iptables, no firewall rules or anything seems applied on the network, ufw is also off05:48
joyce72*on this machine05:48
joyce72all other machines running on the network have no issues05:49
Kilosrun a speedtest.net in a browser05:49
Kilosmaybe the one has a bad connection to the network05:49
joyce72so speedtest.net resolves05:49
joyce72but the browser doesn't seem to load it05:50
joyce72but if I do dig speedtest.net05:50
joyce72I get all the A records for speedtest.net05:50
joyce72so now firefox reports: The connection has timed out05:50
Kilosin terminal ping
joyce72as expected: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=117 time=2.11 ms05:51
Kilosbad connection it seems try unplugging and replugging your network connection05:51
joyce72so fun thing is that the machine in question is acting as a server, and has been able to run services like Minecraft etc05:53
joyce72in fact I am able to remotely forward the X session05:54
Kilosoh my, you will have to wait for the clever guys. sorry I couldnt help05:54
joyce72I am not sure that the physical cables themselves have an issue (the NICs are also bridged here)05:55
Kilosrouter settings maybe ?05:55
joyce72if it is the router settings, then every machine on the rack should face the same issue :P05:55
joyce72but that's not the case05:55
joyce72only this specific machine/ubuntu installation has issue05:56
Kilosapt update05:56
Kiloswhat error message do you get05:56
joyce72same error messages as before, even after switching the software repositories to that hosted by Ubuntu's main servers05:57
joyce72Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal InRelease   Connection failed [IP: 80]05:58
joyce72if I do a dig google.com or nslookup google.com06:00
joyce72I can verify that the DNS resolves properly06:00
HashYou might have better luck in #networking06:00
HashThey have more networking experts06:00
toddcServer down for maintaince?06:00
tomreynjoyce72: look at interface statistics, error rates for RX+TX for the internet interface: ip -s link06:02
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this? which kernel is running? do you have third party apt repositories? what does    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$'   report?06:03
joyce72http://pastie.org/p/4bWwMKJOg6m7dheuKhoCOw <-- ip -s link06:05
joyce72machine runs Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, kernel Linux 5.11.0-41-generic x86_6406:06
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joyce72no 3rd party apt repos are configured06:07
tomreynall64bits: you can loop mount (see "THE LOOP DEVICE" in mount(8)) file system images. mounting in with the 'ro' (read-only9 option prevents modification of data. another option are overlay file systems.06:07
tomreynjoyce72: so that seems to be a dell bare metal server with multiple physical network interfaces and two virtual interfaces behind a bridge. what does the routing table look like?06:09
tomreyndoes all traffic pass through this bridge?06:10
joyce72http://pastie.org/p/2B4KrGEFiFoTuaIgOoVpLG <-- ip route06:10
tomreynokay, so why do you push all traffic through the bridge, do you do network traffic inspection on a VM or something?06:11
tomreynno Vm, more like lxd apparently06:12
joyce72bridge0 is the 4 physical NICs configured as a single bridge, lxdbr0 was automatically configured by lxc, and all containers connect to the network through this bridge06:12
all64bitstomreyn: thanks for that. I suspected that loop devices where what I was looking for but I was having trouble finding the right info in the man pages. Thanks for the pointer06:13
tomreynjoyce72: so thats a link aggregation setup? how is this setup, can you inspect its health, how is it setup on the other side of the network link (pyhsical switch/router), can you inspect its health there?06:15
joyce72so physically, 4 cables run to the top of rack switch, which is connected to the router in this network06:17
joyce72the router is configured to give bridge0 a single IP address based on the MAC address presented by bridge006:18
tomreynok, i and how do you do the bonding?06:19
tomreynor how's LACP setup06:19
tomreynhas this ever worked, is this the same bonding / LACP setup as on the other systems which do work? what does the router say about the health of this port/interface06:21
joyce72so I am checking how this server is configured, it seems to be done via NetworkManager06:23
tomreynjoyce72: the active configuration will be in /run/ in either a systemd-networkd or a network manager file06:27
tomreynoh you said NM, ok06:27
tomreyni don't even know whether NM can do LACP.06:27
joyce72I am doing a nmcli connection edit06:28
joyce72and I did a print06:29
joyce72this is what I see06:29
tomreynhmm, no bond.options there06:31
tomreyncompare it to the other servers06:32
joyce72so I am checking this on another server running Ubuntu also, there is a bond0 on this other server, configured via netplan06:34
joyce72which looks like this: http://pastie.org/p/7jSAC9E109obpKd4vrM9Wv06:35
joyce72this server is alright, and has no issues06:35
tomreynso how about you configure either by netplan?06:36
tomreynthis netplan configuration has no renderer set, meaning it will use systemd-networkd for managing this interface, not network manager06:36
joyce72yeah, what think I might do is configure a bridge with netplan on the machine I am troubleshooting06:38
joyce72then see if that changes anything, although probably later when I work directly on the machine itself06:39
tomreynthis server has a drac integrated, you can use it for out-of-band management, no need to sit next to the server for fixing its network connection06:40
tomreynthough the other server which you just showed a configuration for only has a two NIC bond, not 4 as here, so it's not that these servers are all the same06:41
joyce72yeah, except that this iDRAC hasn't a license, so I can't do remote management06:44
tomreynhehehe, bad luck06:47
joyce72huh. so the speedtest.net site FINALLY loaded06:50
joyce72it seems to be very slow though06:50
joyce72I'll just try and redo the configuration via netplan anyway06:51
joyce72without setting any other renderer or anything06:51
tomreyni suspect that your issue is that ~25% of traffic is lost06:52
tomreyni mean 75%06:52
tomreynbecause bonding is not properly setup on this system, but th other end thinks it is, and spreads the traffic across the links06:52
tomreynbut that's just a theory.06:53
tomreynand, yes, you should use homogenous configurations, should also be setting up OS installations in an automated way, so that you end up with comparable installations and configurations, then use configuration management to ensure this remains so.06:54
tomreynon a first impression (which may well be wrong) neither is the case so far, which, in a corporate environment, would be a recipe for disaster. so you really need to reconsider hw you work there.06:56
joyce72yeah, I am starting to find this whole setup a pain to manage, and am actually planning an overhaul/re-do of the network sometime soon07:02
elgemeaow.  on hirsute, I got no sound with speaker anymore nor with headphones (though usb headset works), seems it happens since kernel upgrade 5.11.0-4107:03
elgeI rebooted on 5.11.0-40 but problem still there.  this is a known issue right?07:03
tomreynelge: known issues are those that have been filed as bug reports on launchpad.net07:04
tomreynif this now happens with both the kernel you were running when it did not happen, and a newer kernel, this suggests that the issue is not related to the kernel version07:07
tomreynprobably more like pulseaudio or alsa or some out of tree kernel module07:08
tomreynjay-m1261 / jay-m126_  / jay-m1261: whom of you should we be talking to?07:08
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elgetomreyn, ok it was simply volume control that had different interfaces07:19
tomreynelge: oh nice07:20
elgeI was using amixer -D pulse Master 10%+ from custom keyboard shortcuts07:20
tomreyni'm surprised about an in-release change there, though07:20
elgebut in gnome-settings the (other) volume setting was still zero07:21
tomreyni see07:21
tomreynkeep in mind that you'll need to upgrade to impish soon.07:21
elgehmm amixer -D pulse and gnome/sound settings are in sync, I just checked07:22
tomreyn!impish | elge07:25
ubottuelge: Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) is the 35th release of Ubuntu and is the current regular release. Download at https://ubuntu.com/download - Release notes: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/impish-indri-release-notes/2195107:25
tomreyn!hirsute | elge07:25
ubottuelge: Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) is the 34th release of Ubuntu, supported until January 2022. Release notes: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/hirsute-hippo-release-notes/1922107:25
tomreynnote "supported until January 2022"07:26
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elgetomreyn, it always takes some time before third-party repos generate builds for the latest release07:28
elgeit's also good not to rush for an upgrade sometimes))07:28
tomreynelge: its also good to have the upgrade done before you loose access to security patches07:29
elgeI've got one package held back when trying to release-upgrade07:32
tomreynand would like assistence with this? or is it expected?07:34
elgeyes it would be welcome, I am not sure why it is there, I didn't setup this afaik07:35
elgeit's normal behaviour for some package to block themselves now?07:35
tomreynno, not within ubuntu07:37
tomreynbut if you have third party packages, this can be07:37
tomreynor if you just didn't run    sudo apt update07:38
tomreynlet's see those outputs you already have first of you07:38
tomreynsudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade -V --simulate -y07:38
Unit193apt-forktracer can be useful to hunt down third party packages too.07:39
nomad_frhi, on an Ubuntu 20.04 I was using encrypt swap for 'secure' hibernation on disk. Since an upgrade to 21.10 the prompt which ask to unencrypt swap arrive to late and then hibernation won't work, if I uncrypt it it's work, but can't made it work again in an encrypted way ! I tried on several computer and always obtain the same result, after do-release-upgrade -> no more encrypt swap for hibernation07:41
nomad_fr(but swap still work). I encrypt my swap this way. https://lab.neuronfarm.net/nomad/wiki-system/wiki/encrypt-swap-Ubuntu-20.04 it works perfectly on an Ubuntu 20.04.07:41
elgeyeah I got now why it was "held back" by default, it broke xorg08:22
elgelinux-modules-nvidia-460-generic-hwe-20.04 kept back08:23
elgeapt reinstall nvidia-driver-460 solved it08:23
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tomreynnomad_fr: ecryptfs-utils are unrelated to dmcrypt-luks (and should no longer be used).08:41
tomreynthe rest doesn't seem wrong to me. i noticed that 22.04 introduces a new cryptsetup script for handling hibernation, maybe your release is in the middle of the old and the new machanism.08:43
tomreyni would suggest sticking to LTS releases if you need such slightly more advanced things to keep working.08:44
nomad_frtomreyn: thanks09:22
nomad_frtomreyn: that mean that you suggest me to downgrad !?09:24
tomreynnomad_fr: no, not to upgrade in the first place09:24
tomreynnow your choices seem to be: (1) see if you can make it work, or not use hibernation for a while; (2) install (not downgrade) ubuntu 20.04 LTS09:26
nomad_frtomreyn: I think I upgraded to 21.10 for a real reason that I don't remember09:44
tomreynnomad_fr: that's exciting info09:45
nomad_frtomreyn: do you know where the new cryptsetup script for handling hibernation on 22.04 is ?09:45
tomreynno, not really, i also forgot its name, or would have provided that earlier09:46
tomreynbut if you look which binaries there are in the jammy package, you'll know09:46
tomreynPackage cryptsetup-suspend seems to be what i had stumbled upon09:48
nomad_frtomreyn: no such packages !10:08
tomreynnomad_fr: ^, but note that jammy topics would need to go to #ubuntu-next10:11
nomad_frtomreyn: ok thanks10:12
nomad_frtomreyn: ok thanksI will trie it10:12
nomad_frit require to upgrade libc6 ouch10:13
nomad_frit's seems to no be a good idee10:14
tomreyni don't think anyone recommended installing this package on your current ubuntu installation10:16
nomad_frI just tried on the VirtualMAchine ... it don;t like10:20
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unixbeardHey, I have a Ryzen 5700G which I am using for my display.  I successfully installed Ubuntu 20.04 with no problem, but after secure boot it hangs on the 'republic of gamers' screen.  However, I believe it successfully boots since I see it has a DHCP lease.12:07
unixbeardI'm not sure how to fix the graphics on here?  I also forced BIOS to set the on board graphics as default.  I have no video card, just the APU.12:08
KBarunixbeard, output of `sudo lshw` and `ubuntu-drivers devices`12:28
unixbeardKBar: I managed to fix it by dropping to recovery mode, apt update/upgrading and rebooting.12:30
unixbeardlshw -c video was unclaimed at the time!12:30
unixbeardThis was for ubuntu 20.04, and I did tell it to automatically install updates during install.  Weird!12:31
KBarYou might have lost the connection.12:31
unixbeardKBar: I was trying a different OS prior and for the life of me could *not* get Xorg working with that 5700G ... I am happy this just works, despite a minor bump. :)12:37
KBarunixbeard, Ubuntu — it just works!12:41
swenssonWhen running a windows guest OS in virtualbox, the key combos only work in the "Main" window, not in the 2nd monitor, any idea on how to solve this?12:55
KBarswensson: this channel is for Ubuntu support. Please contact Oracle or Microsoft.13:00
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BluesKajHi folks13:43
pikapikaWhat version has the ristretto symlink fix been added?14:02
ubottuCommit 12515dc in ristretto "Fix opening image files that are symlinks"14:02
lotuspsychjepikapika: check it the ubuntu way, see if your bug is amongs these? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ristretto/+bugs?orderby=importance&start=014:09
pikapikaDoesn't seem to be in the list. I'll see if they silently added the fix in 20.04 later14:11
noarbI've just installed ubuntu server onto a raspberry pi 4 (using the rpi imager), but I can't connect to the network via ethernet. This page https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-raspberry-pi says wired ethenet should "just work" but ive seen some other issues online. dhclient doesn't bring it up either14:12
pikapikaOtherwise file a report I guess, its already fixed and was a single line change so I think it shouldn't be trouble to the maintainers14:12
dubiagoOh, weird...yea, ethernet just worked for me...I had trouble with WiFi14:12
KBarpikapika: Xfce development migrated to Gitlab. Visit this page: https://gitlab.xfce.org/apps/ristretto14:12
pikapikaKBar, that site doesn't seem to have the archives from the old site14:13
KBarpikapika: you might want to join #Xubuntu or #xfce to ask Xfce-related questions. Furthermore, forum.xfce.org also might be a place that you'd want to visit.14:15
KBarpikapika: you can search on this page: https://gitlab.xfce.org/apps/ristretto/-/commits/master14:16
pikapikaKBar, yeah but how do I associate a git commit id with the version number of ristretto and or if a distro has included it downstream14:17
KBar"That site" is where most of the development of many open-source projects takes place these days.14:17
KBarpikapika: are you on 20.04?14:18
pikapikaKBar, this one is 18.0414:18
KBarI don't think the maintainers are going to apply that commit to 18.04.14:19
pikapikaOh ok14:20
pikapikaKBar, is it because its too recent?14:20
KBarYour best option is to grab the code, modify it and recompile yourself.14:20
pikapikaYeah I prefer not to have to get into the "fork problem" but I'll try that14:20
KBarpikapika: yes and because 18.04 is a stable release.14:20
KBarThere is a strict policy in place. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates14:21
lotuspsychjecan he try !backports ?14:21
pikapikaNo thats fine14:21
pikapikaIt is important for a stable release not to start including any and all new edits14:21
KBarlotuspsychje: they can, if it gets included in there.14:22
pikapikaYeah I'll have to check first if the edit was added to 20.0414:22
lotuspsychje!backports | pikapika perhaps14:22
ubottupikapika perhaps: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging14:22
pikapikaif it was I could do with a backport14:23
KBarpikapika: I reckon it's Xubuntu. Check out this page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ristretto14:25
pikapikaYes Xubuntu14:25
KBarThere you can find if the commit was included.14:25
noarbre: the rpi4 ethernet problem, does ubuntu server default to ipv6 with newer Raspberry Pi 4 builds?14:30
* octav1a pets pikapika14:30
pikapikaoctav1a, rawr :314:30
waveformnoarb, it should default to a combination of ipv4 and ipv6 (same as the PC server images)14:37
imihow do I unlock/deactivate the screensaver from commandline? (gnome) xset dpms force on only turns the screen back and it remains black with the mouse pointer visible. I want the display to be fully reactivated with the screensaver inactivity timer reset (therefore eventually activating the screensaver again)14:56
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imisarnold: https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-unlock-gnome-screensaver-instead-of-deactivating/ this seems to be answering my question15:22
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lotuspsychjeimi: sarnold is afk atm, but we will pass the message15:32
sidhI really am sorry to disturb , but I have a ubuntu 20,04 LTS with ZFS (zsys) install, and I can not boot any more, with live cd I can see rpool and bpool, I tried to install boot-repair, but it stops working saying I have no internet connectivity (which is not the case)15:49
sidhcould you help me please to repair grub on my ubuntu zsys intall ?15:50
dauggyHi Folks! How to aproach the migration of the system with all files and settings to a new machine? On MacOS there's a migration assistent for that, do we have a similar tool for ubuntu?15:53
KBarsidh: greetings and welcome. I can't help you, but if you're not in a rush, stick around and maybe who knows about this stuff will guide you along.15:57
dauggymy current strategy would be to create the disk image with this tool http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/dump.8.html16:17
dauggyand restore it on the new computer16:17
dauggyis there a better way?16:17
dauggylike on macos I can simply connect the two machines with a thunderbolt cable and all the magic happens automatically16:18
jhutchinsdauggy: Nothing quite that mindless.16:19
jhutchinsdauggy: Dump is not what most people would use; dd, rsync, or clonezilla are more likely.16:20
dauggywhat's wrong with dump? I found it suggested here, look rather straightforward https://askubuntu.com/a/17599516:21
jhutchinsdauggy: You'll find multiple suggestions for the correct options for rsync.16:23
jhutchinsdauggy: Almost nobody uses it, so it's hard to get advice and support.16:23
jhutchinsdauggy: Other than that, nothing's "wrong" with it, you can go ahead and try it, see what you like.16:23
jhutchinsdauggy: It's a little bit archaic, but not in any way deprecated, just superceeded by newer tools.16:24
dauggyjhutchins: got it, thanks :)16:24
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phr34khey! I was hoping to get some help with a problem, installed ubuntu on a new machine, but it won't allow me to poweroff the machine.16:59
phr34kwhenever i issue a shutdown command it always reboots like 2secs after that.17:00
phr34kI already disabled wol, upgrade dis, update apt17:01
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KBarphr34k, that's strange. Ubuntu version?17:14
phr34ki downloaded the latest "server" iso from the website17:14
phr34k"Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-91-generic x86_64)"17:15
phr34kany thoughts?17:28
Maikphr34k: #ubuntu-server17:29
Maikmaybe someone there knows17:29
jhutchinsphr34k: The "server" infrastructure isn't any different from the rest of Ubuntu - it's all built on the same underlying system.17:36
jhutchinsphr34k: How are you telling it to shut down?17:37
phr34kyes that was my thought also, I only installed it because i don't need a gui and it was the easiest way to eliminate it.17:37
phr34kI tried both ``shutdown now` and `shutdown -P now` and a single press on the power button.17:38
jhutchinsphr34k: For the sake of completeness, you could try `shutdown -h now` and `halt`.17:40
phr34kI just upgraded the kernal version and the -P flag worked right now17:40
jhutchinsphr34k: There's also `poweroff`17:40
jhutchinsphr34k: canonically, `halt` does everything _but_ power off.17:41
phr34klooks like all i actually needed was a kernel upgrade both commands now work cheers117:43
jhutchinsphr34k: The reboot is a pretty rare glitch, it's more common for a system to hang just short of power off.17:59
jhutchinsphr34k: Congratulations on solving it!17:59
Seferhey there, I have a problem regarding luks on a server (pxe autoinstall with desktop-package) installation. I noticed that I cannot enter the correct password for the encryption because it is using the wrong keymap as it seems. I tried comparing a server install to a desktop install but can't find noticeable differences in `/etc/default/keyboard`18:04
Seferor cached files in `/etc/console-setup` or `/etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf`. Therefore I have to ask and need your help in fixing the keymap for the luks decryption. I searched a while on the web and cannot find a working (a proper non-hacky) solution. What does the desktop installer do differently?18:04
trafficjamhey guys, how can i replace (recursively) all files in a directory, from the string "foo" to "bar"?18:04
jhutchinstrafficjam: Do you perhaps mean rename, not replace?18:05
trafficjamjhutchins: as in the replace any instance of "foo" with "bar" for all files in that dir tree18:05
trafficjam(in the file contents, not the name)18:06
jhutchinstrafficjam: You might be able to do it with sed, but you'll have to wrap it in something to do multiple files.18:06
trafficjamjhutchins: got it, thanks18:11
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Sven_vBhi :) I'm on focal and trying to update my grub config from git, but "error: chmod on /mnt/esp/grub/.git/config.lock failed: Operation not permitted" probably because my ESP uses a FAT-16 filesystem. what can I do?19:44
Sven_vBI'll try and ask #git19:53
Sven_vBseems like modern git just doesn't support FAT-16 anymore. I'm considering installing an old enough git, or faking successful locking, maybe via LD_PRELOAD. or is there an even easier way?20:28
merpnderpIs this a legitimate concern for security? https://secscan.acron.pl/ubuntu1604/1/1/220:32
Sven_vBmerpnderp, I for one agree with the Rationale there, I like noexec and similar flags on my /tmp. also a size limit, but that could be enforced using other means.20:42
Sven_vBhowever, in some cases you need executable tmp. I had that with docker-compose some months back20:43
Sven_vBfor any security measure there's most likely some program somewhere that doesn't like the constraint.20:44
merpnderpSven_vB: okay, thanks.20:49
merpnderpIn bash, how would I run a command for every user?21:14
matsamanmerpnderp: via root you mean?21:16
merpnderpRead /etc/passwd and then go through every line and see if it ends with a valid shell and if it does, split the line on : and use the first in the array to fix their password policy?21:16
matsamanor including potentially having to authenticate for each?21:17
merpnderpmatsaman: yeah, this can run as root.21:17
merpnderpI need to update everyone's password policy21:17
merpnderpAnd for some reason I'm having to write a script instead of just doing it.21:17
merpnderpBecause we have two whole servers.21:17
merpnderpAnd it's just impossible amount of work to do it twice.21:17
matsamanbut they use PAM?21:18
merpnderpWe have 3 accounts that don't.21:18
matsamanthere's probably a global way to do it, and then we could also script it of course21:18
merpnderproot, and two others.21:18
merpnderpI should do this all in Perl or Javascript. Way easier.21:19
merpnderpBut I'd have to run it as root.21:19
matsamanyou can do it in perl as root21:19
merpnderpAnd I'm not running perl or js as roo.t21:19
matsamanI mean, also JS, but that's less common than perl by far21:19
matsamanoh okay =P21:19
matsamananyway I think your idea will work fine21:19
merpnderpOkay, thanks for the sanity check :)21:20
merpnderpWonder if I could just find a job writing some esoteric C++ some place that had actual sys admins to do the sys admining.21:20
matsamanif you wanted to be more fancy about it21:20
matsamanyou could figure out how to evaluate the password policy of each user and if it's conformant to what you want21:21
matsamanand if not update it21:21
merpnderpThat's more if tests in my bash.21:21
matsamanyeah =P21:21
matsamanmost likely the first PoC will suffice21:21
merpnderpI was totally tricked.21:22
merpnderp"Yeah, we're moving to Ubuntu. Don't worry our sys admins are certified linux admins."21:22
merpnderpBahahahahhhaa, they left off the "But they're too busy to do any of our admining."21:22
matsamansomeone put a sticker with the name of another distro over the 'Ubuntu' you mean? =P21:22
merpnderpFrom the answers I get, I think that's right.21:22
matsamanperson who does the work should make the decisions21:23
matsamanotherwise you waste time & effort, which is money21:23
matsamannot sure why managers don't get that21:23
matsamanprobably 'cause their own managers also don't know how to manage =P21:23
sidhis there someone that could help me troubleshooting a zsys install22:15
grywhat with it?22:16
sidhI can not boot anymore without typing manually in grub prompt22:16
sidhbpool is not used22:16
sidhand it seems rpool/boot directory is used instead22:17
sidheach time i upgrade a kernel, update-grub fail to update grub.cfg22:18
sidhI really need to fix this22:18
* dauggy says goodnight22:27
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hypeI'm a beginner who started running ubuntu on VPS.23:03
hypeI have installed ZNC and managed to use it.23:03
jhutchinsThese bots need work.23:04
gryhype welcome23:06
hypegry Thank you.23:09
jhutchinshype: What hosting provider are you using?23:28
hypejhutchins I'm Japanese, so I use Sakura VPS. The servers are located in Hokkaido.23:30
jhutchinshype: Good experience with them so far?23:47
hypejhutchins Both the server and the connection are stable so far.23:49
jhutchins's good to hear, too often we don't hear about providers unless something goes wrong.23:50
hypeThe ubuntu installation and initial setup were completed without any problems.23:52
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