tomreynsucuri + siteguarding are still happy, looks like it's gone for good.08:19
tarzeauEickmeyer: maybe it's possible to include fnt for 22.04? (it's 8 kb and installed maybe 30 kb)14:37
Eickmeyertarzeau: I'll look into it.18:43
Eickmeyertomreyn: Good to know.18:43
EickmeyerRikMills: Should we just update Digikam to 7.3 since it's been out for several months?18:43
milkiiCardinal with no non-free assets; https://i.imgur.com/wm551zz.png19:36
Eickmeyermilkii: Looks nice, but if it's got non-free assets that's a non-starter.21:27
Eickmeyertarzeau: So, I can put it in publishing-recommends, but it won't be on the ISO by default since we're trying to move away from publishing. Make sense?21:27
milkiiEickmeyer: it might look nice if it were art, but even core stuff like the knobs are NC CC21:29
EickmeyerThe problem is we have to abide by the dfsg, and if the package contains any non-free assets, even if it's not code, it can't be included.21:30
RikMillsEickmeyer: https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/rdjxs5/digikam_740_release_is_under_progress/22:45
RikMillsdigikam is a PITA anyway, so lets see....22:45

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