DarkTrick**Q**: Plugin "Window buttons" for the panel shows the full path for thunar, instead of just the current directory name. How can I change that?01:02
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Neo_CortexHi there, how do I upgrade xubuntu 21.04 to 21.10? Is it just like ubuntu "sudo do-release-upgrade"?14:50
KBarNeo_Cortex: Software & Updates > Updates > Notify me of a new version > For any new version15:36
KBarNeo_Cortex: Close the tab, it will ask you to reload. Click on Reload. If notifications are enabled, you will get a popup after updating all of your packages that will tell you that there is a new version available. If notifications are disabled, launch Software Updater manually.15:37
Neo_Cortexthat settings is allready on "for any new version" it also does not ask me to reload15:41
KBarNeo_Cortex: If it's already set, then good. The confirmation for reload only appears if you change something. Tried running Software Updater?15:42
KBarTo be able to upgrade, you first need to have all the updates installed.15:44
KBar*all of the updates for the current, running version15:44
Neo_CortexI dont have "software updater" under all programms. I updated everthing i have with "synaptic packetmanager" and "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade"15:45
KBarNeo_Cortex: is that a default Xubuntu installation? What language are you using?15:46
Neo_Cortexneofetch says "OS: Xubuntu 21.04 x86_64" its an offical download from xubuntu.org (i choosed minimal install when I first installed it, if i remember correctly) im using the german translation.15:47
KBarNeo_Cortex: `lsb_release -ds`15:51
Neo_Cortexneo@julix-Terra:~$ lsb_release -ds15:52
Neo_CortexUbuntu 21.0415:52
KBarNeo_Cortex: Aktualisierungsverwaltung is the German translation for "Software Updater"15:54
KBar(used in Ubuntu)15:55
Neo_CortexI dont have that under whisker-menu->all programms. but i have to leave now, I'll have to take a look at this later. thanks for your time and your help15:59
Maiktell hime to do: sudo do-release-upgrade16:04
Maikwhen he comes back16:04
gnrpk19: hi16:42
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muXubuHi everyone, yesterday I installed xubuntu 21.10 on my laptop. Now I have 2 wifi icons at topbar, 1blue and 1 black and white.21:44
Unit193nm-applet has a bug where sometimes it shows up twice, once as an indicator and another as a tray icon.  You can kill it and re-launch if you'd like.21:45
muXubuHi Unit193, so right close from topbar both and close, and the how to retart nm-applet?21:47
muXubujust close session and login will launch it automatically?21:49
Unit193Logging out and back in would work, sure, though that still may hit the race condition.  I was thinking more of a  `killall nm-applet` then running it again via application finder.21:51
Unit193(Alt+F2, nm-applet)21:51
muXubuok, trying it21:52
muXubuUnit193,  from alt+f2 , trying to launch nm-applet failed, no connection to server . S I closed session and re-loging, ! icon now, All good. thanks for help!   : )21:58
Unit193Sure thing.21:58
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