NealRameanyone else had this issue where occasionally a whole application window gets faded-out? Only try-untray or close/relaunch fixes it. Kubuntu 21.10 but the same issue was happening on 21.0402:17
NealRamefaded out as in darkened, barely visible, as if kwin added a misplaced effect on it02:18
omegatronI would consider myself lucky, if such a thing would be my only issue with kubuntu 21.x ...  -_-02:21
NealRameomegatron: heheh, yeh it's not the worst and is quite rare03:05
NealRameI remember modifying some kwin/compositing settings such as switching it to se OpenGL 3 instead of 2, etc03:06
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user|51Hello, someone plese help. I have an issue on xsane. When I try to scan the program closes04:27
IrcsomeBot<blinkengine> then apply? (re @milesdredd: )04:30
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> i solved it (re @blinkengine: then apply?)09:35
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BluesKajHi folks13:56
user|80i have installed kubuntu but after install show black screen.13:57
user|80how to fix this problem.13:57
user|80i have installed kubuntu but after install show black screen. please tell me how  will i solve this problem.13:59
oerheksuser|80, what videocard do you use?14:00
oerhekstry this fix: edit grub and add nomodeset >> https://itsfoss.com/fix-ubuntu-freezing/14:02
user|80ok i am checking..14:02
oerhekscommon nvidia issue..14:03
user|80Thank you very much for inform me .14:05
user|80which linux is good for nvidia14:25
oerhekskubuntu ofcourse14:32
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IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> hey , while using it normally ,15:47
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> it says unexpectedly plasma has stopped15:47
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> and this happening every time when i open spectacle (screenshot app)15:47
Maik@milesdredd search for bug reports, if none then create one15:54
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> oky15:54
omegatronhmm ... kubuntu 21.04 here ... can I change somewhere the behaviour when just the 'meta' key is pressed ? I want to define it to actually do ctrl-F5 for forced reload in firefox, but the default behaviour of popping up the kubuntu main panel with the search field is in my way (don't need that anyway)15:59
leaftypeomegatron: IIRC the meta key (by itself) can't be assigned to anything directly. The ability to open up the launcher is kinda hacked in16:11
leaftypeomegatron: let met duckduck fo ra second though, I'm sure it's been tried before16:13
leaftype.. MAYBE if you set it to alt+f116:17
leaftypemost of the things i'm seeing are old16:17
omegatronin the keyboard layout settings ?16:23
omegatronI have to admit, I have already set my keyboad layout to "German (Macintosh, no dead keys)" and i'm trying to tune the key settings in a way, where it's like I'm used to it from Mac OS X and Apple Keyboards ... so, from left to right:  ctrl - alt - cmd/meta - space - cmd/meta - alt - (dead key) - ctrl16:28
omegatrontherefore, I already have swapped left ctrl and left alt, but the other things are quite hard to tune ..16:28
omegatronbut thanks anyway!17:02
DragnslcrYeah, I think the Meta key still gets mapped to Alt-F117:18
DragnslcrAt least in 20.04. I haven't tested 21.10.17:19
omegatronah I see -  alt+f1 also opens up that panel/menu (never used it)17:20
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matczhello all :)19:35
matczquick question, why kdewallet or network-manager wont remember my wifi password?19:43
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