lotuspsychjegood morning03:05
ducassegood morning07:48
marcoagpintomore four months to 22.04 LTS08:09
daftykinsfour more, too08:48
EriC^^good morning all09:30
oerhekshey EriC^^ 09:33
EriC^^hey oerheks 09:35
kramerMan, that's crazy19:19
kramer20.04 came out right as the pandemic was getting "real"19:19
JanCdepending on where you live...19:38
Maikgeez... what's with people running EOL releases.... sigh20:07
leftyfbanyone with the ability to mess with bind should be well aware of release lifecycles and how to upgrade20:09
Maikit's not only that, we had a EOL user in #lubuntu too, hence why i ranted20:10
JanCI understand people running, but not people expecting eternal bug/security support  :)20:19
oerheksanother PLUS for Snap packages, even on an EOL ubuntu you would get the latest Firefox??20:31
JanCugh, no20:31
* daftykins rolls up a newspaper and swats at oerheks 20:35
* oerheks reads the headlines *auw*20:37

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