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zerosumprobably a stupid question and unrelated but wondering if anyone knows why when I set my PS1 prompt using Oh My Zsh the colors just don't show03:39
zerosumI'm on a mac btw 03:39
zerosumusing this to generate my prompt https://bashrcgenerator.com03:40
JanConly thing I can think of right away is that your terminal doesn't support colours, or doesn't support the colours you try to use...04:01
JanCe.g. try restricting to the top 16 colours (top 2 lines)04:04
flafdbungert: Hi. :) Sorry to ping you but I have another question about auto-install of Ubuntu (20.04 LTS) via Subiquity. After an automatic install (via a user-data file), I have this line in the file /etc/default/grub => “ GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="autoinstall ds=nocloud-net;seedfrom=http://ipxe.in.ac-versailles.fr/subiquity/ubuntu-20-04-all-in-one-lvm/" ”. This is exactly the boot04:45
flafoptions I have set during my automatic installatio,n but it seems to me not relevant to keep these options after install. Is it normal, have I missed something?04:46
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funabashiHi guys , can anyone be nice and help me with my apt-get install error, https://pastebin.com/WEQX66pV19:59
JanCthat doesn't look like any supported Ubuntu version?20:09
leftyfbJanC: they've already been told of their options in #ubuntu20:10
Maikfunabashi: please don't cross post20:11
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oerheksask your VPS provider for a fresh image :-D20:44
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