davefDo I want a PS5? 15:26
zxmpican you get one without paying a scalper?15:27
zxmpithen yes15:27
zxmpiotherwise no15:27
davefI'm wondering if I'll actually play any games on it15:27
davefMight as well anyway15:27
zxmpithere'll be at least 2-3 very very good games that will be worth it15:28
zxmpiif you like big screen games15:28
zxmpims seems to have screwed the pooch with halo on xbox reading the disappointed fans comments online.15:29
davefFor games that run on xbox will be available on Windows, so no need for an xbox.15:30
zxmpiand then that raises a whole pile of problems where pc gamers whip the xbox weenies15:30
davefPlus I have access to rent games for free.15:30
daftykinsnot when they can't buy graphics cards they don't15:30
zxmpinot the graphic cards that help them win. usually it's the better keyboard and joystick option15:31
davefI still got my launch day 2080 .. I recently replaced the thermal pads and repasted it, good as new.15:31
daftykinsi've been playing a touch of the new Halo on PC, if the market weren't a mess i'd probably like an upgrade 15:32
davefand wooo! my one and only meeting of the day has been cancelled.15:33
zxmpilack of interest or someone eventually realised it could be an email? :-P15:35
daftykinsit can never be an email, people don't read them xD15:36
davefNo, it devolved into a Teams chat15:40
davefand it's been confirmed that we're patched for log4j.. providing no more CVEs come out15:49
daftykinsguaranteed xD15:52
zxmpieuropean section in usa supermarket. not a jaffacake to be had. :-/ https://teddit.net/pics/w:null_8pn5wq61zs681.jpg16:03
daftykinsnor hobnobs!16:07
zxmpiat least the jammie dodgers are on the top shelf out of the reach of kids16:08
zxmpioh wow, jaffa cakes beside them upside down16:08
zxmpijacobs version which i prefer as they are more common brand here16:09
davefso I'm passing on the PS5, the store wanted to bundle it in with a ton of stuff I don't want. Pushing the price up significantly. I can wait.16:49
daftykinsah yeah i heard one of the US chains is doing that16:49
davefThis was gamestop16:49
daftykinsthat's the one :D16:49
davefJust let me buy the damn console, I don't want a bundle.16:50
daftykinsthey're trying desperately to pad their bottom line16:50
davefOf course16:50
davefProblem is, my friends have them now and I don't. So I'll be left behind for a short while.16:51
daftykinsi ordered an nvidia shield TV pro from scan.co.uk today :D it'll be a great HTPC capable of playing HDR content on the TV with Kodi16:51
daftykinsah i see16:51
daftykinswhy don't you get it anyway and sell the bundle jazz? 16:51
davefit's bundled with games and stuff nobody wants16:51
daftykinsi always intended to do that with the xbox one x i picked up a couple of years back, but it didn't seem worth trying to sell the Forza Motorsport 4 key16:51
daftykinsi was going to gift it to a pal but he's been too lazy to assemble his gaming PC o016:56
davefAbout to experience freedom in the first time for 10 days. Isolation is over!17:18
zxmpirun be free. in a mask, socially distanced and stay safe :-P17:18
davefI've just recovered for the 'rona, so the science says I'm safe for a few weeks.17:19
davef*from the17:19
penguin42the rates in London are high enough that we'll soon get news stories when they find someone who doesn't have it18:27
zxmpi2/3s of irelands cases today (5200) are believed to be omicron18:30
penguin42there still doesn't seem to be any idea if it's adding to Delta or replacing it though or the hospital implications18:38
davefI'm starting to wonder if this is the one last hurrah before the end of the pandemic. 18:43
davefIt's ripping through through the population, eventually it'll run out of hosts to infect and die off.18:44
davefAnd tbh, after having it, it wasn't as bad as they said it was. I'm not in great physical condition either.18:45
zxmpiyou had a vaccine?18:46
zxmpithen it did it's job18:46
zxmpigave your immune system a head start18:46
daftykinsclearly the jaffa cakes helped18:47
penguin42right; new shelving unit done: https://mastodon.org.uk/system/media_attachments/files/107/486/359/630/474/325/original/594753aef73fda5a.jpeg18:47
zxmpimeanwhile hospitals are running at 100% for last 21 months filled to capacity stopping normal medical treatments18:47
davefIndeed, the amazing healing power of the jaffa cake!18:47
daftykinsdavef: have you thought back over your UK trip and pondered where you might have been exposed?18:47
davefdaftykins: I have, but I don't believe I was exposed anywhere. 18:48
penguin42daftykins: Anywhere in the UK?18:48
davefEveryone on-board the plane to Canada had to show proof of negative PCR test18:48
davefI then didn't see anyone for almost a week after a returning18:49
davefI then go to the studio for the day, and bam, two days later I'm sick.18:49
daftykinspenguin42: ooh lots o' beige :D i like the trick machine that suggests not to press power or reset to reboot18:49
penguin42that's a Mac that came out of a CS dept lab18:53
daftykinshrmm i encountered a challenge today, one of the batch of TVs a client bought has a DVB-S2 tuner, but doesn't have a license for freesat, meaning the channel list is a stack of over 700 channels - every one of the regional variants of e.g. BBC, ITV, Channel 4... plus encrypted stuff20:40
daftykinsit doesn't appear to have an import/export feature so muggins here may have to pick through and rearrange the list manually20:41
penguin42oh that's painful; you'd think there would be a way to do that for something like hotels21:18
zxmpii think you ring the manufacturer, tell them you're ordering a 1000 and an intern has the most boring weekend ever :-P21:20
zxmpii've spent many an afternoon opening a box of network cards and configuring the whole box to option 0 irq 5 base 320h for novell 10 base t network22:49
* penguin42 runs off with zxmpi's terminator22:55
daftykins"I need your crimper, your 8P8Cs... and your cat6 reel"22:56
zxmpihah, forgot to steal by bucket of jumpers22:57

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