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TrobusHi. I installed Ubuntu desktop and I'm following the guide for "Gnome Remote Desktop" (https://help.ubuntu.com/22.04/ubuntu-help/sharing-desktop.html.en). I installed the package but I don't see any option for "screen sharing". Is there another step I need to do?03:17
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to Flatpaks and AppImages. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io03:17
Aarch64debianhow do u install snap shop on ubuntu jammy dev03:18
lotuspsychje!next | Aarch64debian03:20
ubottuAarch64debian: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.03:20
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lotuspsychjeAarch64debian: snap-store is already default on the latest ubuntu releases03:25
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Gallomimiadoes ANYONE use 21.10 at all, because it's very disappointing to me. performance, stability, usability. substandard.03:42
guivercGallomimia, yes a lot of people do & it's stable in my experience (& fast), but people cannot provide support from a broad statement like what you just made - this is a support room, not dicussion room (use #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic for that)03:43
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: need more stable see also !LTS03:44
rjwiiiGallomimia: That's why I always stick with LTS for everyday use ...03:45
rjwiiiI'll upgrade to 22.04.1 in July of 2022 ...03:46
Gallomimiayeah i'm going to switch to the LTS version i think. i wish i had some explaination for the amazing and staggering memory leaks i am experiencing. after only a day of uptime, GPU resources and main memory become wildly contested, and the system is unable to run programs and games that run fine right after a reboot. i'd be more interested in filing reports and finding causes to submit to devs than fixing it for my own04:15
Gallomimiai really can't imagine what's going on. things were never this bad on my hardware. perhaps i have bad kernel options or bios settings?04:16
Gallomimiai've run 16.04 and 18.04 on this same configuration with no problems, plenty of speed and stability, without even a swap file. nothing changed except an SSD, and now it's like watching honey drip.04:17
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: some kernel versions can have bad effects on a system, a deeper look would be needed into your logs to findout whats going on04:20
Gallomimiai'm open to suggestions04:20
Gallomimiabut it seems like no programs can reliably free unused memory04:20
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: sharing your dmesg would be a good start04:21
Gallomimiaperhaps you have a manual or a set of steps i can follow? that sounds like an indepth job which might take me considerable time04:21
Gallomimiadmesg -t | netcat ....04:22
Gallomimiauhhhh paste.ubuntu.com:9999?04:22
lotuspsychjeyou know howto paste Gallomimia how many years have you been asking support already...04:23
Gallomimiauh... all of them? i think04:23
Gallomimiasecure boot disabled.... i don't think that's supposed to be04:26
Gallomimiaanother thing that's changed in my config is to have the amdiommu kernel opt04:28
SamuelMarksOn Ubuntu but not Debian I'm getting: "/usr/include/string.h:33:10: fatal error: 'stddef.h' file not found". Any ideas?04:32
Gallomimiayour library path files aren't configured properly04:33
SamuelMarksWhat should they be?04:33
Gallomimiadepends what it is you're trying to do04:33
Gallomimiaalso, i have no idea04:33
Gallomimiaare you... compiling something?04:33
SamuelMarksYes, LLVM: https://github.com/SamuelMarks/type-correct/blob/master/.github/workflows/x86-ubuntu-llvm-from-sources.yml04:34
Gallomimiawell the first thing you should find is this stddef.h04:34
Gallomimiadoes it exist? is it in the same place as string.h ?04:34
SamuelMarksBut that's the confusing bit, it's stdlib04:34
Gallomimiai'd like to think one of the -L or -H arguments to the make file commands should be altered but it's beyond me04:35
SamuelMarksSince C89 at least04:35
Gallomimiawhat else can i say? someone or something can't find it. in my experience ubuntu is not exactly known for having a standard location to keep all the things. seems to be in a state of flux to change from an old way to a new way04:39
Gallomimiaperhaps, one day, they'll nail that down. i hope so04:40
oztunanHi, I'm having trouble configuring netplan to change the DNS server.06:11
oztunanubuntu 20.0406:11
oztunanidk, I'm taking a break now.06:28
SudoBashoztunan, do you need some help?06:56
oztunanI might. I'm not sure what the issue is.06:57
SudoBashwhats going on?06:57
oztunanHopefully my vps isn't just blocking me from changing it. I'm waiting for a response from them.06:57
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oztunanI'm setting up a pi-hole, and I need to change the DNS to
SudoBashI've never done pi-hole, but setting the DNS is done a few different ways on a different settings, I guess you're using netplan? but there is also the /etc/resolv.conf for temporarily testing DNS also06:59
SudoBashsome distros use /etc/resolv.conf statically and some dynamically, overwriting it by the network manager being used07:00
oztunanIt has netplan07:01
SudoBashresolv.conf is still useful to know on most systems, so what is the problem you're having?07:02
SudoBashpaste your netplan conf to https://paste.ubuntu.com/07:02
oztunanI try to sudo netplan generate && sudo netplan apply && sudo reboot, and it spits out a lot of errors.07:03
oztunanI have to register, 1 sec07:04
SudoBashpaste the errors and the && implies only execute the next command if the previous is successful, so it could be failing on any of those except reboot obviously07:04
oztunanThat's just the netplan file07:10
oztunanThat's the error07:13
oztunanSudoBash ^07:13
InteloIs there a downloader app for ubuntu that can download and detect any kind of videos in a website like youtube, vimeo, linkedin learning or any other and download it? Whats the most featureful download manager out there that can do this?07:15
oztunan"Failed to start systemd-networkd.service: Unit systemd-networkd.service is masked." I must be this.07:15
JackFrostIf you look into youtube-dl, you may want to check out yt-dlp instead.07:16
oztunan*it must be this07:16
SudoBashoztunan nameservers:07:17
SudoBash                addresses:07:17
SudoBash                -
oztunanThat didn't work either. apparently you can use either format.07:18
SudoBashaddresses: [ "127.0.01"]07:18
SudoBashwell you already have that netplan, take out the generate and just do netplan apply07:19
oztunanSame issue07:20
SudoBashany of those should work supposedly07:20
SudoBashhmm I wonder how many people need help with netplan on a daily basis...07:20
oztunanThis is the first time I couldn't get it to work.07:22
SudoBashnetplan hates tab's, are you using tabs or spaces?07:22
oztunanIt yelled at me when I used tabs, so no tabs.07:22
SudoBashare you copying and pasting your config or typing it?07:23
Inteloravage JackFrost its not about only youtube. I want other sites as well07:24
JackFrostyoutube-dl isn't even close to just for YouTube.07:24
SudoBashif nothing is working with multiple formats that are supposed to work, then I'd say you have a stray tab or something off with syntax somewhere you're not noticing, so check all ends on all lines too07:25
SudoBashnuke file and rewrite with nano or vi if you or gedit / pluma07:26
SudoBashif you know how to use vi/nano, else use gedit or pluma or something in gui07:26
oztunanI'm writing it in nano07:26
oztunanCopy pasting too, but editing it.07:26
SudoBashwell nano is pretty good with pasting, it's copying from it that you really have to be careful with07:27
Inteloravage JackFrost youtube-dl is a commandline app? I have to give url of video each time or it integrates with browser?07:27
JackFrostmpv works with it, but commandline generally, Intelo.  There's also a GUI for it, though.07:28
InteloJackFrost what is yt-dlp07:28
InteloJackFrost ok which gui?07:28
SudoBashwait you do have a eth0 right? dmesg |grep eth007:29
JackFrostIntelo: It's a fork that's much more activly maintained at this point, youtube-dl lost it's (only?) active maintainer.07:29
SudoBaship link also, or ifconfig if you have net-tools07:29
InteloJackFrost so what might be the easiest way to go from here  now?07:30
InteloJackFrost would anyone here help https://www.tecmint.com/download-managers-for-linux/ ?07:30
oztunanYes, it's eth007:31
InteloJackFrost in combination with youtube-dl07:31
oztunanidk, this is strange. I might have to try another vps service.07:34
SudoBashuname -r07:34
oztunanubuntu 20.04 server07:35
SudoBashmark the config as unhidden, I accidentally closed out of it.. I would start over with a fresh file and paste a simple example from a different source to make sure its not an encoding issue from your copy07:36
SudoBashthat netplan error is horribly vague07:37
InteloJackFrost I think I forgot. I have to be loggedin with linked learning. So youtube-dl won't work. I should use a browser integrated dl manager07:40
InteloIn browser integrated managers: Is there a downloader app for ubuntu that can download and detect any kind of videos in a website like youtube, vimeo, linkedin learning or any other and download it? Whats the most featureful download manager out there that can do this?07:40
SudoBashsome versions of netplan use Dhcp4: yes/no and some Dhcp4: true,  documents mention both07:40
oztunanI'm going to put this on the backburner for now. It's getting late.07:46
oztunanThanks for your help.07:46
ducasseIntelo: i've not seen anything non command line that can do that07:57
Inteloducasse well, browser extensions..07:58
ducassethat might be, i try to avoid those07:59
Inteloducasse if the site needs login, then I can't use commandline08:00
Inteloducasse right?08:00
ducasseare there no cli tools that can use the cookie or that you can pass user/pw?08:00
ravageIntelo: https://github.com/ahmedayman4a/Linkedin-Learning-Courses-Downloader08:01
ledeniIntelo, i used to use add-on in firefox 'Video DownloadHelper'08:02
Inteloravage led_belly thanks08:10
Inteloledeni thanks08:10
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: nvidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000100] Failed to grab modeset ownership this doesnt sound too good09:41
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engblomFor many years I have used unattended-upgrades. Now with a new installation of 21.10 I can't get it to run automatically. What could have changed? I have manually tried 'run-parts /etc/cron.daily' and I have also tried 'anacron -fn' but nothing happens.10:48
henriquebom dia para todos11:06
rishanh r  iu11:27
w_Hello. First I was only using Ubuntu on my laptop, but I wanted to move to a dual boot Windows 10/Ubuntu, so I have made a backup of my home directory and I made a snapshot with Timeshift (to preserve my system settings). When I want to restore the snapshot, after installing Windows and Ubuntu, Timeshift shows the files it will restore, including lots of grub files. I am wondering if my dual boot will break if I proceed with restoring the previous snapshot? Thanks.12:10
mjtnot really familiar but I would have thought it'd overwrite the bootloader unless you excluded it12:26
KBarAny suggestions for patching an ELF file?12:33
KBarSorry, I better on #linux.12:34
lotuspsychjewelcome lord_12:51
lord_is this Codegangiic12:52
lotuspsychjeyou joined the ubuntu support chat lord_12:52
DuckerHello, friends! Tech support has asked me to upgrade from 20.04 LTS to 20.10. I tried a couple of procedures through the update manager and can get 21.04 directly. Is there a way to go to 20.10 instead? Thanks!12:54
ThinkT51020.10 is end of life12:55
ThinkT510did they mean 21.10?12:55
ThinkT510even then you'd need to go one release at a time. you can only directly upgrade an LTS release to another LTS release12:56
DuckerThinkT510 (reading their email) they wrote 20.10. :)   I was instructed to go from LTS to a non-LTS...12:57
ThinkT510and 20.10 is no longer supported12:57
DuckerThanks, that's good to know. I will go back to them. So it's either 21.04 or the next LTS release?12:58
ThinkT51021.04 was released april 2021 (hence the number) and only gets 9 months support. LTS releases get 5 years support12:59
ThinkT51021.04 is still currently supported but no for much longer12:59
ThinkT510the latest release is 21.1012:59
ThinkT51022.04 will be the next LTS release12:59
DuckerFull ack! Sorry the confusion! :)12:59
oerheksDucker, in software & updates, select 'to any new version' should work, no?13:01
DuckerThanks again, ThinkT510! I really appreciate the help! Happy holidays!13:01
Duckeroerheks: ah yes, I tried that. :)  But since it's a corporate/work machine, I need to (blindly) follow their IT/tech support procedures.13:02
DuckerNow I have good arguments to counterattack. :)13:02
Duckeroerheks: thanks for the heads up! Happy holidays!13:04
oerhekshave fun!13:05
pagioscan i install 20.04 with ZFS on OS ?13:18
pagiosi only see xfs and ext413:18
jkcpagios: Not in the installer.13:19
oerhekspainope, 21.10 gives that option though13:19
pagiosis it supported? what is best ? ext 4 ?13:19
oerhekspagios ^^13:19
oerheksext4 is fine.13:20
pagiosi need LTS13:20
oerheksnext LTS will have that option.13:20
jkcCan we get it in the SERVER install now? :D13:21
pagioswhen is the next LTS13:22
lotuspsychjepagios: april 202213:24
lotuspsychje!next | pagios see also13:25
ubottupagios see also: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.13:25
pagiosis it best to install my OS with ext4 and the data on a zfs on 20.04 or can i go with ext4 all the way ?13:25
sidhpagios: yes it is best13:47
sidhzsys is pure crap13:47
sidhzsys is not production ready13:48
sidhI've been trapped13:48
sidhoops sorry, I thought you asked between pure zsys (zfsOnroot the canonical way) install Vs ext4 for / and zpool for data (I recommend the latest)13:49
krissternpagios: Think using ext4 all the way is simpler13:52
BluesKajHi folks13:56
oerhekshi BluesKaj13:57
BluesKajhey oerheks13:57
xheimlichon 18.04 -- is there some way to hard invert all colors in my screen? preferrably from the cli as I'm not using gnome.14:20
xheimlichwhite background wo^H^Hlibreoffice page is giving me a headache.14:20
xheimlichI also accept general suggestions for white screen fatigue headaches...14:20
jkcxheimlich: I don't know if it will help you as much, but I wear blue light-blocking glasses when I'm doing computer work. Gunnar Optiks.14:22
oerheksor https://www.debugpoint.com/2020/01/how-to-enable-dark-mode-libreoffice/14:23
xheimlichI pretty much wear (prescription) sunglasses whenever I'm outside before sunset. even if it's heavily clouded.14:23
xheimlichglasses are prescription, sunglasses was a vanity thing. but I was wearing lots of hats trying to cover my eyes and didn't realize I was growing really ssensitive to sunlight.14:24
xheimlichbaby son laughs at me like Im a clown whenever I have them on. I guess I'll just pick them up. Thanks for the link too.14:24
jkcxheimlich: They offer prescription options, too.14:27
leftyfbxheimlich: I used to use redshift but it's now built into gnome14:42
Assidso i installed the lastest 21.10 desktop release .. and i keep getting these errors : https://pasteboard.co/DyqFe9nDEy4K.png14:45
Assidit happens for most apps i try to install.. but it gets installed later..14:45
Thomas25is it just me or uhd 630 can barely handle 4k resolution?14:46
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oerheksopen Q from popey: anyone with a RISC-V board handy and a few minutes? https://twitter.com/popey/status/147330574421689139214:58
* barnaba[m] uploaded an image: (7KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/ASUjZqlrkpFFMlktpYFHHEBw/image.png >15:03
barnaba[m]I'm having readability issues with curses programs, are there terminal color schemes to look for that are specifically designed to work? Is there some way to have a nice terminal while being able to use ncurses apps? attached, midnight commander having pretty bad contrast15:03
barnaba[m]Are people writing in ncurses just picking random colors and hoping it'll work with whatever scheme the end user has?15:04
xheimlichbarnaba[m]: some terminals like kitty have text configuration languages.15:29
xheimlichthen you can use like python and colorthief or something else you prefer and extract color schemes from the Old Masters or lingerie catalogs, as you prefer. I rotate color schemes daily in this way.15:29
barnaba[m]xheimlich: this is nice, but I don't see how it solves a problem of finding apps just really want to use white on blue and your blue is too light, and then some different app really thinks the blue should be readable on black and your blue is too dark now15:31
barnaba[m]I mean, it technically solves the issue on some days I suppose15:31
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barnaba[m]And then there's gitps which thinks cyan on blue should be fine15:33
xheimlichcolorthief isn't as good as the adobe tool though.15:39
xheimlichthere's some impressive mojo there, sp. to use actual art.15:39
xheimlichbarnaba[m]: if you don't insist on frequent automatic variation, you should crank some Titian, Vermeer, etc. through the adobe color web app.15:40
xheimlichI actually made an Elo-like streamlit app at some point so I could rank paintings, so I could make adobe color themes.15:41
xheimlichbut I get bored easily.15:41
xheimlich(this is just a script basically, but it's ready to use https://github.com/asemic-horizon/preftarget )15:42
semDo any of you use software raid with SSD and HDD in combination? (To have fast read speeds on the SDD, but reduce frequent writes using the HDD?)15:51
leftyfbsem: do you have an ubuntu support question?15:52
sem*in ubuntu15:52
leftyfbsem: how does someone answering "yes" or "no" to your question solve your issue with ubuntu?15:53
semIt's more of a discussion about ubuntu than a problem with ubuntu15:53
leftyfb!discuss | sem15:54
ubottusem: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:54
semi guess IRC is dead15:54
leftyfbsem: not sure what brought you to that conclusion, but sure15:54
leftyfbsem: this is a support channel. Not a discussion channel. It's pretty simple15:55
semi'm not discussing wallpapers or something, I have questions about the technical side of it.15:55
leftyfbsem: Try describing your issue, what you have done to try to solve it and any error messages or logs (in pastebin please) so people can help you with your issue.15:56
oerheksthen ask your real question?15:56
semI can certainly do that oerheks :)15:57
semI am wondering if it is worth setting up software raid with a SSD or HDD or if it would be too finicky15:57
semmy SSD only has about 40 GB of space on it15:57
semand in the past I have run out of space on my ubuntu partitions15:58
oerheksfor me it makes no sense, your bottleneck is still the slow hdd , that is if you split the partitions over both15:58
semso I am wondering how to install ubuntu across the 40 GB ssd partition and the larger ~800 gb of space I have on HDD, and hopefully use md to manage the reads/writes15:58
leftyfbsem: your speeds will be that of the 800GB spinner15:59
semwell wouldn't you speed up some things by having frequently-read files on the SSD15:59
leftyfbsem: put the OS on your SSD and mount the 800G on something like /home or wherever you're going to be taking up the most space15:59
semon my other system, I could manage my own data, but it was the Ubuntu system that outgrew the 10 GB partition I gave it16:00
semi am wondering how long 40 GB will last for the system16:01
semi know this is for debian but I am wondering if you can do the same think with md in ubuntu16:01
leftyfbsem:  it was last as long as you don't fill it up with your own files or applications. Logs should be rotated just fine16:01
semI feel like I'm over my head with the raid stuff. I think I will install to the SSD, and put /home, /var, and /tmp on the HDD to save space on the SSD16:04
leftyfbsrv: can we help you with something?16:07
semIf I wanted to try a few different versions of Ubuntu Live CDs from one USB drive, is there a way to do that?16:10
leftyfbsrv: please stop16:10
leftyfbsem: yes, though not something that is supported here. Also, define "versions". If you're referring to desktop environments like KDE vs Gnome, you can install both on the same installation and log into each of them separately16:11
semleftyfb, i've done that before and it gets messy. Basically I want to try the LTS and the current release, and see if the hardware supports both16:11
semwould you still use multiboot for the USB (I think it was called that 10 years ago) or is there a new way16:12
srvleftyfb i was cleaning my keyboard i didnt even realize that i as flooding the channel16:12
lotuspsychjesem: try the not officially supported tool 'ventoy' for linux16:13
leftyfbsem: you can ask for 3rd party software recommendations in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss. There's lots of tutorials online to build your own multiboot usb16:13
wonderinghey guys, i've got a weird question. how can i boot into a partition (the "main" one that has the /home/ folders and stuff) if i deleted the efi/boot partition? (i dont have it anymore)16:13
oerhekswondering, i guess the answer is no ?16:15
leftyfbwondering: you'll want to rebuild that partition16:15
wonderingleftyfb: how do i do that? also will it get rid of any files or stuff?16:16
leftyfbwondering: what version of ubuntu?16:16
wonderingleftyfb: i dont remember exactly as it's on an external hard drive i've bad for the past 2 years, but it's fairly recent16:17
wonderingi needed to clear out my laptop so i just copied the partition with gparted onto an external hard drive16:17
wonderingand it's been there since then16:18
leftyfbwondering: how/why did you delete the EFI partition?16:18
wonderingleftyfb: i was dual booting windows and ubuntu on my laptop a couple years ago, and i accumulated some files on both of them. i had to fresh install windows but i didn't want to lose my files, so i copied the windows C partition and the main ubuntu partition using gparted to an externak hard drive, i didn't know back then that i should've also16:20
wonderingcopied the efi partition16:20
leftyfbwondering: yeah, bit of a mess you've got there. I can tell you, you are much better off just installing from scratch and restoring your files from backup16:21
wonderingleftyfb: will that restore my browser bookmarks and stuff? do you think i can use a vm of some sort instead of reinstalling and restoring?16:23
leaftypewondering: depends on how you backup. browser bookmarks IIRC, are kept in your home folder for all the big browsers, so if you copy that over you should have all your stuff except any programs you installed16:24
leaftypeI've used the backup program in ubuntu (deja dup), and it restores all my browser settings just fine16:25
wonderingleaftype: oh i see16:25
wonderingthanks leftyfb and leaftype, i appreciate the help16:26
leaftypegood luck!16:26
tomathyhi, my computer is going into a hibernate/logoff mode after like 10 minutes, yet in the power settings it's set as an hour16:33
tomathyanyone know why?16:34
tomathyi'm using linux mint16:34
tomathyit's annoying because it means hexchat closes16:34
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tomathyany way to make hexchat stay up even if logged off?16:35
Maiktomathy: linux mint isn't supported here16:36
tomathyisn't mint just ubuntu?16:36
Maikgo to their channel over at Spotchat16:36
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)16:36
Maiktomathy: and as the cannel topic says: "#ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 18.04, 20.04, 21.04, 21.10 | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here."16:38
leftyfbtomathy: linux mint is based on parts of Ubuntu and Debian along with lots of customizations. It is not Ubuntu16:40
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Gallomimiavidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000100] Failed to grab modeset ownership17:48
Gallomimiawas looking at this error in my dmesg last night with help from eyes of lotuspsychje. threads i can find on the subject are very non-specific as to the cause or solution.17:48
Gallomimiahm. some people say an update to kernel 5.14 is needed. others say only adding a kernel option fixes. anyone who knows anything about this issue would be nice to hear comments17:53
Gallomimiain other news, i seem to have confused the grub options for command line linux (default) which is where i should be adding things?17:55
GallomimiaGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"17:55
GallomimiaGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="amd_iommu=on iommu=pt"17:55
Gallomimiaand now a reboot17:57
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Gallomimiahmmm. the problem remains.18:37
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funabashiHi guys , can anyone be nice and help me with my apt-get install error, https://pastebin.com/WEQX66pV19:58
leftyfbfunabashi: ( cat /etc/os-release ; apt-cache policy bind9 ) | nc termbin.com 999920:02
leftyfb!eol | funabashi20:04
ubottufunabashi: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:04
leftyfbfunabashi: Ubuntu 17.10 went end of life over 5 years ago20:04
funabashileftyfb: ok but if i want to install bind9 on it, how can i solve it ?20:05
leftyfbfunabashi: you upgrade to a supported release20:05
Maikeither install 20.04 LTS or 21.10 interim release funabashi20:06
leftyfbfunabashi: if you don't plan on upgrading every 9 months, I would stick with an LTS release like 20.04. That will be supported for another 3+ years20:07
funabashibut i want it on my old system20:07
Maikfunabashi: it's EOL20:07
Maikwhich means not supported anymore and vulnerable20:07
funabashiI knwo its20:07
Maikwell then20:08
funabashithanks anyway20:08
Maikwe don't support EOL versions20:08
leftyfbfunabashi: you can't just install packages from different releases. Especially one like bind9 and especially on an EOL release20:08
funabashiI will install it on my system.20:10
Maikfunabashi: what you're going to install...?20:10
leftyfbfunabashi: please be aware that you will not be able to receive any support for your current installation of ubuntu in here or #ubuntu-server20:11
Maikfunabashi: as said you acn't install it20:11
funabashiits almost done20:11
oerheksweird, the repo is no longer available20:12
leftyfbfunabashi: when (not if) you make a complete mess of your unsupported install, we will be happy to help you with installing 20.0420:12
funabashiIts easy for you guys and say for all problems out there, "update system and then do .... done20:12
Maikgood luck with your EOL version then, don't ask for further support here20:12
leftyfbfunabashi: you are running a version that is completely unsupportable.20:13
Maikfor the third or fifth time....20:13
neorpheushello there, anyone have any experience getting windows games running under steam+proton? im trying to get an older world of warcraft client going to see if it performs any better in steam than just running it under wine but when i try to launch the game steam attempts to "chdir" to the game folder then nothing else happens and the "runnung" button in steam flashes right back to "launch", im at a20:13
funabashiWhy not help ppl with general Ubuntu issues?20:13
neorpheusloss and hoping yall might know what to do or where else to ask20:13
Maikfunabashi: can you read?20:14
leftyfbfunabashi: we do, but only for supported releases of ubuntu20:14
leftyfbfunabashi: *unsupportabled*20:14
funabashiwhy care if old or new system?20:14
leftyfbfunabashi: *unsupportabled*20:14
Maikfunabashi: as per channel topic: #ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 18.04, 20.04, 21.04, 21.1020:14
Maiknot strange at all20:15
JanCby saying that 17.10 can't work they are helping you20:15
Maikfunabashi: if you want support then install a newer Ubuntu version please that IS supported20:16
funabashiWell I have all possible versions you can imagine on my systems20:17
JanCjust upgrade to 18.04 first, that version is supported until 2023 (or even 2028 if you want)20:17
leftyfbfunabashi: good luck. Please do not ask for help with EOL releases going forward20:17
Maikyou're just poking fun aren't you funabashi20:17
Maikanyway, good luck with your unsupported, vulnerable, EOL system20:18
funabashileftyfb and Maik I'm not even allowed to discuss Ubuntu 22.0x in here?20:19
leftyfbubuntu+1 | funabashi20:19
webchat29hello I need help to fix a move/resize crashed operation with gparted from a live boot-repair disk20:19
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | funabashi20:19
ubottufunabashi: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.20:19
leftyfbfunabashi: there is a dedicated channel specifically for releases still under development20:19
oerheksso you have been here before, funabashi20:20
leftyfbfunabashi has been here since May of 2017. They should be well aware of everything being discussed here20:21
Maikleftyfb: i somehow couldn't take them serious... sorry20:21
* Maik is out20:22
oerhekswebchat29, resizing a crashed os on a partition?20:22
oerheksfix the crash first, theen boot a live iso, and use 'disks' graphical manager20:22
webchat29oerheks using gparted to resize move a windows 10 partition it took 9 hours but at 20' left to complete someone shutdown my computer20:24
Very_Confused_PeSo... where would you guys recommend I go if im new(-ish) to Linux and dont know what to do?20:24
Very_Confused_Pefunnily enough it also inolves gparted lol20:24
webchat29oerheks how to fix the moved filesystem?20:24
MaikVery_Confused_Pe: wrong channel to ask if it's not Ubuntu related20:24
Very_Confused_PeDoes Pop count?20:24
leftyfbwebchat29: you should go to #windows for help with recovering a Windows partition20:24
MaikVery_Confused_Pe: ^20:25
webchat29oerheks I can see partitions but not mount them20:25
leftyfbVery_Confused_Pe: we cannot support PopOS here, sorry20:25
webchat29leftyfb I used gparted to resize it20:25
Very_Confused_Peah, my bad. anyone know where I should go?20:25
Maik#linux maybe20:25
leftyfbwebchat29: try mounting the Windows partitions from a Windows machine. Running chkdsk on them and rebooting, TWICE. Then see if you can mount in Ubuntu20:25
oerheksif you cannotm ount them, resize will not work i guess20:26
oerheksc/cannot mount20:26
webchat29leftyfb I was using boot-repair because my pc had a dual boot windows 10 macbuntu20:26
leftyfbwebchat29: that said, any further help is with recovering Windows partitions, regardless of the tool you used to cause the issue20:26
leftyfbwebchat29: good luck20:27
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oerheksmacbuntu is notorious for heavy system changes, even it is a "theme"20:28
webchat29oerheks yeah I could not access macbuntu so I tried boot repair disk... which told me windows 10 EFI boot partition was too small then I tried to resize filesystem partition moving it to the right so I could grow it to  200MB but someone shutdown my computer 20' before the first step was complete... I came here for some advice before messing20:30
webchat29things making it worse20:30
Maikwebchat29: macbuntu does not exist as distro except as a theme20:31
Maikand even if macbuntu was a distro, it's not supported here20:31
webchat29Maik yeah that macbuntu I use. the theme20:31
oerhekswindows told you that? 250 mb would be enough for 10 operating systems20:31
oerheksmacbuntu with the compiz plugin, so old..20:32
webchat29oerheks Boot repair told me20:32
leftyfbwebchat29: can you access the linux partitions?20:32
Maikwebchat29: what ubuntu version?20:32
oerheksi think windows saying that you have a virus, that needs nmore20:32
webchat29leftyfb only from a live cd or usb20:32
leftyfbwebchat29: ok, can you boot the system to Ubuntu?20:33
Maikwebchat29: then say Ubuntu 20.04 instead of Macbuntu ;)20:33
webchat29leftyfb yeah20:33
webchat29Ubuntu 20.0420:33
webchat29leftyfb but I would need to fix the grub first...again20:34
leftyfbwebchat29: ok. At this point, there is no problem with Ubuntu. You do not have an Ubuntu support question. Your issue is with a Windows partition/installation. Regardless of which tool you used that caused the issue. You need to go to #windows or contact Microsoft for help recovering your Windows partition20:34
webchat29leftyfb anyway it wasn't working properly... I couldn't use apt install not update20:35
leftyfbwebchat29: ok, then boot to Ubuntu 20.04 and we can help you with that20:35
webchat29leftyfb but I used gparted to crash it20:35
leftyfbwebchat29: that does not make it an Ubuntu problem20:35
webchat29leftyfb gparted comes with ubuntu20:36
leftyfbwebchat29: you do not contact Wilson if you throw one of their baseballs through a Window and need help repairing the broken Window20:36
Maikwebchat29:  "gparted comes with ubuntu" it does not afaik20:36
SantaCoz_as I recall gparted was not necessary for dual boot,20:37
Maikat least not by default20:37
leftyfbwebchat29: freel free to inform #windows or Microsoft that you used gparted to initiate the partition modifications, but it is still not a problem with Ubuntu or gparted20:37
leftyfbMaik: it is part of the live iso20:37
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webchat29hey I was trying to find out whether there were any way to revert the uncompleted move resize operation or even finish it20:38
leftyfbwebchat29: there is not20:38
SantaCoz_webchat29, can you reinstall windows and then run the ubuntu live iso?20:38
SantaCoz_webchat29, win11?20:38
leftyfbwebchat29: you will need to seek support with recovering your Windows partition from #windows or by contacting Microsoft20:38
webchat29ok thanks20:38
leftyfbSantaCoz_: please take it to #windows to discuss further20:38
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SantaCoz_leftyfb, I asked a question not a support option20:39
SantaCoz_be back20:40
tharkunGood $DAY in order to run a program on the current LTS I need python3-psutils version 5.7 but the one available is 5.5 How can I solve this isue?20:43
oerheksit still is  python-psutils20:45
oerheks5.7 is depreciated, 5.8 is in the next version https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-psutil20:46
oerheksyou should have the latest bugfixes though20:46
neorpheusis it possible to rename or alias a command? if i wanted to make it so typing "chdir" into a terminal acted like i had typed "cd" is there a way to do that n 20.04?20:46
tharkunoerheks: Ok so let it be 5.8 what is the procedure to make it run on Ubuntu LTS?20:46
oerhekstharkun, not. i think it will not be backported?20:47
leftyfbneorpheus: yes https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-create-bash-aliases/20:47
oerheksLTS will not get newer features, just bugreports.20:47
oerheksand fixes20:47
tharkunoerheks: Ok, good enough for me. Let me tinker around for a different solution. Thanks for your time and effort.20:48
oerhekshave fun!20:48
ph88^hey guys ! I swapped my motherboard, now grub is not loading anymore. I am able to boot ubuntu 20.04 from a usb drive. how can i repair the boot from my SSD ?20:49
oerheksph88^, is your 'old' install MBR, and is your new mobo using UEFI ?20:51
oerhekscheck if you can disable UEFI in the bios..20:51
ph88^ok thanks oerheks i'll go check those things20:52
neorpheuswell setting "alias chdir="cd"" now makes the "play" button spend more time in the "launching" state before reverting to "play" but still outputs the same to terminal and still does not suceed in launching the game20:52
neorpheusid just like to say that i understand that this is not strictly an ubuntu issue and i appreciate any help or redirection yall may be able to offer20:53
leftyfbneorpheus: "play" button? What exactly are you referring to and how does this relate to creating a bash alias?20:53
leftyfbneorpheus: ah, you're referring to shoe-horning a Windows game onto Ubuntu. Please /join #winehq for support20:56
neorpheusleftyfb: i am trying to get world of warcraft running under steam+proton. i didnt know where else to turn as there does not appear to be a Warcraft, Steam, or Proton help channel here. I have tried following a few guide ive found online for adding the game to steam but as none of them have worked (including several specific to 20.04) i am here thinking maybe there is something wrong with my ubuntu20:56
neorpheusinstall that is preventing these guides from working for me20:56
neorpheusthe issue i was trying to address with the alias is that with steam launched from terminal, when trying to launch the game i get a terminal output of "chdir /home/neorpheus/storage/NewDir/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft 5.4.8/", chdir is not a command my system recognizes but i asssume is equivelent to "cd"20:58
leftyfbneorpheus: Please /join #winehq for support with running Windows games on Ubuntu20:58
neorpheusleftyfb: i mean thats good and all but #winehq has nothing to do with steam or proton. im specifically trying to move away from wine as it give absolutely craptastic framerates in several games20:59
leftyfbneorpheus: ok, then you'll have to contact Steam or Proton for support. This isn't an Ubuntu issue21:00
neorpheuslol and yall wonder why linux cant get a worthwhile foothold in the pc market. "thats not our problem, talk to a wall" is a great way to build brand loyalty. maybe i should just go back to talking to microsoft, at least its a given that htat community wont help21:03
oerhekstry "chdir /home/neorpheus/storage/NewDir/Program\Files\(x86)/World\of\Warcraft\5.4.8/"21:04
oerheksthe fool that invented spaces in filenames and folders...21:05
neorpheusoerheks: no dice, with that change i now do not get a line output to terminal and i cant tell if the "play" button is flashing to "launchng" or if its just happening to quickly to notice21:09
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AavarMy lxc VM is running out of space. How can I enlarge it?22:08
leftyfbAavar: you might be best served asking in #lxc. Though typing "lxc increase disk size" into google brings up https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/resize-containers-volume/4853 as the first result with what looks like the exact answer you're looking for22:19
Aavarleftyfb: THank you. That answer is for containers and not VMs, but thank you :) I will ask in #lxc22:22
jhutchinsAavar: Your easiest option is probably to build a new one and transfer data/software.22:58
RumenHi there23:00
RumenI got strange problem and can't localize it. Can I get some help?23:00
RumenSuddenly the audio start interupt - I changed the audio card and there was the same problem.23:01
RumenI made short clip with my phone it is here http://zapryanov.faith/cloud/index.php/s/gLJzMWKYPGwLtZ823:02
jhutchinsRumen: Could it be a bad source?23:02
jhutchinsRumen: What is the source, and where does it play correctly?23:02
RumenAll online audio23:02
jhutchinsRumen: What browser are you using?23:03
Rumenall browsers checked - Chromium, Brave, Firefox, Cliqz, Chrome and Yandex23:03
Rumenin dmesg got that :  usb usb1-port2: over-current condition23:04
Rumenbut I changed with other port and card and got same interuption23:05
jhutchinsSorry, where does USB come into this?  Are you using multiple USB sound cards?23:06
Rumennow start to interupt also with the local audio files23:06
Rumenno I use one, but tought the problem is with the audio and changed with other card and got same problem23:07
Rumenso with 2 different cards same problem - means it is not in the card23:08
jhutchinsThat's what I meant.23:08
jhutchinsNo audio on the motherboard?23:08
Rumenthere is but the plug is broken and I use USB external audio card23:09
jhutchinsRumen: Is this something new?  Did it work properly before?23:10
oerheksreset your router, for weird hickups?23:10
RumenRouter was restarted few times23:10
jhutchinsRumen: If it was OK before, the obvious question is 'what changed'?23:11
RumenCan't get is that power problem or audio .... hardware or software23:11
jhutchinsNot power.23:12
RumenI can't say when exactly appeared but nothing changed .... few programs installed but can't get if any of them caused23:12
jhutchinsWhat is the exact actual message in dmesg?23:13
RumenNo idea what exactly to searck as problem there - here is the whole https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JFN6Dd755H/23:15
sarnoldRumen: I don't know what problem you're trying to solve but I see both vbox modules and nouveau in there; I'm not sure that combination plays well together. try not loading the vbox modules and seeing how things go?23:18
mojtabaHello, does anybody know how can I add an app indicator in Gnome top bar? (basically I want to add that indicator based on the existence of a background process.)23:18
leftyfbmojtaba: https://extensions.gnome.org/23:19
jhutchinsRumen: Are you running this in a VM?  Are you running a VM at the same time?23:22
RumenNO not as VM - normal intalation23:23
RumenVm I don't use at all - have it install, but not running23:23
RumenVBox does not run as well.23:23
Rumenhttps://i.imgur.com/Fg5SZdK.png  No vbox running23:25
RumenIt is installed, but not running at mom23:25
oerheksi see espeak running?23:27
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RumenI don't see it as running no idea what is espeak23:30
Rumencan I purge it? Or it is a OS system file?23:30
oerhekssd_espeaking .. looks like you have something running that is using your soundcard too23:30
Rumenidea how to remove that?23:30
Rumensudo apt purge espeak?23:31
oerhekswhat linux version is this?23:31
RumenLinux ucc-Precision-WorkStation-T5400 5.11.0-44-generic #48~20.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 14 15:36:44 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:33
RumenUIbuntu 20.04 LTS23:34
oerheksPressing Alt Super S will disable or enable speech dispatcher.23:35
oerheksthen try again your livestream23:35
ash_worksiwhy, regardling `less`, doesn't -S work properly when you use it with -r ?23:36
RumenI have try Alt Super S - but interuption still exists23:39
jhutchinsShould be able to stop/disable espeak23:41
Rumenhow to see if it is disabled?23:44
RumenThere is no any indication23:44
RumenI have just purged the espeak23:48
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Rumenbut the problem remains23:54
oerheksno clue then .. must be the livestream, or too many users on your router23:55
Rumenno other users on my rooter for sure especially at that time 01:5823:59
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Rumenand also from local HDD file interupt as well23:59
ash_worksiwhy, regardling `less`, doesn't -S work properly when you use it with -r ?23:59
RumenUfff may fresh install of the whole Linux will fix the issue?23:59

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