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beastofburdengood morning! how come when I try to remove lightdm with apt it also marks xubuntu-core for removal as well? is there a way to remove lightdm without removing the xubuntu-core package?14:48
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gnrpbeastofburden: xubuntu-core is a meta package that includes everything that is Xubuntu16:12
gnrpyou can remove it however, the description even says so16:13
beastofburdengnrp thank you for that information. I was not sure if it included any vital packages in xubuntu-core. thanks for clarifying!16:18
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Letterusinstalled xubuntu these days and I'm just amazed how fast and polished it is18:47
Letterusvery nice18:47
gnrpLetterus: Hehe, congrats!18:50
Letteruslike, I mean, I played through the Linux desktop game the last two days. I got them all and now landed at Xfce. Looks as if I may stay ;)18:52
Letterus*two years18:52
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