aRustyDevAnyone have an idea why when I try to autoinstall with cloud-init it downloads the user-data file, but its always empty?05:23
flyhowdy, y'all. I am wondering, how much of a dreadful mistake would be to diy parsing cloud-init data, or should I bite the bullet and use the python thingie?20:35
minimalfly: python thingie? you mean cloud-init?20:37
flyI know it's a weird question but I'm coming up with ideas on how to add python to our images that are all very contorted20:39
minimalwhat do you mean by "parsing cloud-init data"?20:39
minimalyou mean to use for boot-time configuration?20:39
flyyeah, I wonder how big is the spec to parse it myself20:39
minimalthere's more to cloud-init that just parsing YAML data20:40
minimalthere are alternative to cloud-init written in various languages but none of them has the full feature set/functionality of cloud-init20:40
minimalyou didn't comment on my previous msgs20:49
minimalso you are looking to write yet another cloud-init alternative?20:49
flyI was looking for reasons not to write one20:49
flyI am also wondering how well python cloud-init would work on my niche system that is supposedly supported20:50
minimalas I said there are multiple alternatives, each with limitations20:50
minimalniche? custom OS?20:50
flyyeah it's netbsd20:50
minimalNetBSD is support by cloud-init AFAIK20:50
minimalalong with FreeBSD and (I think) DragonBSD20:51
flymy grand idea is to maybe have netbsd itself ship images that do cloud-init by default, but it's not super straightforward to make it a solution people would be happy with, lots of technical debt, I'm trying to consider other options :-)20:55
flyand I'm a bit of a perfectionist20:56
flyand wondering how well it'd all work in the end as I'm not sure anyone has been using cloud-init on netbsd20:56
minimalNetBSD is listed as supported: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/availability.html20:57
minimalso obviously as NetBSD stuff has been added to cloud-init in the past that implies there are people who use/have used it20:58
minimalas for NetBSD images with cloud-init build in, I am the Alpine Linux package maintainer for cloud-init and I have written a shell script to generate disk images with cloud-init enabled20:59
flyI guess the one thing I encoutnered with cloud-init was already resolved20:59
minimalso I'm aware of what's involved to get c-i integrated with an OS21:00

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