Bashing-omJeremy31: 35F presently - nice warm up - going cold tonight though- 16F. 00:00
Jeremy31Have below 0F windchill now, supposed to be above freezing on Sunday00:02
Bashing-omJeremy31: Come on sunshine !00:04
Bashing-omJeremy31: You are in N Carolina ?00:04
Jeremy31SW WI00:04
Bashing-omYeah ! Gets cold up there :( Says a warm blooded Southern Boy :P00:06
Jeremy31Bashing-om: Nebraska?00:06
Jeremy31Arkansas, who is from Nebraska that I remember?  Urock?00:07
Bashing-omJeremy31: Ozark mountains in Arkansas.00:07
Jeremy31Even the mountains in Hawaii get snow00:10
Bashing-omUrock: seem to recall was in Las Vagas - moved to Montanna ?00:15
daftykinsto grow a crop o' dental floss00:58
lotuspsychjegood morning03:13
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lotuspsychjeafternoon gry 11:48
gryhello lotuspsychje11:48

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