jamearepositories anyone have the official?00:53
tomreynjamea: you do, in /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/sources.list00:54
tomreynwell, that's not exactly the (one and only) 'official', but it should help you recover them00:55
tomreynwhen asking questions here, it's always good to also tell us which ubuntu release you are running00:56
tomreynrunning    lsb_release -ds    in a terminal window should tell00:57
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liveacousticis there a working gnome extension similar to Dash to Panel? I'm in 20.04 and the latest version for Dash to Panel (for gnome-shell 3.36) doesn't work properly01:02
tomreynthe  *latest* isn't always the right, you'll need the latest one for the very gnome minor version you have01:06
jameatomreyn yes i need configure...01:10
jameawich recommend me?01:10
tomreynjamea: i can't make a recommendation on a gnome extension there.01:21
tomreyntomreyn: sorry, i mixed you up with liveacoustic there.01:23
liveacousticthanks all good now01:28
nudgehi could someone help me understand this https://pastebin.com/2HT5iYUw01:29
sarnoldnudge: you may enjoy this book https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Programming_in_the_Unix_Environment01:31
sarnoldnudge: in the meantime, try using 'strace' on different tools to see what they're doing: strace ls, strace mv foo bar, etc01:31
nudgethank you very interesting re strace =)01:32
nudgeand i will def read the book01:32
sarnoldnudge: oh yes! https://www.brendangregg.com/overview.html  everything this dude writes is amazing. there's months of reading available here, and in his books..01:33
sarnoldnudge: some of it is liable to be too much if you're lacking the background that the APUE book could provide; but be sure to check this out sometime.01:34
nudgei will, very stoked for the reading material cheers =)01:35
nudgetypo *I will check it out01:35
sarnoldhello plugner02:09
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herschelhm, not _exactly_ a question specific to ubuntu but applies: a program I use only distributes .Appimage packages03:48
herschelit seems like, it's not possible to install these in a way that the rest of ubuntu will actually "respect" it as a normal program03:49
herschelis this right? what can I do about this?03:50
sarnoldyeah, I think the idea behind appimage is that you *can't* install them, you just download them, set them executable, and then run that03:50
herschelso what, just leave it on my desktop and be annoyed every time I have to run it?03:50
sarnoldor stuff it in a ~/bin directory or whatever03:51
herschelwell so even if I stick it somewhere in path, it won't like "stick" to the dock in the default DE (that's gnome again? used to be something else?)03:52
herschelso when it runs it has an icon and all that but still03:52
herscheland I can't run it from the uh, I don't know what it's called but the big "menu" space you get to when you hit super03:52
sarnolddoes gnome let you right-click and pin that icon to the dock or something?03:53
sarnolddang :(03:53
sarnoldit might be worth searching for the application name and ".desktop", it's possible someone else has written a reasonable .desktop file you can steal03:54
sarnoldit would probably require editing to fix the path to wherever yours lives03:55
herscheljust for reference03:55
herschelthis seems really quite silly03:55
sarnoldoh cool, thanks :)03:55
sarnoldplaying with logseq is on my todo list for this weekend03:55
herschelit's pretty good03:55
aRustyDevAnyone have an idea why when I try to autoinstall with cloud-init it downloads the user-data file, but its always empty?03:55
herschelbut it's like, somewhat buggy03:55
herschellike it's better than obsidian for what I narrowly want, but it's kind of annoying all round?03:56
sarnoldaRustyDev: I *think* it requires a specific comment in the first line of the userdata file to read it at all, does that sound right? do you have that?03:56
auki'm pretty sure there's a way to get appimages integrated with DE03:56
sarnoldherschel: oh. dang :( I'm sad to hear that.. my ~/.notes file is 2k lines and not working great any more, heh03:56
aRustyDevlike the first line of the YAML needs to be user-data?03:57
sarnoldherschel: obsidian sounded great until I read the license.. sigh03:57
herschel"annoying" meaning, "not absolutely spotless"03:57
sarnoldaRustyDev: yeah03:57
herschelit's still pretty nice03:57
herschelsarnold, wait, so you don't want to use obsidian because they use mit license??03:57
sarnoldherschel: eh? I thought obsidian was closed-source stuff, "free to use for non-commercial but if you put anything in your job in it, PAY UP"03:58
sarnoldwhich, like, their work, they can do what they want :) but .. meh03:58
herschelnot to my knowledge!03:58
aukherschel, appimaged (d for daemon iirc)03:58
herscheloh interesting03:58
herschelwell this is very confusing looking at their page.03:58
herschelwow that's whack03:59
herschelI mean that's actually interesting03:59
sarnoldauk: oh nice03:59
herschelauk, yeah thanks, looking at it now04:00
herschelauk, the fact that we need an extra daemon to manage a new package format is absolutely bonkers04:00
sarnoldcute, it looks like the "traditional" appimaged is deprecated and in an archived repository, and the new one is marked experimental :(04:01
aukyeah... i assume whatever is packaged in ubuntu will just work tho?04:01
herschelthere is none in the repo04:01
sarnoldauk: I didn't find an appimaged in focal, anyway04:01
sarnold $ locate appimaged04:02
herschelalso, it looks like they distribute... more appimages???04:02
herschelwhich, what even???04:02
aukyeah it might come in the standard appimage pkg04:02
sarnoldthose two files are the only two out of a hundred million-ish source files from ubuntu that have 'appimaged' in the name :) heh04:02
aukherschel, as for the new pkg management thing... yeah it's definitely a pain that there's flatpak and snap and appimage all at the same time. But tbh i'm glad to have this new type of contained pkg04:04
herschelwell no, the idea of a contained package with no dependencies is good04:04
herschelwe have space and memory for it, etc etc04:04
herschelbut it should... install!!!04:04
sarnold"install" was the thing the appimage author didn't like :)04:05
sarnoldlol :)04:06
herschellook I might just freaking put the appimage on my desktop04:06
herscheland be done with it04:06
aukhey why not lol04:06
herschelwell it's ugly04:07
aRustyDev@sarnold that doesn't seem to have made a difference. Any idea how to try do deeper debugging?04:07
herscheland means I have to use my mouse every time I want to run it04:07
sarnoldaRustyDev: dang :( next guess, yaml is way too picky about whitespace -- maybe try reading it via another tool and see if it parses as yaml?04:08
aRustyDevsarnold: hmmm :( ok I'll try that next04:09
herschelhm well this is all variously annoying04:16
auki mean i don't remember whether it was on fedora or debian but I think last time i wanted appimaged, it was readily available from distro repos04:17
herschelthanks for your help, ppl who helped I suppose04:17
sarnoldI was actually kinda glad to see an appimage for logseq, since I assumed it would make it easy to apparmor profile the thing04:18
aukoh, maybe you run: ./appimaged-x86_64.AppImage --install04:19
aukisolation/permissions is what i'm most excited about for containerized apps04:20
aukmeaningful permissions/sandboxing would be a huge deal for linux imho04:20
guzzlefryHow do I permanently disable power saving mode on my wifi card?06:22
lotuspsychjeguzzlefry: normaly gnome systemsettings have a switch for that06:25
lotuspsychjeguzzlefry: alternately you can search in dconf-editor for the tweak value06:25
guzzlefryokay thanks, should I mess with txpower at all?06:28
VIAhi all! can someone help with ALSA settings? i mustv clicked something wrong, now my 3 standard HW devices arent displayed/working anymore06:55
AirborneHey everyone, I'm trying to set up an hdd on ubunutu server 20.04. I've followed various guides and forum post on formatting and mounting the drive and adding it to fstab without success. Anyone able to help me trouble shoot my issue(s)?07:03
lotuspsychje!fstab | Airborne07:03
ubottuAirborne: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions07:03
lotuspsychjesee also #ubuntu-server Airborne07:04
Airborneok I'll check there thanks.07:04
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alkisgAirborne: what's your fstab like (pastebin it), and what's the error message you're getting?07:23
Airbornealkisg sorry I missed your message. Here is fstab https://zerobin.net/?8f6514f0b72581e1#MROGBNBC5tDKPCfTrD3tg720TfxkJbAckVbczddN1lc= /dev/sda1 is what I'm having problems with here's some additional info https://zerobin.net/?bc7754da94715163#H4lx4PlOvTWKajdETBYEV9ov1HvivJIkj+F7eOXz0X0=08:02
alkisgAirborne: I don't see an error message there08:03
Airbornethe error is that things written to the mount point /media/Storage are actually written to /dev/sdb08:09
alkisgAirborne: can you pastebin your /proc/mounts ?08:10
Airbornealkisg I don't have any actual error messages08:10
alkisgAirborne: run `sudo mount /dev/sda1` and paste the output of the terminal (if there are any errors there) and of `dmesg | tail`08:13
RibbyHi guys, I have a question regarding installation with prefix as custom installation directory path.08:14
Ribbyhere's the reference material08:14
Airborneno errors from sudo mount. heres dmesg https://zerobin.net/?6f9d0b917414f774#6kheBXJ8FCO2fkkM8v7EskyPqsVBbiAnNmS9jQVuflQ=08:15
alkisgAirborne: "no space left on device" is a serious issue08:16
alkisgRun `df -h`, see which has 100% usage, and free some space there08:16
alkisgAlso, check if /media/Storage is now mounted08:16
Airborneyes that was dev sdb i have since deleted files that were written to that drive when writing to /media/Storage08:16
Ribby./configure --prefix=/usr as resolving dependencies issues, but can the installation still work nevertheless?08:17
Ribby./configure --prefix=/usr as resolving dependencies issues, but can the uninstallation still work nevertheless?08:18
alkisgAirborne: try to reboot, after "no space left" some processes might have aborted all writes08:18
Airborneok the device is showing in df -h08:25
lotuspsychjeRibby: we usualy focus on ubuntu support issues here, more then compiling, usualy volunteers reccomend to use packages from the ubuntu repos instead08:27
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Ribbyso who got the know-how about this kind of things?08:34
lotuspsychjeRibby: maybe #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-app-devel08:42
RibbyAlright, np08:42
oscurochuwhere does apt-get and the software store put the tarballs?08:47
oscurochuand why aren't they cleanud up automatically?08:49
Ravageoscurochu: /var/cache/apt/archives/, "apt install" cleans it. apt-get does not. to clear the cache use "apt clean"09:26
Ravageyou can change that behavior by adding "APT::Keep-Downloaded-Packages "false";" to /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99custom-conf09:30
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ammirHello everybody.11:32
gryhello ammir11:46
neureIs someone familiar how gnome desktop top right corner menu is themed?12:02
toxic0Hello everyone12:06
lotuspsychjeneure: the indicator section is part of gnome panel, wich will go along with the theme you chosen12:07
lotuspsychjewelcome toxic012:07
neurelotuspsychje, I have chosen dark theme yet when I click time for example it opens white background12:10
neurewhite background also shows up when clicking on top right corner12:10
lotuspsychjecan you screenshot that neure12:10
neurelotuspsychje, https://imgur.com/4nbcgaC12:16
neureI'd like to know how to change that white background style to dark style12:17
lotuspsychjeah the notification area, wich theme are you on and wich ubuntu release neure ?12:17
neureSettings / Appearance / Window colors is Dark12:17
lotuspsychjeneure: i'm on yaru-dark (22.04 devel) and mine is dark as the theme here12:18
neureI am afraid I am stuck to 20.0412:18
lotuspsychjethats no problem, wich theme did you pick?12:18
neureHow do I `pick` a theme?12:19
lotuspsychjeneure: you said you 'chosen' a theme, so what theme name is it?12:19
neureIn Settings / Appearance there is Window colors12:20
neureI have set it to dark12:20
neureIs there some other / better way to select a theme?12:20
neurebrb, I need to logout and login again12:21
lotuspsychjeneure: those settings are not really a theme but just a light/dark windows setting12:21
PeGaSuShello guys. stupid question of the day: I have Windows 10, Xubuntu and Linux Lite installed in my drive (dual boot). if I delete the partition with Linux Lite and then expand the partition that has Xubuntu on it, all will still work, right?12:21
PeGaSuSI'll probably need to run `grub-install /dev/sda && update-grub` afterwards in Xubuntu?12:22
neureyeah so is there some other / better way to apply a different theme?12:23
lotuspsychjeneure: those settings are not really a theme but just a light/dark windows setting12:24
lotuspsychjeneure: and yes, try gnome-tweaks to change themes12:24
lotuspsychjeyaru-dark should make the notify area dark12:25
neurestill white https://imgur.com/utyaeUz12:27
lotuspsychjeneure: with your window colors dark too?12:29
neureI think I found something12:29
lotuspsychjelemme try that on a 20.04 box of mine holdon12:30
lotuspsychjeneure: yes, you are right, on 20.04 is keeps white even on black windows/themes12:32
lotuspsychjebut seems like thats a fixed bug on 22.04 here12:32
lotuspsychjeneure:yes, you are right, on 20.04 is keeps white even on black windows/themes12:36
lotuspsychjeneure: on 22.04 however it seems fixed, maybe 21.10 aswell, someone would need to check12:37
neureI am hopeful that the link I pasted has a fix12:37
neureApparently I need to install gnome shell extension and do stuff12:37
neureBut even when I've enabled user themes< I still cannot set theme for shell12:38
lotuspsychjeneure: pretty sure its a known bug already12:38
neureI try to logout and login, again..12:38
neurethat fixed it!12:40
neureMy next challenge is to figure out how to find a working theme for Beyond Compare 412:42
neureIt uses Qt4, and I cloud install kde-plasma-desktop and system settings would provide way to edit qt theme12:43
neurebut unfortunately that messes up my gnome desktop in other ways and it cannot be undone12:43
jameahi all started a virtual Machine Proxmox... with manjaro(live cd), how to check in my Network any shared resources?12:55
atraoreHello everyone! In Arch I can add a user to "uucp" group to allow him use serial ports. However, it seems like there is no such group in Kubuntu. How can I allow someone to use serial connections (/dev/tty*)?13:07
atraoreNevermind, there is "uucp" group.13:10
BluesKaj'morning folks13:41
b247_euhello, looking for assistance for setting pulseaudio and rygel modules for audio upnp (send audio fom my laptop to a dlna/upnp receiver/client)14:34
BluesKajinstall the pulseaudio-dlna package14:43
b247_eupulseaudio-dlna not working, cannot detect pulseaudio (using pipewire-pulse), rygel is what i am looking for, it works for media, eg pictures but only audio is what i am looking for. thanks anyway for the suggestion14:47
VIAare there ubuntu desktop-enviroment specic channels ?14:52
coconutVIA, try /msg alis list ubuntu14:53
fsgis it possible to have multiple netplan config files for the same interface?14:53
coconutVIA, #xubuntu #ubuntu-mate for example14:54
VIAthx coconut15:03
Aa155Hi folks. I'm looking for a bit of a help with scripts. I wish to start a bash script/command after boot, after net comes up. I've tried both cron (with sleep) and systemd .service files, but neither worked. Systemd says status is 0, so it "ran", but the mount is not done. If I run the script by hand, it works great. It's a simple script that mounts up an sshfs mount. Any ideas? :/ (Fstab solution/approach does not really work because I need16:47
Aa155user/pass to mount it and I want to learn how to fix this..)16:47
leftyfbAa155: you should add logging to the script so you can see what's going on while it's running, preferably from systemd16:49
Aa155Hmm. That's a good idea. Do I just touch a file / echo into a file for example? I've tried both just putting the ".sh" into ExecStart, and I've also tried to put like "bash -c 'blah blah'" there.16:49
leftyfbAa155: if you just echo it in the script, you use journalctl to watch your service16:50
leftyfbAa155: also https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/NetworkTarget/16:50
Aa155hmm there is also > /dev/kmsg , or is that a silly approach @leftyfb ?16:50
leftyfbAa155: use journalctl and your service file16:51
Marmotteleftyfb: for mounts, I's suggest to use a .mount unit instead of .service16:51
leftyfbMarmotte: oh right, forgot about those. That's a better idea16:51
Aa155I've tried autofs and mounts but unfortunately sshfs does not support mounting via user/pass like that. This has to be specifically "from_stdin" option and with an echo to pass the password.16:52
Marmottehm... don't know about user/pass, I always use SSH keys for my auto mounts using sshfs16:52
leftyfbAa155: don't use passwords, use ssh key pairs16:52
Aa155can't do sir, it's how the provider provides the service. :/16:53
leftyfbAa155: if you're running ubuntu, you can.16:53
Aa155well I can't modify the end point16:53
Aa155it's simply a remote storage you can mount up/reach via ssh, ftp and that's about it16:53
leftyfbI hope this isn't over the internet16:54
Marmottein case it can help, here is an anonymized mount unit I use for sshfs : https://pastebin.com/ftwgyUr216:54
Aa155aaanyhow. the point is, how do you execute a bash script via systemd so that it actually runs properly. I'll try the logging now, see if it actually runs...16:55
Aa155thank you Marmotte16:55
Aa155also sorry for sounding like I'm trying to be a pain; it is honestly not my goal and I really appreciate you guys helping16:55
Marmotte(in reality, I use it with "StopWhenUnneeded=true" combined to "RequiresMountsFor=/path" on another unig, so that the remote folder is mounted only when needed, not always16:56
Marmotteanother unit*16:56
kinghatwhen i create an alias i dont see it added to .bashrc, .profile or is a .bash_aliases file created. it seem to get registered in the current shell but its gone in a new shell πŸ€”17:55
mybalzitchalias blah blahblah isn't permanent, and doesn't get added to those files17:57
mybalzitchif you want it to be permanent, edit your .bashrc, then log in again or 'source .bashrc'17:57
taholmes160HI folks, Trying to get RDP connected to my ubuntu computer -- -when it comes up its not the gnome screen, what do I need to change to get that?18:54
jhutchinstaholmes160: What screen is it?18:56
jhutchinstaholmes160: Which RDP server are you using?  How did you configure it?18:56
taholmes160xrdp -- i havent configured anything yet18:56
taholmes160its a blank back screen with the mouse pointer18:57
jhutchinsSigh.  Need to work on the bot vocabulary.18:57
jhutchinstaholmes160: Not a cursor?18:57
jhutchinstaholmes160: Does right-click do anything?18:57
oerheksdisable encryption  often helpd18:59
oerheksor a proper cert, 1st post jhutchins18:59
taholmes160Got it -- thanks -- turns out you have to log out of the local x display -- xrdp can only handle one at a time19:07
jhutchinstaholmes160: That _should_ be configurable, but it's often hard to find the options.19:09
jhutchinsI believe the RDP protocol specifies shared, single session, and multisession, but I don't know if all clients/servers support all three.19:11
taholmes160its no problem -- i'll only be using it one or the other --19:11
taholmes160do you guys have a good reference for sharing files back and forth between ubuntu and windows 1019:11
jhutchinstaholmes160: Are you talking about sharing between two (or more) live systems, or something like a dual boot with shared storage?19:12
lotuspsychjeand local or remote?19:12
taholmes160between 2 physically separate systems -- both on the same internal network, both on the same (gig) switch19:13
jhutchinstaholmes160: Samba.19:13
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/samba-introduction19:13
jhutchinstaholmes160: It's fairly common to join a Linux pc to a Windows network, or to host either a file library or an entire Windows network on a Linux server.19:16
jhutchinshttps://www.tecmint.com/install-xrdp-on-ubuntu/Peer-to-peer is pretty easy.19:16
taholmes160All I want to do is make use of some storage space on the ubuntu box19:16
jhutchins(Excuse the pastebuffer.)19:17
taholmes160no worries19:17
lotuspsychjetaholmes160: a file server could also be an idea19:22
lotuspsychjetaholmes160: like sftp or something19:22
taholmes160true -- im running several things on it -- it will be running a Java app called JMRI (Java model railroad interface), a web app in a docker container, and storing files19:22
tomreyntaholmes160: samba will be easier for daily operation as you'll be able to just access it from the same grpahical file browser on windows. if you don't mind using a separate application for accessing the files on the ubuntu system and are looking for a faster way to set things up, or one without extra services on ubuntu (other than an ssh daemon), or a secure connection betwee the two systems, you could use sftp, with winscp on windows19:28
taholmes160Since Ive already got ssh up and running -- sftp might be a decent way to go19:29
taholmes160yep, that will work nicely19:37
rdrhmm `sudo apt purge \*gnome\* wanted to remove glibc....19:51
tomreynrdr: libc6 is an essential package, wouldn't be removed just like that. but it's indeed unclear why your system would want to remove it - this can suggest that you have dependency issues already.20:01
fannagogannaffmpeg 5 + Ubuntu = when? Ubuntu is on FFMpeg 4.4. FFMpeg 17 January 2022 announcement says, "We strongly recommend users, distributors, and system integrators to upgrade unless they use current git master." (https://www.ffmpeg.org/index.html#news)20:04
herschelso I installed node.js from the node website, I'm pretty sure from a .deb20:04
rdrfannagoganna: for 20.04? probably never.  But might be in 22.0420:04
rdrthems the breaks with a stable distributoin20:04
herschelthis was fine, node is working just fine, but when I try to install npm it complains that node is missing, but won't just install it automatically20:05
herschelI tried running apt-get remove nodejs and hten apt-get install nodejs20:05
herscheland... I guess it reinstalled the same package that apt's dependency stuff doesn't recognize?20:05
herschelI checked sources.list and I don't see node in there, so I don't know what's going on20:06
taholmes160ive got a java script that I would like to build a shortcut for so I can easilly launch it20:09
jhutchinsherschel: https://askubuntu.com/questions/767577/how-can-i-remove-gnome-desktop-environment-without-messing-unity-de-ubuntu-1620:09
taholmes160does someone have a tutorial for it?20:09
jhutchinstaholmes160: There are tons of results on google.20:10
taholmes160ok, was getting varied results -- so I wasnt sure if you guys had a prefered one20:10
jhutchinstaholmes160: The link above is pretty step-by-step.20:10
herscheljhutchins, ? why did you send htis to me?20:11
jhutchinstaholmes160: Sorry, crossed up the nicks here.20:11
jhutchinsherschel: Oops.20:11
herschelI see ok20:11
taholmes160whew -- ok, cuz I wasnt seeing a link20:11
jhutchinsherschel: You want to create a launcher that runs "/bin/bash <path to script>20:11
tomreynherschel: downloading .deb files from websites and installing them with dpkg or apt is insecure, unless they are signed, you verified their source and you trust that source. you should better use apt repositories and only those that you fully trust.20:12
herschelum is there something wrong with your keyboard?20:12
taholmes160ok - thanks20:13
herscheltomreyn, I mean, do you actually expect the node website is distributing unsafe packages?20:13
herschelin any case, I doubt that's the problem, unless you think literally the package was malware20:13
tomreynherschel: other than that, when you install a .deb package, then remove the package it provided, then install the package it provided, apt will be using what is available from its known repositories, not consider the deb file you had downloaded20:13
herscheland like, broke apt or something20:13
herscheltomreyn, right, that's what I would have thought, but, did you read my message?20:14
tomreynherschel: i di not mean to make a statement on the trustworthiness of the nodejs website, but to provide you with generic information which you can generally base your choices on.20:15
tomreynand to warn you about bad practices20:15
herschel<herschel> I checked sources.list and I don't see node in there, so I don't know what's going on20:16
herschelso this is the most confusing part20:17
tomreynubutnu provides "nodejs" packages20:17
jhutchinsherschel: Check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:17
tomreynapt policy <packagename>20:18
herscheloh interesting that's exactly what I needed20:18
herschelso, to clarify, it looks like: some .deb's come with instructions to write to a file that tells apt to prioritize their repo for certain package names20:19
herschelbut this is _separate_ from sources.list20:19
tomreyn.deb files do not provide an apt repository. they don't tell apt to do anything.20:21
herschelwell, where do the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ come from?20:22
tomreynapt is about where software is available from, how it can be upgraded. installing a .deb file does not change where apt gets files or updates to installed packages from (unless that .deb also includes configurations for apt - some softwares do that)20:23
tomreynthe files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ are placed there by you either directly, or by using tools to add third party repositories (or, sometimes, as discussed above, apt sources may be configured when you install a third party .deb)20:25
herschelI see20:26
herschelok, well thanks20:26
tomreynpersonally, i think it's bad practice that some software installs additional apt repositories / sources without even telling the user.20:26
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nemomarmoute: BTW. I'm busy arguing in #hedgewars as to whether a "marmoute" is basically a marmotte and thus hedgehog shaped ☺20:39
nemosorry wrong channel switching between tabs ☺20:40
jkordaniwho maintains the ubuntu arm64 port repo?20:58
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tomreynjkordani: That will be Canonical.21:08
tomreynthat's the repository itself, not necessarily the packages in it21:09
tomreyni.e. the mirror21:09
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h4k1m0uHi, I'm trying to draw with Cairo on a xcb window, and it only shows vector graphics on the window if I use `cairo_show_text()`. Anyone has a rational explanation for why it's behaving this way?21:55
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betonghi ubuntu22:32
betongi have problem22:32
betongwith apt22:32
betonghow can i turn off auto setup ?22:32
rdroh nyo22:32
rdrauto setup?22:32
rdrlike when you install something it starts the service?22:33
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betongnot really22:33
betongapt update22:33
betongthan it update itself22:33
betongyou can't put it on script22:34
rdrthere is such thing as "unattended upgrades", which can be somewhat dangerous22:34
betongif need to code script22:35
betongfrom apt22:35
betongi really not sure how22:35
betongother than make it setup by default22:35
betongwithout gui22:35
rdrwell apt doesn't like doing script stuff, but apt-get can22:35
betongreally ?22:36
betonghmm wait let me check this guy code22:36
rdrif you type `apt update | grep test` it will tell you that apt doesn't have a stable scripting interface22:36
rdrwhat exactly do you want to do?22:36
betonghttps://worldhacker.org/index.php/irc-server/ wait let me check with them since they are the one that releasing it22:36
rdrinstall a program using a script?22:36
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