someotherguyhello all, i was hopinh to find some help with an audio issue im having in xubuntu 20.04. I am using hdmi audio device of nVidia GTX980 TI connected to my television. 95% of the time this works just fine, however at random times there will be aperiod in which the sound has a great deal of "feedback" noise in it. sometimes the issue can be corrected by toggling to another audio device and back to the hdmi output, other times 02:17
someotherguy this a few times before it works right. this same card runs great under windows with no audio issues so i do not suspect the hardware at this time, any help would be greatly appreciated02:17
joaquinHow can I solve the sound problem?03:58
joaquinI play a video and it gets stuck and a buzzing sound starts that doesn't go away until I pause the video or the music03:58
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PeGaSuSwhy does Xubuntu on a bootable USB stick when "Try Xubuntu" is used has a different set of icons than the ones on my current installed OS ?12:38
gnrpPeGaSuS: Did you check Settings -> Appearance -> Symbols?12:39
PeGaSuSactually no, because I've just noticed it now lol12:40
PeGaSuSI've downloaded Xubuntu 20.04.3 to delete some partitions via GParted12:40
PeGaSuSoh.. nice... just booted into my installed Xubuntu and checked it.. thanks gnrp12:43
gnrphehe, good^^12:45
PeGaSuSit's incredible how my 10y old laptop with a 5400rpm disk still works properly with Xubuntu on it ^^12:46
gnrpoh, you still have an hdd?12:46
gnrpthat's the thing I totally try to get rid of whenever I can^^12:47
gnrpgot a lot of old computers at work with HDDs. Then I replace the hdd by a cheap ssd (30 bucks for 250gb) and they're still good to go12:47
PeGaSuSI still have a 1Tb HDD, yes :)12:47
gnrpok, 1tb is a reasonable size to keep12:50
PeGaSuSI'm wondering if brands such as PNY are reliable enough...12:56
gnrpPeGaSuS: I trust them. I literally buy the cheapest SSDs from a brand I heard (so practically all the shops here offer) and didn't have problems so far. And it is tens of them by now12:58
gnrpSSDs seem very reliable to me so far, no matter which brand. With USB drives, that's a different story...12:58
PeGaSuSwhen comes to USB drives I usually buy Kingston or Verbatim.. lol12:59
PeGaSuSdidn't had any issues so far with them12:59
gnrpI think I had issues with practically all the brands, and no matter if it's an expensive or cheap stick. Ok, PNY was particularly bad, with 2/3 failing within one week of no use, but also the other ones... become incredibly slow over time or things like that13:01
gnrpfor reliable external storage, I use SSDs now13:01
PeGaSuSI have an internal 1Tb HDD (Seagate Barracuda) and an external 1Tb HDD (Toshiba). I'll probably buy a new laptop this summer to replace this old one (a cheap one since I basically only use it for IRC, YouTube, web) and then I'll probably switch to SSD.13:03
gnrpif there is no need to replace the rest of the components (and 10y is not too old, I would say), replacing the internal hdd by an ssd already could do wonders13:09
PeGaSuSmy PC is currently a laptesk (laptop with broken screen attached to an external VGA monitor, acting as a desktop).. :P13:12
gnrpoh, ok, I get it^^13:13
PeGaSuSalso using a 3rd gen i5, when we're already on the 10th gen? xD13:20
gnrp3rd gen i5 are actually quite good, still. I have soem of them in use13:20
gnrpand we're at 11th gen btw ;)13:21
gnrp12th supposedly arriving soon13:21
gnrpbut there was not such a big advance in performance, rather in efficiency and special features13:21
* PeGaSuS wondering how to check CPU details13:23
gnrpcat /proc/cpuinfo13:24
gnrp(in the terminal)13:24
PeGaSuSI was unsure of my CPU speeds, thinking it was only 2Ghz but seems to be a 2.5Ghz one https://termbin.com/levp13:27
gnrpthe CPU speeds are not as constant anymore as they used to be^^13:27
gnrpnormally, you have a speed at which one core can go alone, and then a max speed at which all cores can be at the same time, but most of the time the cores will sleep at lower frequencies anyway...13:28
PeGaSuSthat's exactly why I have this: https://imgur.com/bWm1bkl.png13:33
VIAhi all15:03
VIAare there grafical widgets/applets that display system stats like CPU RAM etc .. ? managed to install conky. its ugla and worst of all it just disappears when i click on my desktop15:04
MaikVIA: rightclick on the panel in xubuntu/Xfce select Panel and click on Add New Items15:16
Maikyou'll then get a window with a list of applets you can add to the panel15:17
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