ahoneybunRikMills: do we have a blog post for Plasma 5.2401:09
ahoneybunIt doesn't look like we have draft?01:10
ahoneybunI made a draft based on the 5.23.1 post.01:14
ahoneybunvalorie: ^01:14
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I need a photo of the Settings with 5.24.01:19
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Working on that now. How do folks feel about linking this video at the end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVpxiFh6oaY01:43
ahoneybunI have new photos for the feature tour since they both needs new photos and the change to Elisa and removal of Kontact.01:57
valoriecould we link it beginning at minute 1:20?22:33
valoriealso bugs me that he keeps calling it "KDE" instead of Plasma22:35

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