amazoniantoadHey guys. I'm trying to flash my phone to run ubuntu touch. Can anyone help me out?04:14
amazoniantoadThe channel seems empty05:03
grya bit05:16
gryi think they just use the web forum more actively05:16
gryseems to be listed as official channel, so we can just stay here and help out05:17
grywhat's your device?05:17
amazoniantoadgry, sorry I was working on the phone05:46
amazoniantoadI have a Google Pixel 3a XL05:46
amazoniantoadThe installer seems to run fine, but then I'm stuck at the fastboot mode screen with an error, something to do with boot.img05:47
amazoniantoadMy device version is sargo05:47
amazoniantoador...it might be bonito?05:49
amazoniantoadI think it's actually bonito05:49

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