jpnurmigood morning06:17
dufluMorning jpnurmi 06:23
jpnurmihey duflu06:23
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:45
dufluHi oSoMoN 06:49
oSoMoNhey duflu 06:49
jpnurmigood morning oSoMoN07:05
didrocksgood morning07:08
jpnurmigood morning didrocks07:09
dufluMorning didrocks 07:09
oSoMoNgood morning jpnurmi, salut didrocks 07:10
didrockshey jpnurmi, duflu, oSoMoN 07:12
dufluHi Nafallo 07:47
Nafallomorning seb128 07:51
jibelhi all07:52
jpnurmigod morgon Nafallo07:52
jpnurmihey seb128 jibel07:52
didrockshey Nafallo, jibel 07:53
seb128goood morning desktopers07:53
seb128hey Nafallo jibel jpnurmi didrocks duflu oSoMoN, how are you?07:54
Nafallotired, and another webcast from the company in 5 minutes :-P07:54
dufluseb128, not great with a lingering headache but getting by. You?07:55
didrockshey seb128 07:56
seb128duflu, :-(07:56
seb128Nafallo, coffee time!07:57
Nafallodouble espresso with MCT oil :-D07:57
Nafallotrying to inhale it so I can make another one before it starts ;-)07:57
Nafalloanother double espresso being made, 20 seconds left :-P07:59
oSoMoNgood morning Nafallo, jibel, seb128 08:35
oSoMoNseb128, I'm good, how are you yourself?08:36
seb128oSoMoN, I'm alright thanks!08:36
seb128hum, something seems borken wioth the new gdm on new installs, at least in gnome boxes11:54
seb128but it's probably why the daily aren't getting promoted either11:54
seb128downgrading gdm to the previous version from a rescue console made gdm starts fine11:55
seb128I found the gdm issue, I'm going to fix it12:24
jbichagood morning13:02
seb128jbicha, hey, how are you today?13:02
oSoMoNhey jbicha 13:05
jbichaI went to bed early yesterday since I was feeling exhausted. I've started running again since I need to get ready for a 10k race in a month13:07
seb128nice one :)13:25
jbichaseb128: maybe these bugs are related to the gdm thing you saw? bug 1960226 bug 196033614:12
ubottuBug 1960226 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Jammy Desktop fails to boot after install" [Critical, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196022614:12
ubottuBug 1960336 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "No login screen after recent update" [Undecided, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196033614:12
seb128jbicha, thanks14:15
KGB-1gdm signed tags bb47871 Sebastien Bacher ubuntu/41.3-1ubuntu2 * gdm3 Debian release 41.3-1ubuntu2 * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gdm/tags/ubuntu/41.3-1ubuntu214:15
KGB-1gdm ubuntu/master 7911f23 Sebastien Bacher debian/ changelog gdm3.postinst * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gdm/-/commit/7911f2314:15
KGB-1* debian/gdm3.postinst:14:15
KGB-1  - restore chown call, Debian reworked how the permission was set but we14:15
KGB-1    have an Ubuntu hack there which was leading to the .config directory14:15
ubottuCommit 7911f23 in gnome-team/gdm "* debian/gdm3.postinst:"14:15
KGB-1    to be owned by the wrong user without the owner change. Should fix14:16
KGB-1    gdm not loading on the current daily ISO14:16
seb128let's see if ^ fixes it14:16
KGB-1gdm ubuntu/master 501096e Sebastien Bacher debian/changelog * upload to ubuntu * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gdm/-/commit/501096e14:16
ubottuCommit 501096e in gnome-team/gdm "upload to ubuntu"14:16
seb128the first report might be the same issue since it's a new config permission problem14:17
seb128the other one seems likely another problem14:18
seb128k, that is uploaded, brb I need to change location and drop off IRC14:18
didrockstjaalton: hey! You last xwayland upload is stuck in proposed as you added libxcvt-dev to build-deps which is in universe. Is that a hard requirement? Does it need a MIR? If then, can you open one?16:30
didrocks(xwayland is pulling libxcvt)16:30
tjaaltondidrocks: is a hard dep, also for xserver 21.116:41
didrockstjaalton: mind doing the MIR them?16:50
didrocks(preferably before syncing next time so that we don’t have to chase and block this ;))16:50
tjaaltonthough I don't recall syncing it16:59
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon signed tags 4af0f5f Jeremy Bicha upstream/42_alpha * Upstream version 42~alpha * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/tags/upstream/42_alpha20:53
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest 19893ff Jeremy Bicha * pushed 33 commits (first 5 follow) * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/compare/b32955d...19893ff20:54
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest dda761a Bastien Nocera plugins/media-keys/ gsd-media-keys-manager.c mpris-controller.c * media-keys: Fix Repeat toggling * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/dda761a20:54
ubottuCommit dda761a in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "media-keys: Fix Repeat toggling"20:54
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest 1970285 Bastien Nocera plugins/media-keys/gsd-media-keys-manager.c * media-keys: Fix fast-forward and rewind keys * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/197028520:54
ubottuCommit 1970285 in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "media-keys: Fix fast-forward and rewind keys"20:54
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest 75efbdf Rūdolfs Mazurs po/lv.po * Update Latvian translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/75efbdf20:54
ubottuCommit 75efbdf in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Update Latvian translation"20:54
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest 2b20334 Danial Behzadi po/fa.po * Update Persian translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/2b2033420:54
ubottuCommit 2b20334 in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Update Persian translation"20:54
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon upstream/latest b2c4e00 Fabio Tomat po/fur.po * Update Friulian translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/b2c4e0020:55
ubottuCommit b2c4e00 in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Update Friulian translation"20:55
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon pristine-tar dc7dd0a Jeremy Bicha gnome-settings-daemon_42~alpha.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-settings-daemon_42~alpha.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-settings-daemon_42~alpha.orig.tar.xz * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/dc7dd0a20:55
ubottuCommit dc7dd0a in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "pristine-tar data for gnome-settings-daemon_42~alpha.orig.tar.xz"20:55
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon signed tags 98b1cc3 Jeremy Bicha ubuntu/42_alpha-1ubuntu1 * gnome-settings-daemon Debian release 42~alpha-1ubuntu1 * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/tags/ubuntu/42_alpha-1ubuntu121:02
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master 160b7e3 Jeremy Bicha * pushed 53 commits (first 5 follow) * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/compare/fbf7a57...160b7e321:02
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master c63419e Florian Müllner plugins/xsettings/gsd-xsettings-manager.c * xsettings: Support new "high-contrast" setting * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/c63419e21:02
ubottuCommit c63419e in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "xsettings: Support new 'high-contrast' setting"21:02
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master 62325b5 Carlos Garnacho NEWS meson.build * Release 42.alpha * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/62325b521:03
ubottuCommit 62325b5 in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Release 42.alpha"21:03
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master c5a31a4 Jeremy Bicha debian/patches/ series meson-drop-unused-argument-for-i18n.merge_file.patch * Cherry-pick proposed patch to fix build with latest meson * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/c5a31a421:03
ubottuCommit c5a31a4 in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Cherry-pick proposed patch to fix build with latest meson"21:03
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master c4d5ebb Jeremy Bicha debian/ control control.in * Build-Depend on libxfixes 6.0 * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/c4d5ebb21:03
ubottuCommit c4d5ebb in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Build-Depend on libxfixes 6.0"21:03
KGB-1gnome-settings-daemon ubuntu/master 9f8beca Jeremy Bicha debian/patches/ debian/meson.build-Lower-polkit-requirement.patch series debian/Revert-xsettings-Add-support-for-XFixes-ClientDisconnect.patch * Drop patch reverting new xfixes feature * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon/-/commit/9f8beca21:03
ubottuCommit 9f8beca in gnome-team/gnome-settings-daemon "Drop patch reverting new xfixes feature"21:03
KGB-1libgweather signed tags 19181f5 Jeremy Bicha upstream/3.91.0 * Upstream version 3.91.0 * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/tags/upstream/3.91.022:40
KGB-1libgweather pristine-tar 5e9041e Jeremy Bicha libgweather4_3.91.0.orig.tar.xz.delta libgweather4_3.91.0.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for libgweather4_3.91.0.orig.tar.xz * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/5e9041e22:40
ubottuCommit 5e9041e in gnome-team/libgweather "pristine-tar data for libgweather4_3.91.0.orig.tar.xz"22:40
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest cc81aba Jeremy Bicha * pushed 273 commits (first 5 follow) * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/compare/a5e601b...cc81aba22:41
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest 3c26c3e Aurimas Černius po-locations/lt.po po/lt.po * Updated Lithuanian translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/3c26c3e22:41
ubottuCommit 3c26c3e in gnome-team/libgweather "Updated Lithuanian translation"22:41
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest 255b7f2 Quentin PAGÈS po-locations/oc.po * Update Occitan translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/255b7f222:41
ubottuCommit 255b7f2 in gnome-team/libgweather "Update Occitan translation"22:41
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest cbdc218 Sveinn í Felli po/is.po * Update Icelandic translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/cbdc21822:41
ubottuCommit cbdc218 in gnome-team/libgweather "Update Icelandic translation"22:41
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest 23f5adb Sveinn í Felli po-locations/is.po * Update Icelandic translation * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/23f5adb22:41
ubottuCommit 23f5adb in gnome-team/libgweather "Update Icelandic translation"22:41
KGB-1libgweather upstream/latest 9b94a90 Rico Tzschichholz libgweather/GWeather-4.0.metadata * vala: Fix binding of Location.detect_nearest_city() * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/libgweather/-/commit/9b94a9022:41
ubottuCommit 9b94a90 in gnome-team/libgweather "vala: Fix binding of Location.detect_nearest_city()"22:41

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