tomreynMaik: i think bad quit messages will need to be addressed on the irc network layer. and i have no ops on those channels.01:06
tomreynit can be a good idea to message folks (maybe through memoserv if they're gone) and see whether you can convince them to update their messages before you reach out for more drastic actions / requests.01:08
krytarikWell, I'd have taken action on #lubuntu if over the course of my stay there today I'd have seen a) a sufficient amount of cycling from them to warrant a ban or b) a single quit from them showing their actual quit message.01:11
sarnoldyou can spot the quit message in #ubuntu at Sun 06 22:48:51 if you wish01:38
sarnoldI put him in the #ubuntu-namespace-bans banlist, but with the full nick!ident@ip -- I figured that he'd probably get back in and ask about the ban at some point01:39
sarnoldgranted I don't think I've ever seen him talk, so maybe he won't. maybe it's just a logbot or something.01:40
krytarikI mean yes, I've seen the quit message in #ubuntu the other day, but we are supposed to be treating the users per-channel as far as possible..01:43
sarnoldto the extent someone tries to do that, yeah, that makes sense. but he's got a hugely unreliable connection and an offensiveish quit message, both happen in all channels at once01:45
krytarikLooks like they got a new IP address between their last timeout and their next reconnect about 15 minutes later - and that's about 5 hours ago now.02:01
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Maiktomreyn: orga took care of oxfuxxx yesterday and banned them from #ubuntu-arm but it seems they evaded the ban by using another IP. 10:11
tomreynMaik: there's nothing i could do about it12:00
tomreynyou can check channel access lists using /msg chanserv flags #channel12:01
Maikno problem, i informed ogra about that12:01
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