MacwinnerHi, I was doing some research and wanted to see what the default versions of some packages like postfix are on Ubuntu 20.04.  We are planning on migrating from our current centos8 and I wanted to do a quick inventory.  Is there an online resources that has some info?00:04
Macwinneralso, any pointers to guides for sysadmins with centos moving to ubuntu would be appreciated.00:05
sarnoldMacwinner: you can look up source packages via launchpad eg https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/postfix00:05
Macwinnerthank you!00:06
sarnoldMacwinner: this website is better for going from binary package names, but it is less reliable in my experience, so I don't give it out as often https://packages.ubuntu.com/00:06
oerhekslaunchpad or apt search <package>00:07
oerheksbut that would require an installed ubuntu00:07
Macwinneryep.. so https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/mail/  shows postfix 3.4.10.. but the launchpad shows latest stable is 3.5.600:08
Macwinnerwhich one would be expected to get installed? or is it a matter of configuring the apt repos? (sorry if that terminology is not right)00:09
oerheksfocal stable update gives 3.4.13-0ubuntu1.200:09
sarnoldeach of xenial, bionic, focal, impish, jammy, there, are their own series, where you're expected to use only packages from xenial, or only packages from bionic, etc00:09
sarnoldso if you install 20.04 (focal), you'd get 3.4.13-0ubuntu1.2 -- and if you install 22.04 (jammy) it'll come with postfix 3.6.3-5ubuntu1, etc00:10
gryMacwinner, did you look at 'rocky linux' also?00:10
Macwinneryeah, noticed rocky. but most hosting providers don't have it00:11
MacwinnerUbuntu seems to be the one available everywhere00:11
sarnoldyou'd really want to stick with those; you *can* find ppas with different versions of packages rebuilt for whatever release you use, but (a) whoever runs that ppa has root on your computer so you better trust them (b) even folks who are really good at it sometimes make mistakes that just break everything00:11
gryMacwinner, i suspect hosting providers could consider adding it on request, if there is a special reason why it fits your purpose better00:11
Macwinnersarnold: thank you! we typically build from source as well.. so may not be issue00:12
Macwinnerappreciate the pointers.. thanks everyone. have a great day!00:12
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* sarnold redirects Bashing-om to ikea00:36
Bashing-omsarnold: Mate now encompasses flatpak too - we are going to have to accept flatpak.00:37
sarnoldBashing-om: well, "accept".. :)00:39
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adderallI think I'm afraid of the Penguin. I installed the socialist wallpaper that I'v been using for years and Tux is VERY scary00:57
adderallHe looks like the great emperor00:57
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mojtabaHello, I am using Ubuntu 20.04, and when I close the lid, the screen is black. Do you know how can I remove it? Before it was not like this.02:52
pycuriousI had to reboot my box manually. How do i figure out what was wrong ?03:07
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grymojtaba, do you want it to 'do nothing' when the lid is closed?03:36
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Macwinnerhi, I'm totally new to Ubuntu. moving over from centos7/8.  Ubuntu 20.04 seems to work pretty awesome.  Just had a question.  if I "sudo apt install postfix", it install 3.4.13.  Is there a way to install postfix at 3.6.3 which seems to be the latest using apt as well?  Somethiing like a yum repo?04:28
Macwinnersame with haproxy.. it looks like 2.0.13.. but would like 2.5.x04:29
Macwinneror is recommendation to just install from source?04:29
lotuspsychjewe usualy recommend to stick to the package versions of your ubuntu release Macwinner04:30
lotuspsychjebut you can always try !snaps !backports if you like Macwinner04:30
Macwinnerthanks, i'll research those.. thanks!04:31
lotuspsychjeexternal ppa's might conflict with apt sometimes and result into unwanted dependency issues04:32
Macwinnergot it.. PPA is the terminology i need to search for04:32
echohow do i get my ip04:39
echoifconfig dont work anymore04:40
gryecho, what is the error message from it?04:40
echoifconfig isnt even there04:40
echoim on 21.1004:40
gryecho, install 'net-tools' package, then it will be there04:41
echoit was also in the wifi settings04:43
Bashing-omecormier: Be aware: The modern replacement for net-tools is iproute2 <- https://www.tecmint.com/deprecated-linux-networking-commands-and-their-replacements/ .04:43
echook thanks. i just got it from the settings anyways04:45
Bashing-omecormier: One way to get your assigned IP ' ip a ' .04:45
echook good to know04:45
Bashing-omecormier: Another is through your route table: ip route show04:48
Bashing-omecho: ^^ sorry ecormier for that hightlight - not paying good attention :(04:49
echoits ok haha04:49
amazoniantoadCan anyone point me to where I need to go to get help with ubuntu touch?04:54
amazoniantoadI'm in #ubports and #Ubuntu-touch but the channels are dead04:55
adderallGotta pull yerself up by your own bootstaps: no pun intended04:55
gryamazoniantoad, i think #ubports is supposed to be the official channel05:02
gryamazoniantoad, see also https://forums.ubports.com/category/37/support05:03
amazoniantoadthanks gry05:03
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mike_anyone have a7 lite?06:20
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* enyc ROARs07:24
enychrrm ... 21.10 being discussed more, good07:24
enycwondering what the Wayland situation is now, I hear mixed views about and wonder how it will/won't be sorted by 22.04lts07:25
yukiupyou can change the display server on the login screen07:38
leandrot0sh1hi everyone, is there any app or something to check the power supply health ?08:49
yukiupyou would probably need one of those electric voltage testers08:54
yukiupsomething like that, is my guess08:54
leandrot0sh1I believe there are some apps for that.. not sure08:56
yukiupmaybe in the bios?08:56
leandrot0sh1yukiup, good idea08:56
leandrot0sh1I'll go check that08:57
yukiupi guess they do have apps08:59
yukiupdidn't know...09:00
yukiupwhen he gets back i'll tell him the apps09:01
weedmicanyone know what the items in () are called so I can find a breakout list of the abbreviations?  "cdc-wdm0 (qmi), ttyUSB0 (qcdm), ttyUSB2 (at), wwan0 (net), ttyUSB3 (at)"09:05
Bochiahoi, I have a question regarding preseeding the ubiquity live installer (the one that is started from within the live system)09:05
Bochiis there any way to make it install a minimal system (preseeded)?09:06
leandrot0sh1yukiup, checked it on BIOS: CPU Vcore = +1.248V; +12V = 12.249; +5 = 5.040; +3.30 = 3.37609:06
leandrot0sh1i think it seems fine09:06
yukiupthey do have apps09:06
Bochii tried every combination of ubiquity tasksel / minimal_install / etc keys now in preseed, but the most minimal system I get is gnome + web browser :P09:06
yukiupinstall ubuntu server?09:08
leandrot0sh1yukiup, my mouse is right-clicking on its own, and sometimes it just stops working.. that's why I thought it could be the power supply09:08
Bochiserver is my next try, yeah, already downloaded the iso (also kubuntu, but kde_ui doesn't show any gui during automated installation) and xubuntu (currently installing)09:09
Bochilet's see if server does the trick, thanks09:09
leandrot0sh1_Hi everyone, can you guys help to figure out what is causing my pc to behave oddly ?09:48
leandrot0sh1_mouse is right-clicking on its own, then it suddenly stop working as well as the keyboard09:48
matsamanleandrot0sh1_: laptop?09:48
leandrot0sh1_no, desktop09:48
matsamanunplug the mouse, see if the keyboard works then09:48
matsamanif it doesn't work, leave the mouse unplugged & reboot, see if the keyboard works then09:49
leandrot0sh1_now, both are working09:49
matsamannow after what? Nothing?09:49
leandrot0sh1_I unplugged the mouse and the keyboard worked, then I plugged the mouse back and the keyboard still working09:50
leandrot0sh1_but the mouse sometimes right-click, and if I click something it appears to dragging the app I click09:50
yukiupwhat mouse?09:51
leandrot0sh1_its a microsoft comfort something..09:51
leandrot0sh1_now the right button stopped work09:52
yukiupmaybe try another port?09:52
matsamanprobably your mouse is full of cruft/dirty, or broken09:52
matsamansome mice you can straightforwardly open up and clean, some not so much09:53
matsamanbut they're cheap after all09:53
leandrot0sh1_yukiup, exchanged ports and still the same09:53
yukiupget a new mouse09:54
matsamanwe're talking $15 tops09:54
leandrot0sh1_matsaman, its pretty much new .. lass than 5 months of use09:54
matsamanprobably outside of the return period, alas09:54
leandrot0sh1_and I don't think it's the mouse actually, 'cause I've tried another mouse on this desktop and showed the same issue ;/09:55
matsamanI've gotten the cheapest logitech mouse for decades now09:55
Swift110-mobileOh why is that matsaman09:55
matsamanleandrot0sh1_: another mouse with the same number of buttons?09:55
matsamanSwift110-mobile: logitech? 'cause it's always around and they make a cheap boring normal mouse09:55
leandrot0sh1_matsaman, the other has more buttons09:56
leandrot0sh1_matsaman, sometimes I just can't click thing on the desktop and the cursor is disappearing09:57
leandrot0sh1_I only see the cursor on the menu part09:57
matsamanif you tried from a live OS, and it didn't exhibit the behavior, that would mean it's your installation configuration somehow09:57
leandrot0sh1_where I see the clock,etc09:57
leandrot0sh1_matsaman, maybe something with the kernel ?09:58
leandrot0sh1_cause I noticed it after the last updates09:58
matsamanmaybe, but that wouldn't be my first guess09:58
matsamannot unless you just did a kernel update, and then this happened09:58
matsamanlike, only a kernel update and not an update of anything else like input libs or wayland/X09:58
leandrot0sh1_I started noticing this behavior after the last 3 kernel updates09:59
leandrot0sh1_and now I don't know how to get back to an older version09:59
yukiuphttps://smile.amazon.com/Microsoft-Wireless-Comfort-Desktop-5050/dp/B007CJT12A/ Reviews----"i've bought 5 of them cause they keep breaking"09:59
ASC_leandrot0sh1_, in terminal 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' may reveal a things, or may not reveal. Or 'tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -iE "warning|error|fail|usb"'10:15
ASC_It may show USB device connect-disconnect. If so, then it's a sign.10:15
weedmicanyone know what the items in () are called so I can find a breakout list of the abbreviations?  "cdc-wdm0 (qmi), ttyUSB0 (qcdm), ttyUSB2 (at), wwan0 (net), ttyUSB3 (at)"11:01
matsamanweedmic: from what output?11:03
weedmicmmcli - i'm looking for a list of what things like qmi, qcdm, at, net - actually mean (and to know all the options) matsaman11:21
Assidso i have to setup a netplan type rule where i need to use route via .. with onlink.. i can replicate one of my other installs via netplan.. but i cant figure how to do this on ubuntu desktop's network manager11:34
Guest34Every time I try and upgrade from 18.04.6 to 20.04, the upgrade fails and leaves my system in a broken half upgraded state,   It appears there is already a but report, other people seeing this, but no official workaround, and some vague comments on how someone hacked it to work.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxcrypt/+bug/190383812:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1903838 in libxcrypt (Ubuntu) "package libcrypt1 1:4.4.10-10ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: rm command for cleanup subprocess returned error exit status 127" [Undecided, Confirmed]12:16
Guest34How can I upgrade successfully?  It fails every time, and I can only revert back to my VM snapshot and stick on 18,0412:17
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EriC^^Guest34: it looks like the guy got libcrypt from a healthy 20.02 and symlinked it in his system, give it a try?12:25
Guest34Erm, I don't have another "healthy" 20.02, they all fail to upgrade in the same way12:25
EriC^^you could download the .deb file from archive.ubuntu.com and extract the .so.1.1.0 file12:26
Guest34It's also unclear WHEN they did those steps, before, during, after?12:26
EriC^^dpkg -x i believe12:26
Ravageyou replace it after the upgrade fails12:26
EriC^^Guest34: i'd say after since he had to run apt-get -f install, meaning apt was borked in an inconsistent state12:26
Ravageand continue with the commands in the post12:27
Guest34Will give it a go.12:27
EriC^^goodluck, np12:27
Ravage( you can unzip the .deb file to get the .so file }12:28
Ravagestill a really annoying bug. i did some upgrades from 18.04 and never had that problem12:29
BluesKaj'morning folks13:14
xheimlichso I use spectrwm, a tilingn wm.13:16
xheimlichis there possibly a way to use something like xdg-open to open a window in a specified workspace?13:16
xheimlichor are spectrwm's workspaces a thing of its own that's not really shared with the GUI base stuff?13:17
matsamanxheimlich: I doubt xdg groks spectr out of the box, but I'm sure you can overcome it13:26
iomari891greetings, when I try to execute: sudo ./FoxitReader.run,  I get the following error: sudo: unable to execute ./FoxitReader.run: Permission denied.13:40
lotuspsychjeask the maintainer of foxit for support iomari89113:41
iomari891it's not just foxit that gives me this problem. I've had this issue with other files as well recently.13:42
tomreyniomari891: then it will be best to seek support with those as well.13:43
tomreyniomari891: .run files are usually file you need to fully trust and execute, that's not the default way of packaging software for ubuntu. it's an option to distribute software this way, but how this software will need to be used is something that can differ for each of these softwares.13:45
tomreynif you fully trust the software, you are probably supposed to make the downloaded file executable (chmod +x file.run) and then run it (./file.run)13:45
tomreynif you can't fully trust this software, this is a recipe for disaster, though13:46
iomari891thanks all13:47
Frosthey does anybody know a way to remap keys? (cus my game cant change them)14:30
matsamanwhich game?14:30
FrostExtreme Tux Racer14:30
matsamanUbuntu has been pretty silly moving to Wayland14:31
Frostmatsaman : umm sorry i use xorg, xubuntu14:31
Frosti used xmodmap in other distros uhh its persistent14:33
Frostand i dont want that14:33
matsamanyou can use xmodmap non-persistently14:33
Frostmatsaman : when i open up my environment when i had manjaro, the d key was persistent14:34
matsamanthe d key?14:34
Frostyeah i change arrow keys to wasd14:35
matsamananyway, you can use xmodmap non-persistently14:35
Frosthow can i kill?14:38
Frostoh thanks, i just have to change my layout14:40
Frostthank you so much!, manjaro is rolling so that probably explains everything14:40
matsamanyou could change your layout, yes14:41
matsamanor use xmodmap -e type commands14:41
matsamanand reset with 'setxkbmap' I think14:41
matsamanor explicitly re-set again with xmodmap -e14:41
Frostmatsaman : i used setxkbmap fr (i use french as a layout)14:48
konradosHey. I have a very old pc, like 10 years. Some celeron, 4 gb ram, hard disk. I installed kubuntu from pendrive it worked well, but then it stops working after logging in. I.e. it starts up, for a second there is black screen, then ubuntu logo and then it stops working.15:41
konradosI replaced RAM, disk and GPU trying to figure out what is the issue. But it just doesn't work o.O15:42
konradosHow can I see where is the problem?15:42
gordonjcpkonrados: kubuntu might be a bit much for 4GB of RAM15:43
lotuspsychjeyeah, try lubuntu 20.04 on it, will have a much lighter experience konrados15:43
konradosgordonjcp, I do have other systems working well with  4gb and kubuntu15:43
konradoslotuspsychje, it is kubuntu 20.x... but really? it may behave like this because of lack of ram?15:44
konradosbear in mind that it *did* work15:44
konradoseven with windows 715:44
gordonjcpkonrados: well, without wider context it's hard to diagnose15:44
Frostkonrados : try reinstalling or reinstalling the drivers15:44
gordonjcpmaybe it's swapping really hard, and just slow15:44
gordonjcpmaybe it's a graphics card that isn't well-supported15:45
konradosIt suddenly stopped working a few days ago, I tried the windows and then kubuntu15:45
konradosgordonjcp, yeah, the gpu started being like 80 celcius, so I replaced it15:45
gordonjcpwhich GPU is it?15:45
konradosthe gpu started 80 celcius just after a minute of working, but now it's gone15:46
gordonjcpwell, what's in it now?15:46
konradosgordonjcp, right now it's on board, on the intel - something15:46
gordonjcpthat should be okay15:46
gordonjcpintel isn't fast but it's well-supported15:47
konradosyeah, but... it's so weird, I managed to install kubuntu, everything worked just fine. I can login and then boom - it crashes.15:47
konradosblack screen, nothing there15:47
lotuspsychjelets see some logs konrados maybe the volunteers can notice something15:48
konradosI also tried two monitors15:48
konradosyeah, lotuspsychje - but how?15:48
konradosthe 'esc' thing?15:48
konradoswhen starting?15:48
konradosgive me a sec15:48
lotuspsychjekonrados: you could start F1 to switch to textboot for example; see if errors arise in that stage15:49
lotuspsychjeor try to save your dmesg at login15:49
lotuspsychjeor try falling back to tty15:49
lotuspsychjeor enter desktop with !nomodeset15:49
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konradosbut when I try to enter grub, with escape, I can see lots of logs on the screen, but then it goes into the login screen anyway15:51
konradoswhen I'm at the login screen, is there anything I can do?15:52
konradoslet me try the ctrl+alt+f115:52
konradosor something :)15:52
konradosok, I'm on the terminal15:53
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konradosnow what? My other computer is a slow laptop... right now, I can't really google that, how to see this logs, var/log/system?15:54
konradosoh, the internet here is about 0.1mb/s :)15:54
konradosI only have you:)15:55
ograkonrados, so you usually see te login screen just fine and can log in graphically ?15:55
ograi.e. it only dies after logging in to the session ?15:55
ograif so ... i'd first add a test user (you can delete it after testing again) and try to log in as that ... if that works, something with the users configuaraion is broken15:56
konradosogra, when I enter login and password it crashes. But,  it's a fresh install, and btw this is a second attempt, with another system disk15:58
frost-corehey guys15:59
frost-corei was just wondering15:59
frost-corewhich ubuntu based distro is best for 2gb?15:59
konradosogra,  I'm now on the terminal, I did `cat /var/log/syslog` but ... I can't scroll up with shift+cursor up16:00
konradosI can't see the moment it crashes16:00
tomreynnone of the official flavors. try #linux16:00
konradosI'll try vim or something :)16:00
MrMobiushow can I set the server I ssh into to suspend when no one is logged in and wake up when a new connection comes in? I think wake on lan might work but I'm not sure how to get it into suspend mode. systemd suspend makes me input my password 3 times so I don't think I can put it in a cron job16:00
ograkonrados, try "less /var/log/syslog", that lets you scroll (you can exit with "q") ... or better use journalctl ...16:01
konradosogra, thanks, doing that, sec16:06
konradosit starts up, I'll wait a bit. BTW, when installing kubuntu I told it do partinion the disk like it wants, I don't recall it mentioned swap, is this possible that by default there is no swap?16:11
jhutchinskonrados: What tools might you use to see if there is active swap?16:14
konrados`swapon --show`16:15
konradosbut this is an idea I just got now :)16:15
jhutchinskonrados: How about top?16:15
konradosyeah, but I only right now thought about it16:16
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konradosjhutchins, both top and swapon says it's 2GB, so...? 4gb ram and 2gb swap, shouldn't that be enough? I really have installed and working kubuntu on 4GB withous issues... :)16:21
konradoson the syslog it's MIIO write fault, that is the last message... I didn't find something regard Mint. But... what should I do when I have ubuntu and only access to terminal (ctrl+alt+f2 when logging in)?16:42
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konradosogra, jhutchins ^ please... :)16:42
konradosI googled it's something about the gpu, but what now?16:43
konradosbtw, I noticed there is something wrong with the display, I tried changing monitors and then replaced vga with dvi16:45
konradosI mean the display is flickering, which ever monitor I connect16:46
konradosbut I did remove the dedicated gpu and connected the onboard one16:47
konradosMaybe I should try ubuntu 18? Is there anyone here please? :)16:50
movah4ckonrados, get the name of your display manager /etc/X11/default-display-manager and disable it with "sudo systemd disable name_of_the_displaymanager.service"16:58
movah4cthe install something like fluxbox16:58
movah4cand look if you can login there with "xinit /usr/bin/fluxbox"16:59
ubottufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox17:02
jhutchinsNote that this has nothing to do with display drivers or management, it's just another desktop.17:02
konradosmovah4c, jhutchins it's /usr/bin/sddm, but when I do sudo systemd disable sddm or  sudo systemd disable /usr/bin/sddm I can see "excess arguments:"17:05
jhutchinsOn the other hand, seeing that you're running older hardware, a lighter DM is a good idea.17:06
konradosjhutchins, I'm downloading kubuntu 18 now, but... it used to work17:06
jhutchinskonrados: The fact that it was working, then it stopped is significant.  Did any changes happen at that time?  Is it possible some hardware is failing?17:07
leftyfb!yy.mm | konrados17:07
ubottukonrados: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle17:07
leftyfbkonrados: if you're going to reinstall anything, why are you choosing a release that will be EOL next year?17:07
konradosjhutchins, leftyfb - on this particular pc windows 7 was working then stopped. Then I decided to install ubuntu. It doesn't work as well. But from what I know - nothing happened. There was no storm, no one split a cup of coffee on the pc, it looks fine. I17:08
konradosused the air, cleared everything, replaced almost everything (except cpu and the onboard gpu)17:09
leftyfbkonrados: install Ubuntu 20.0417:09
konradosleftyfb, but this is what I tried an hour ago :)17:09
konradosit's there, kubuntu 20.x17:09
leftyfbkonrados: ok, so sounds like a hardware issue then, though I just joined and missed the original issues17:10
geniiYou might want to check hard drive integrity, for instance if SMART is complaining about impending doom17:10
konradosleftyfb, yeah, but it's weird... it stops working just after trying to login. Actually, for a minute I was able to login and then it worked fine, but only about a minute17:10
leftyfbkonrados: so many something to do with the GPU hardware17:11
konradosyeah, genii but I tried two disks....17:11
konradosyeah, leftyfb - this is also my guess because the display is ... flickering :) just after I try to login17:11
konradosbefore that it works well17:12
leftyfbkonrados: ok, so get a new video card or replace the motherboard17:12
leftyfbkonrados: if it's a desktop, then it could also be a power supply issue17:12
leftyfbkonrados: either way, you probably want #hardware at this point17:12
konradosleftyfb, actually it's more about "WTF is wrong", and I had an ambition to solve it :) It's not that this computer is important, there is another one, working fine, I am just curious why it behaves like this17:13
leftyfbkonrados: ok, good luck17:13
konradosthanks :)17:14
konradosjhutchins - no, there were no changes. Except - it was on Windows 7, and it might got some upgrades. But to remove this variable from the equotation I decided to install fresh kubuntu.17:15
jhutchinskonrados: If you really want to persue this, be methodical about it.  Define what the problem is, and make ONE change at a time.  It's a good idea to take notes so you know what you changed in what order.17:16
konradosjhutchins, yeah, I first removed one ram chip, then the other one, then the gpu, then replaced the disk :)17:17
konradosit's just crazy :) :)17:17
jhutchinsAlthough your discussion is a bit all-over-the-board, it sounds a lot like a hardware failure.  Since the motherboard is the only thing you haven't changed, that looks like the culprit, but if the problem is only happening when you start a user session in a GUI, that doesn't quite make sense.17:18
leftyfbit does if it' a GPU problem17:18
leftyfbor a power-starved GPU17:19
leftyfbalso, electrons do weird stuff17:19
jhutchinsleftyfb: He has tried more than one graphics card.17:19
leftyfbmotherboard/power/GPU slot17:19
jhutchinsleftyfb: At least I think so, his account is a bit scattered.17:19
leftyfbkonrados: honestly, I would install Windows 10 and work with the folks in #hardware17:20
konradosBut... how can I verify it?17:20
jhutchinsOdd that a power problem would manifest after GUI startup, but at user session startup.17:20
konradosI mean, the gpu / power issue?17:20
geniiSome ATI/AMD GPU have glitches like this where they get confused about the monitor's capabilities and send the wrong refresh rate17:24
konradoshmmm, I've just found a power supply in my "all the stuff room" - "akyga", 400W17:24
konradosgenii, yeah, but it used to work :)17:24
konradosHow can I know if this is worth changing the power supply or not? Considering it works until the login screen?17:25
leftyfbkonrados: #hardware17:25
konradosleftyfb, I'm a dev :( I know I don't understand their language :)17:26
konradosI tried, you know I tried (it's a citation :))17:26
leftyfbkonrados: this isn't the appropriate channel to diagnose hardware issues, not at this level anyway. /join #hardware17:26
konradosok, thanks everyone!17:27
leftyfbkonrados: let us know once you get your hardware issue sorted if you still need help installing or running ubuntu on it17:28
konradosleftyfb, yeah, I will, thanks again. jhutchins, ogra - thanks as well! :)17:29
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raxor2kWhat is the difference if 1. I have 5 droplets hosted on digital ocean with 1 docker container in each of them,     OR i host only 1 droplet but i run all 5 docker containers inside the one droplet? will it be any different in terms of price/performance?18:36
junebugraxor2k, this isnt' digital ocean support channel18:37
Maikraxor2k: that's more of a digital ocean support question.18:37
Maikthis is a Ubuntu support channel18:38
junebugMaik, they never did fix my wifi issue18:38
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ice9anyone was able pair aipods with linux as headset?18:40
Maikjunebug:I really can't help you with that. Ask Jeremy31 when he's around, he's more of a wifi and bluetooth wizard18:41
Maikwe're all just volunteers here, not paid experts :)18:42
marenz_I have a dual boot with ubuntu/windows and I'm looking for the easiest way to create an USB stick that, when plugged in, will make it boot windows and otherwise linux.18:43
Maikice9: i don't use apple stuff, maybe try googling it if you have issues18:43
marenz_Currently it boots into grub and I have a few seconds to select what i want, but I'd prefer to use an usb stick as "trigger to boot into windows"18:43
leftyfbmarenz_: that would be a #windows question18:44
marenz_leftyfb, interesting, I didn't know that it is a windows topic when you deal with grub and usb sticks...18:45
leftyfbmarenz_: you want to boot your Windows installation from a usb drive. Not sure why you need grub at that point18:46
marenz_well, because so far grub is booting windows and it's on my hd. So the only thing I want to change would be that it's on a stick18:46
marenz_and with a different default option than the one on my hd18:47
leftyfbmarenz_: why?18:47
marenz_Why I want this at all?18:47
marenz_so I can turn on my PC without taking it by the hand and guide it to the OS i want to use this time. I just want to press a button and do other stuff in the meann tiem18:47
marenz_so I can turn on my PC without taking it by the hand and guide it to the OS i want to use this time. I just want to press a button and do other stuff in the mean time18:47
marenz_ah sorry, I am used to correct with arrow-up-key18:48
marenz_Call it quality of life improvement?18:48
alkisgmarenz_: bios or uefi?18:51
alkisgmarenz_: one quick way is this one: https://github.com/alkisg/liveusb18:53
alkisgdd it to a usb stick and boot with it; it remembers the last choice so it'll automatically select windows the next time18:53
alkisgAnd if you boot without it, your internal grub will boot linux18:53
marenz_that sounds pretty exactly what I want, I'll check it out! Thanks!18:55
alkisgYou'll need to edit grub.cfg a bit, to say "Boot Windows" instead of "Windows setup", and to set root=your hd instead of trying to boot windows from the usb18:56
alkisgI.e. just 2 lines18:57
marenz_I see your name in the repo. Your creation?18:58
alkisgmarenz_: yes, I made it before ventoy was a thing, and I'm still using it when I need to boot 32bit OS under UEFI, as Ubuntu stopped supporting that19:09
marenz_it still boots uefi despite being an msdos tables19:09
Guest97Hey guys.19:18
Guest97I have Windows 10 installed on my laptop and I made a separate 100GB partition to install Ubuntu on it.19:18
Guest97Do I need to disable Bitlocker and/or Secure Boot before attempting to install it or is it not necessary anymore?19:18
tomreynGuest97: i think this depends on how you will be switching between the two operating systems, if you will be using a uefi 'bios' provided boot menu to switch between the two, then i guess it can work. if, however, you will always boot the grub boot loader and use that to  branch between ubuntu and windows, then windows might not be happy with this setup, because its boot loader was not used.19:28
tomreynubuntu-mate_: yes, that's where you are19:28
Swift110-mobileventoy is amazing19:30
Swift110-mobileI love how versatile that software is. in fact I have a 120 gb usb that I might use for it and just load it up with a whole bunch of distros19:30
alkisgmarenz_: the stick supports both bios and uefi; you can select the mode by pressing f12 while the computer boots19:50
webchat95Hallo, habe Ubuntu PC und Handy ...19:58
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:01
webchat95ok, thx20:02
junebugIf I backup my home folder into a tar file can I read files in the backup with 700 permissions on a different machine?20:18
sarnoldjunebug: I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but I think you're asking if tar will enforce uid restrictions within a tarball -- it will not20:19
junebugsarnold, thank you20:20
Guest70I am looking for an easy way to send open windows to corners. Ubuntu 20.4 user with default installation.20:20
Guest70$ gsettings list-recursively | grep 'org.gnome.mutter.keybindings'20:20
Guest70org.gnome.mutter.keybindings toggle-tiled-right ['<Super>Right']20:20
Guest70org.gnome.mutter.keybindings toggle-tiled-left ['<Super>Left']20:20
Guest70Super Left & Right is great for sending right and left so I just need corner equivalents of them.20:20
Guest70Happy to install an extension if it is possible...20:20
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AavarI have a open ssh server to the internet. I can see in my logs that many times a minute "someone" is trying to connect to it from different ip-adresses. Shoud I be worried?22:12
Aavarsarnold: What should I do other than close the port?22:14
sarnoldwhenever you stuff a new machine on the internet, it gets probed for a huge number of flaws nearly immediately, and if you've got unsafe configurations, or out of date software, it's entirely possible for a machine to be compromised within minutes22:14
Aavarsarnold: it is not out of date, but I does support password login...22:15
sarnoldso, be sure to turn off ssh password authentication and use only ssh keys; do periodic checks of what services are listening on the machine, make sure they are properly configured; make sure unattended-upgrades is working correctly or you've otherwise got a mechanism to install updates in a timely manner..22:15
Aavarsarnold: so, turn of passwords it is then (I checked all the other boxes :))22:16
AavarThank you.22:16
sarnoldAavar: yay :)22:16
agoodmhi, anyone familiar with gdb/valgrind around?22:17
Aavarsarnold: is it simple/possible to have ssh passwords enabled locally, but not from the internet?22:18
sarnoldAavar: not easily, no; you can do that via two ssh daemons, two configs, etc. probably best to ignore that :)22:18
Aavarsarnold: tnx22:19
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PoliticsUSAHere is an interesting oral argument from the North Carolina Supreme Court on criminal calendaring abuses. I cant believe this is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TQOltG7zJc&t=4712s22:45
agoodmanyone here able to explain this? https://pastebin.com/1yHepfej I was expecting this, cblack or dmaxp to have uninit contents?22:53

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