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lisbethsreadlink -f /bin/sh => /usr/bin/dash ## I need this < to point to bash not to dash10:41
gnrplisbeths: What do you need this for? I would not recommend doing it, the dash is there for a reason10:45
gnrplisbeths: I don't know, it is not one of the alternatives thing, but you can just replace the link (ln -sf `which bash` /bin/sh). I would just recommend you strongly not to do it10:48
lisbethsI am compilng linux from scratch11:20
Maikthen you're in the wrong channel lisbeths11:27
xubuntuhow to get oxford dictionary offline here on xubuntu11:40
themolluskkquick question- in upgrading from 18.0.4 to, will I lose all my data or will personal files be unaffected?12:21
gnrpthemolluskk: No personal data should be affected. However, many things can happen, so do a backup before12:23
themolluskkalright, good to know! I've just been lazy about upgrading & finally running into some hiccups with newer games & stuff12:30
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