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noob8650Hey, I have a problem with my package manager and I really don't know what to do about it: https://pastebin.com/raw/HNipELAJ           Can someone please help me? It happens when I try to install DigiKam.11:24
tomreynnoob8650: hi there. what's the exact command you're running, what's the kubuntu version you're on?11:25
tomreynto get your version: lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/{version_signature,cmdline}11:26
noob8650tomreyn: I am on Ubuntu 20.04 , I tried "sudo apt install digikam" and there's some conflict.11:27
noob8650I have a few extra package sources, I can list them if you want tomreyn11:27
tomreyn"lvfs checsum error" is unrelated, we can discuss this afterwards.11:28
noob8650https://pastebin.com/raw/N1BBfQjqtomreyn:  I ran "sb_release -ds; cat /proc/{version_signature,cmdline}" here is the output:11:28
tomreyn!info digicam focal11:28
ubottuPackage digicam does not exist in focal11:28
noob8650Sorry, I messed up the typing https://pastebin.com/raw/N1BBfQjq11:28
tomreyn digikam | 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1 | focal/universe  | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x11:29
tomreyn digikam-private-libs | 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1 | focal/universe  | amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x11:30
noob8650ubottu: It does exist directly in the Package Manager: https://i.imgur.com/r7zwzIh.png11:30
tomreynnoob8650: did you run    sudo apt update    before you ran   sudo apt install digikam11:30
noob8650tomreyn: Yeah, but in the past I may not have11:31
noob8650tomreyn: "sudo apt update" output: https://pastebin.com/uh1zYbJn11:32
tomreyncan you show the output of this (it does not change your system, just gathers some info on apt and posts it online)?   sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} 2>&1; sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog11:32
tomreynif that feels uneasy / wrong, that's ok, we can run them one by one, juts say so11:33
tomreynalso please show:   apt policy digikam-private-libs11:33
noob8650tomreyn: I am running your long command (hopefully nothing happens haha), here's the ouput: https://termbin.com/u902z      (hopefully it contains nothing embrarassing)11:34
tomreynnothing embarassing there11:35
noob8650tomreyn: Output of "apt policy digikam-private-libs" : https://termbin.com/5rd811:35
tomreynthis doesn't look bad11:35
tomreynhttps://termbin.com/5rd8 just says "temp.txt"11:36
noob8650tomreyn: just realized my error, sorry11:36
noob8650tomreyn: Output of "apt policy digikam-private-libs" : https://termbin.com/eow611:36
noob8650Is it maybe an issue that the signal messenger desktop app is from a Xenial ppa while I am on focal?11:37
tomreynno that's fine, they just publish their application at this location but it works for multiple releases, it's just a misnomer11:38
tomreyngoing back to the original error message - https://pastebin.com/raw/HNipELAJ says "digikam : Depends: digikam-private-libs (= 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1) but it is not going to be installed" which usually means that package digikam-private-libs in version 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1 was not known to be available. but:11:39
noob8650Okay, thanks for clearing that up. I hope I am not annoying you too much. Should I maybe remove so e ppa's? I installed the STM32CubeIDE using some sort of bash script, maybe that messed ssomething up?11:39
tomreyn... but: https://termbin.com/eow6 tells us that package digikam-private-libs in version 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1 actually *IS* available.11:40
tomreynso i'm guessing that if you just re-run    sudo apt install digikam   now it can actually work. can you try again?11:41
noob8650tomreyn: Hmmm, maybe I am "holding" some sort of package I shouldn't? I re-ran "sudo apt install digikam", the output is still informing me of broken pkgs11:41
tomreynif it still errors with the "digikam : Depends: digikam-private-libs (= 4:6.4.0+dfsg-3build1) but it is not going to be installed" message, then try this instead:   sudo apt install digikam digikam-private-libs11:41
noob8650tomreyn: "sudo apt install digikam digikam-private-libs" : https://termbin.com/cd3511:43
tomreynapt-mark showhold    lists held packages (in apt land - aptitude, if you use that, may hold packages differently)11:43
tomreynso this https://termbin.com/cd35 tells us that digikam-private-libs could not be installed because it depends on libopencv-objdetect4.2 in a version equal to or grater than 4.2.0+dfsg - and this could not be installed for somereason.11:44
noob8650tomreyn: I went along with this idea a few times of installing manually what it claims is missing: https://termbin.com/a9fad11:44
tomreynit's basically the same process as before now: just append   libopencv-objdetect4.2   to the   sudo apt install ...    line, i.e.    sudo apt install digikam digikam-private-libs libopencv-objdetect4.2     now11:45
tomreynoh you did it already, good :)11:46
tomreynmaybe let's try a different strategy: looking at this dependency queue from the other end: which leftover packages do you have there?11:47
tomreynapt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999911:47
noob8650I'm feeling like a clown pulling on knotted-tissues: https://termbin.com/9luz11:47
tomreynyou have this    libopencv-highgui4.2    package installed in version   4.2.0+dfsg-5+20.04.sav2    which, i assume, is from some PPA. it's not the version (k)ubuntu provides11:49
tomreyn libopencv-highgui4.2 | 4.2.0+dfsg-5 | focal/universe | amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x11:49
tomreyni.e. ubuntu's version is 4.2.0+dfsg-5 but not 4.2.0+dfsg-5+20.04.sav211:50
tomreynapt policy libopencv-highgui4.2    should tell you which repository yours is from11:50
noob8650hm, what should I do about it? Maybe remove the ppa source and uninstall the applications associated?11:50
tomreynif those cause dependencies on your system to break, this may be a good strategy, yes11:51
tomreynbut you'll need to find out which PPA that is first of all.11:51
noob8650tomreyn: apt policy lobopencv-highgui4.2: https://termbin.com/fmvz11:51
tomreynit's normal to 'feel like a clown' while analyzing dpkg dependency chains, this isn't entirely easy11:52
noob8650tomreyn: Looks like it's from the savoury blender ppa11:52
noob8650Should I uninstall blender, remove the ppa and then do update and try to install again?11:52
tomreynyes, looks like. you could report to them that this dependency their PPA is introducing o your 20.04 system is causing unresolvable dependency chains.11:53
tomreynif you can live with uninstalling the blender and its dependencies from this ppa, this should solve your dpeendency issues, yes11:53
noob8650Okay, trying now11:54
tomreynyou'll need to disable the PPA, and downgrade or uninstall the packages11:54
noob8650sudo apt remove blender: Package 'blender' is not installed, so not removed11:54
noob8650Maybe it has become a zombie of sorts?11:55
tomreynso just downgrade the library after disabling the ppa11:55
tomreynthe command i provided above can list unknown packages and package *versions* *after* you removed a PPA: apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999911:55
noob8650tomreyn: How do  I disable it? Should I just remove the source in Discovery Package manager?11:56
tomreynyou can do that, yes, i *assume* it will keep a backup around in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/11:56
noob8650tomreyn: I ran your unknown packages command from above: https://termbin.com/5loc11:58
noob8650tomreyn:  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ contents: https://termbin.com/3k7m11:59
tomreyni think it will be a good idea to either remove or downgrade the packages listed with ".sav0" versions in this output11:59
tomreyni'm referring to https://termbin.com/5loc12:00
tomreynnoob8650: did you disable the savoury1 blender PPA, yet?12:00
noob8650tomreyn: Yeah, I also tried installing digikam now, and it appears that savoury1 blender ppa was the exact issue. I guess the ppas wanted differing versions of the same archive? Or what happaned here?12:01
noob8650Anyways, thank you very much for your patience and also thanks for showing me that termbin tool, it's a cool little thing.12:01
tomreynthe savoury1 blender ppa introduced a package version with a dependendy on another package version which is neither in ubuntu nor provided by this PPA12:02
tomreynthe    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$'    command should only ever list packages you know you have chosen to install manually as .deb files. all other lines listed there, if you don't know you need to keep those for some artificial reson, you probably should uninstall or, if they turn out to be needed still, downgrade to the package version in ubuntu12:04
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, I'll recheck and see if there's another one12:04
tomreynso my recommendation there is to    apt --purge autoremove any of those you don't know you need -   but check the list of packages that would be removed as a result before you confirm!12:05
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, apart from the STM32 and the iscan-esci all others are there without me knowing. BUt I am assuming I can't just remove them?12:05
tomreynand better do them one by one12:06
noob8650tomreyn: So with "sudo apt remove <pkg>"?12:06
tomreyn<tomreyn> so my recommendation there is to    apt --purge autoremove any of those you don't know you need -   but check the list of packages that would be removed as a result before you confirm!12:07
noob8650How do I dry-run that command?12:08
tomreynor --dry-run :) does the same12:09
noob8650tomreyn: This shouldn't heck my crap up, right? https://termbin.com/6gy612:09
noob8650I uninstalled that kmymoney app, it was just a test.12:10
tomreynyou didn't provide any packages, so this now just operates on packages which were already marked to be autoremoved12:10
noob8650oh... okay12:10
tomreynshouldn't be a problem, no12:11
tomreynthose are no longer being used12:11
noob8650tomreyn: should I try to purge all these that aren't "scan" or "stmlink" https://termbin.com/6gy612:12
tomreynmy suggestion is to append (at least) any of the sav.0 packages from https://termbin.com/5loc to this command, one by one12:12
tomreynor that, yes12:12
noob8650tomreyn: Yeah, the 5loc, I meant to link that but copied the wrong URL.12:12
noob8650Okay, trying those sav.0 ones12:13
tomreynbut, again, make sure you read and are happy with the packages those will purge then12:13
tomreynbecause it could be your entire desktop12:13
tomreynif it tries to remove something you still need then you should not purge but instead downgrade those packages to the version provided by ubuntu12:14
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, I think I'm doing it wrong anyways: https://termbin.com/46f412:14
tomreynjust "libde265-0"12:14
noob8650Yeah, I'll be careful to avoid running something that'll be removing 105 packages at ounce12:14
noob8650tomreyn: Does this look sus to you? https://termbin.com/0d4r12:15
noob8650It shouldn't be removing gimp, right?12:16
tomreynso gimp dpends on *a* version of this package. not neccessarily the one you have now (i'm sure it doesn't)12:16
tomreyn<tomreyn> if it tries to remove something you still need then you should not purge but instead downgrade those packages to the version provided by ubuntu12:17
tomreynwhich is the version provided by ubuntu?  apt policy libde265-012:17
noob8650Okay... so "apt downgrade libde265-0"?12:18
tomreynhow do you downgrade to that version?  apt install libde265-0=TARGETVERSION12:18
tomreynyou replace TARGETVERSION by the version that's listed in the "apt policy libde265-0" output for the ubuntu package12:18
tomreynshow    apt policy libde265-0 | nc termbin.com 9999    if you like12:19
noob8650So in this case https://termbin.com/hml9 it seems like that's already installed12:19
tomreynthe version listed on the line before /var/lib/dpkg/status is the one currently installed12:20
tomreynalso indicated by "***"12:20
noob8650So I want to install 1.0.4 instead of 1.0.8?12:21
tomreynthe version listed on the line before "http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe" is the one provided by the ubuntu archives12:21
tomreynyou want to downgrade to the package version in the ubuntu archives. that's version 1.0.4-1build112:21
tomreynso what do you run?12:21
noob8650tomreyn: Sorry, I don't know how to downgrade exactly.12:22
tomreynapt install libde265-0=1.0.4-1build112:22
tomreyn<tomreyn> how do you downgrade to that version?  apt install libde265-0=TARGETVERSION12:22
tomreyn1.0.4-1build1 is your target version, the one in ubuntu12:22
tomreynso you can downgrade from your current version (still from the blender PPA) to the version in ubuntu proper using    apt install libde265-0=1.0.4-1build112:23
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, I downgraded: https://termbin.com/co43e    So I guess if I sheck that "apt-list" command from above it should stop showing that sav.0 package now? Testing...12:24
tomreyni know, very complicated stuff, don't worry, you're not dumb ;)12:24
tomreynyay, you did it!12:24
tomreynand correct assumption12:24
noob8650Whew, I have to do that for every sav.0 package in this list? The list: https://termbin.com/5loc12:25
tomreynso... now you need to go back to the list of packages which have a similar problem and process those the same way12:25
tomreyneither outright purge, if you're lucky and that doesn't cause other packages you still need to be purged as well (such as gimp=, or downgrade12:26
tomreynthat's the kind of problems you can get yourself into by using PPAs12:26
noob8650Oh man... but how do I ever find a linux distro that "jus works"? I guess that's what I get from "new and shiny"12:27
noob8650Maybe I should try debian unstable?12:27
tomreynkubuntu just works, it's just that you decided to go into the unsupported domain by adding PPAs12:27
noob8650Ah, no - I'll patch this up and now worry about it12:27
noob8650*not worry about it12:28
noob8650I guess I'm fine with the older versions. Is it "safer" to manually compile newer software?12:28
noob8650Or what would you do to have e.g. blender in newer versions?12:28
tomreynpersonally, i'm fine with getting myself into such trouble, because i know how to resolve it, i'd probably be using a PPA, too, ideally one which seems to be well maintained and supported.12:29
tomreynanother option is to use snaps, which can help there, but can make things worse elsewhere12:29
noob8650tomreyn: Haha, yes you really do know how to get out of the problem12:29
tomreynfortunately you also know now12:29
noob8650I hate how slow snpas are, I really notice it with xournal++ but I guess so12:30
tomreynif you just go over the conversation again and take your notes on how to do this, you'll still know next time12:30
noob8650Oh well, eventually there might arise mor unity in the distro diaspora - we probably wouldn't have these problems if there weren't so many distros :/12:30
noob8650Yeah, I'm taking notes now12:30
tomreynthis is really just a matter of how well an apt repository is maintained. the PPA you used wasn't maintained well at the time.12:32
tomreynbut yes, you could also say that it would be nice if apt could provide better explanations on why it cannot install some package12:32
tomreynthere's a reason that every PPA web page says that you risk your system's health by installing "unsupported software from this PPA"12:33
tomreynthis said, there are well-maintained PPAs, it's just not always easy to tell those apart.12:34
noob8650Oh, is there a blender ppa you can reccomend more?12:34
tomreyni would not know, sorry12:34
tomreyni don't use blender myself12:34
noob8650tomreyn: No reason to apologize. I am *really* thankful for you patient help. I'll write the crucial commands down in cherrytree for noteteaking :)12:35
noob8650Are you a programmer?12:35
tomreynno, just a lousy sysadmin and a couple other things ;)12:35
tomreynthere is one more thing you should fix up. earlier, while diagnosing the package version dependency chain, you came up with this output: https://termbin.com/9luz12:36
tomreynit says "set to manually installed" for some packages. that means that apt has applied a change here, setting packages, which were previously set to be automatically instlalled (to resolve another packages' dependencies) to (now) be set to manually installed (like a package you have intentionally chosen to be installed, such as gimp or blender). you should undo this change:12:38
tomreynsudo apt-mark auto libavcodec58 libavformat58 libavutil56 libswscale512:39
noob8650So that's what the ppa did? It made it "manual" and thus prevented apt from chaning it to the version it needed for digikam?12:39
tomreynthat way, these packages can be automatically removed again when all the other packages depending on them will be uninstalled.12:39
tomreynno, that's unrelated to the ppa12:40
tomreynthis change (to manually installed) is a direct result of you listing these packages on the "apt install" line12:40
tomreyni.e. see the first line of this post where you noted the command you ran12:40
noob8650tomreyn: Oh, yeah!12:41
tomreynyou did this correctly, i suggested running this command then, it's just that it can have this side effect you need to take note of and clean up later12:41
noob8650Yeah, it was already set to automatic it seems.12:42
tomreynit's not really a harmful change, it could just result in more packages remaining installed than you actually need12:42
tomreynhmm, not sure why those would have been set to "automatically instaleld" when this output claims differenlty, but maybe that was the result of other changes you made in the meantime12:43
noob8650tomreyn: I ran the command and they are set to "automatic" now, that should fix the issue with that, right?12:45
noob8650Now I just need to go through the sav.0 packages12:45
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tomreynnoob8650: "correct" to both ;)12:49
noob8650tomreyn: Thanks, I'm almost done taking notes, hopefully I'll remember.12:49
tomreynthanks to the notes, if they're good, you won't need to remember12:50
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tomreynthis is the result of a PPA search for "blender": https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=blender12:51
tomreynunfortunately there is no way to filter search results by target release (ubuntu version packages are provided for) or poularity12:52
tomreynhttps://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/blender is what you were using. Amongst other, it says "You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by..." (as it says for every PPA)12:53
noob8650tomreyn: Yeah, the disclaimers aren't there for no reason I guess! :)12:54
tomreynjust keep in mind that, effectively, every apt repository you add to your system is granted root access to your system.12:54
noob8650Yeah, I think I'm going to be more careful now12:55
tomreynthis said, this repository doesn't look like it's badly maintained, and i don't expect it to normally be.12:55
user|94I just installed kubuntu as my first linux distro and I cant seem to connect to wifi how do i add this connection?12:56
tomreynnoob8650: other than, notably: "*** This PPA is effectively on hold (no further updates except for Xenial) due lack of support as explained here: https://launchpad.net/~savoury1 ***"12:56
tomreynuser|94: if you have supported wireless hardware, it should be as easy as clicking on the connection icon on the top right corner and selecting the otion to coinnect you to a wireless access point from the drop-down menu12:57
tomreynthat's from memory, though, i don't actually have a current kubuntu here12:58
noob8650tomreyn: I tried the next sav.0 offending package, but for some reason there's no "ubuntu version" of it and removing will probably break everything, right? Here are the commands and output: https://termbin.com/95hw12:59
tomreynuser|94: note also this: https://userbase.kde.org/Kubuntu/Basic/en#Wireless12:59
tomreynnoob8650: hmm, that's weird. looking13:01
tomreynnoob8650: can you do a   sudo apt --purge autoremove    first and see what would be removed there already?13:02
tomreynwithout any packages13:02
tomreyn...on the command line13:02
tomreyni expect that the ubuntu gimp packages would not depend on a library that is not available in ubuntu for your release.13:05
tomreynso it's not clear why apt would purge that original ubuntu gimp package there ("Purg gimp [2.10.18-1]") as a result of you removing a non ubuntu (for your version) package, libdecor-0-013:07
tomreyn(could be that another PPA is getting in the way there)13:08
tomreynuser|94: any luck?13:08
noob8650tomreyn: there is nothing to autoremove without specifying packages13:09
user|94not yet no. I cant see any connections in the tray you mentioned and there arent any new drivers available13:10
tomreynnoob8650: okay, so the removal of, for example, gimp, is indeed a result of removing libdecor-0-0. personally, i would now, to save time, note down the packages that will be purged, but that i want to keep, and just reinstall them later on.13:10
noob8650tomreyn: okay...13:11
tomreynuser|94: hmm, okay, if you want to wait 10 minutes, i could install kubuntu here and see what it looks like and maybe guide you through it.13:12
user|94i have time yes> thanks :D13:12
alkisguser|94: what's the output of this command? (lsusb; lspci) | nc termbin.com 999913:14
alkisgSo that we see which wifi adapter you have13:14
tomreynwont work without networking, though13:14
alkisgHe doesn't have just wifi, or he doesn't have lan as well?13:15
tomreynunknown to me13:15
alkisguser|94: do you have a LAN (wired) connection? Can you access the internet?13:16
user|94euhm i am connected to LAN on my desktop atm13:16
alkisgCan you connect the other PC to LAN, for easier feedback?13:16
user|94but cant check it on my laptop (linux device) because it doesnt have a port for it13:16
alkisgOK. Do you have a USB stick to transfer a file?13:17
user|94andi  dont have an adapter13:17
user|94i do yes13:17
alkisgRun this then, on the laptop: (dmesg; lsusb; lspci) > /tmp/output.txt13:17
alkisgThen transfer /tmp/output.txt to the desktop, and put it to a pastebin13:17
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noob8650tomreyn: Sorry for still picking your brain, but how do I properly downgrade here: https://termbin.com/hlo8   (what is the version I need to choose to install)?13:20
tomreynnoob8650: no worries. it is 1:12.0.0-3ubuntu1~20.04.413:20
noob8650tomreyn: But a package of the name "libllvm121:12.0.0-3ubuntu1~20.04.4" can't be found?13:21
alkisgsudo apt install libllvm12=1:12.0.0-3ubuntu1~20.04.413:22
noob8650Ohhhh, sorry alkisg13:22
tomreynjust a little typo :)13:24
user|94the command doesnt seem to do anything alkisg13:25
tomreynalkisg: maybe user|94's issue is just about finding the right GUI to configure a wireless LAN - could you guide there (i don't have kubuntu here atm), just to be sure it's not just that?13:25
alkisguser|94: it generated a file in the /tmp folder13:25
alkisgAnd now you're supposed to move it to a usb stick13:25
alkisguser|94: here's another command for you: ip a13:26
alkisgWhen you run that, do you see a wlan0 or wxlsbig-string device?13:26
alkisgIf not, then you don't have drivers for your wlan13:26
alkisgIf yes, tomreyn is right and it's just about using the GUI to connect13:26
user|94i probably dont have the drivers then, cause i dont see those things13:27
alkisgOK, try to run the previous command I said, that generates the file13:27
alkisgIt will not output anything. It will generate a file. Then run: xdg-open /tmp13:28
alkisgThis will open /tmp in the file manager; locate the "output.txt" file and copy it to the stick13:28
alkisgHere's a better one:      (dmesg; ip a; lsusb; lspci) > /tmp/output.txt; xdg-open /tmp13:29
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user|94is this ok?13:31
alkisguser|94: ah unfortunately it didn't fit all of it. Can you try e.g. in paste.debian.net?13:32
alkisguser|94: people there https://askubuntu.com/questions/1357135/driver-for-mediatek-wifi-card-7961 say that they needed a newer kernel. What's your kernel? uname -r13:34
paskoHi guys - I have an issue on Kubuntu where lock screen doesn't respond to keyboard input until mouse is moved. Does anyone know why this might be?13:35
alkisguser|94: which ubuntu version is that? grep VERSION /etc/os-release13:36
fusionfuture[m]pasko:  what's your kde version?13:36
alkisguser|94: e.g. just "20.04" will do...13:37
user|94its 20.04.313:37
alkisguser|94: I would guess it's 20.04.2, not 20.04.3, as .3 has the 5.13 kernel which will work for you13:37
alkisguser|94: you need to update your system. One easy way I can think of, since you don't have LAN etc, is to create a 20.04.3 live cd (with 5.13 kernel), then boot with it, then "chroot" to your disk, and run apt full-upgrade13:38
tomreynor tethering, usually much easier on the user13:38
alkisgBluetooth? Yeah nice idea13:39
alkisgOr usb tethering, right13:39
alkisgWith the android phone13:39
user|94i like the sound of "much easier on the user" '=D13:39
tomreyndo you have a smartphone or tab?13:39
Maikalkisg:  .3 comes with the 5.11 kernel by default on the live iso13:39
tomreynuser|94: which of the two?13:40
alkisgMaik: ouch, they upgraded it after the iso? Weird13:40
tomreynuser|94: android or iphone?13:40
user|94with tab you mean tablet or?13:40
user|94ah i have both then13:40
user|94both running android13:40
tomreynis the android phone configured to connect to your wireless lan?13:40
Maikalkisg: after updating .3 they should have the 5.13 kernel13:41
MaikHWE is enabled on .313:41
tomreynuser|94: do you know how to share the wireless lan on android?13:41
tomreynhow to "do tethering"13:41
tomreynuser|94: if you don't know, just ignore this question for now. get your android phone and your charging cable for it, see if you can remove the charger plug off it and connect the remainder to the computer whic is offline.13:43
tomreynuser|94: ah, alkisg got a good how-to there. ideally, you'll do the lat option listed there in blue script, "tether by usb cable"13:44
user|94its connected via cable13:44
tomreynso just follow those four steps from the how-to on "Tether by USB cable"13:45
tomreynonce that's done, the kubuntu network panel https://userbase.kde.org/images.userbase/d/d1/Network_Panel.png should list a new connection which you just need to click on if it's not already active13:47
tomreynyou should then be able to install pending updates13:47
user|94it says there should be an option to turn on "usb tethering" but i cant see it13:47
user|94nvm found it somewhere else xD13:47
tomreynphew :)13:48
user|94ok yes im connected13:48
tomreynso install all pending updates now13:48
tomreynkeep in mind that the uplink of your phone will be used13:48
user|94just do sudo apt-get update?13:49
tomreynso if that is not actually on the wireless lan anymore, but switched to a mobile data connection, then that would be used for the downloads.13:49
tomreynyes,    sudo apt update   and then   sudo apt full-upgrade13:49
tomreynor you could use the GUI application for that if you prefer13:50
user|94i want to learn how to use the console so :)  ill use the console13:50
tomreynawesome, much easier for me13:50
user|94its my first time actually using linux so im learning a lot already :D13:51
tomreynandoird is kind of linux, too, or a fork of it, some would say13:51
user|94just the whole downloading of programs and console part of the os is new to me13:52
user|94it will prob take quite a while to learn it13:52
user|94but i know there are advantages to using it vs windows in the line of work im in so13:53
tomreynif this line of work has anything to do with managing linux systems or developing on them, that's certainly so.13:54
user|94work might be a big word but im studying IT atm so xD13:54
tomreynthat it's an advantage, i mean, not that it will neccessarily take long to learn13:54
user|94i know that forcing myself to use linux will teach me a lot of useful stuff13:55
user|94stuff you dont really need to know when you just use the windows GUI for everything13:55
user|94ok the update is dont i think13:56
tomreynor which are very annoying or complicated or even impossible to get to there, yes13:56
tomreynapt list --installed linux* | nc termbin.com 999913:57
tomreynwhat does this return, other than a warninig?13:57
user|94if i rerun the version command i see that my version is now 20.04.4 instead of .313:57
tomreynthat's good.13:57
tomreynjust give it a reboot then, to move to the newer kernel image13:58
user|94restart my system?13:59
tomreynthe one you installed the updates on, yes13:59
BluesKajHi folks13:59
tomreynfor kernel updates, that is actually needed, at least in most cases14:00
user|94ah ok14:00
user|94it works!14:00
tomreynwhat is "it"?14:00
IrcsomeBot<Tsug1kuni> 7HER14:00
user|94the connections are visible14:00
user|94and im connected to my home network14:00
tomreyngood, remove the cable to the android phone then14:01
IrcsomeBot<Tsug1kuni> Ehh14:01
user|94big thanks alkisg and timreyn :D14:01
tomreynyou're welcome14:01
tomreynhi Tsug1kuni14:01
user|94well, thanks again :)  lovely community this is cya14:03
noob8650tomreyn: I found another interesting issue: https://termbin.com/7645  Here it has two version of the package coming from some official ubuntu repo. Which one is the "right one"?14:03
tomreynnoob8650: the version listed on the bottom is from the "focal/main" section of this repository, the version listedin the middle is available from the "focal-updates/main" section of this repository as well as the "focal-updates/main" section of the security.ubuntu.com repository. which one might be newer/better?14:06
tomreynyou can also look at the version numbers (assuming you know how to tell when a version numer is considered higher/lower by apt/dpkg). version 0.6.1-2ubuntu0.20.04.1 would count as higher than version 0.6.1-214:07
tomreynnow i should explain why that is, and here's where i'm failing, it's just by experience.14:07
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, I took the "updates" one, I guess my gut feeling was right ;)14:09
noob8650Or was it? Sorry, I don't trust my judgement.14:09
tomreynnoob8650: yes, you're right14:10
noob8650Thanks :D14:10
tomreynif you purged the package, then installed it again, the  0.6.1-2ubuntu0.20.04.1 version is what would be installed14:11
tomreyn"focal/main" contains the packages in their version state as they were released as part of an ubuntu release, or point release (i.e. 20.04, or 20.04.3)14:12
noob8650tomreyn: I removed/installed ubuntu version for all sav.0 packages. I think I'll reboot now and install the removed apps again (but check my ppa and consider if I need it first)14:12
noob8650tomreyn: That makes sense. So after that they just give out updates for all the packages and that state is in the updates repos, yeah?14:13
tomreynfocal-updates contains bug and security fixes, focal-security contains only security fixes (sometimes security fixes will only be availbale there, when they're new)14:13
noob8650Okay, so there's three then?14:13
noob8650the ppa one, the updates and the securiy source?14:14
tomreynyes there are those three repository sections which stack on top of one another by default14:14
tomreynppa? no14:14
noob8650Okay, so in order of priority: security, then updates, then release?14:15
tomreynyes, you could say so14:15
noob8650Thanks. I learned a lot with your help. I wish there was something I could do to return a favor.14:15
tomreynthe priority of what will be installed is really determined by the number behind the version number ("apt priority"), then by the highest version number14:16
noob8650Okay, that's good to know.14:16
tomreyni.e. the "100" and "500" on https://termbin.com/7645  are apt priorities14:16
tomreynthose can be modified using "apt pinning", if you ever heard of that14:16
tomreynbut it's not usually needed14:17
tomreynor very rarely14:17
noob8650I heard "pinning" some time ago, but didn't know the exact context. Thanks. If I ever stumble over it again this'll probably help me.14:17
tomreynwhat you can do to return the favor is to keep good notes, keep using them in the future, and when you feel ready for it, pass what you learnt on to others, such as on irc14:18
tomreynbut that's not mandatory ;)14:18
noob8650Okay, I will. :) https://i.imgur.com/GZi7sfM.png    I'll maybe autostart the irc in the future.14:19
noob8650Then I can peek in every now and then,14:19
tomreynnoob8650: nice notes. :)14:21
noob8650Ran my backup, now rebooting14:22
noob8650tomreyn: Everything seems to work!14:58
tomreynnoob8650: that must be an error!15:01
tomreynnoob8650: if you want a more busy channel for those under-the-hood (GUI) things that are common to all ubuntu flavours (kubuntu is one) then join #ubuntu, too15:01
noob8650tomreyn: Okay, I'll add that server to my autojoin list15:17
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dirtworkerHello world22:22
oerheksworld, wake up, customer waiting22:28
GOldkingG4Hello,does anybody knows how to boost up kde?22:44
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oerheksmore memory, better videocard, change hdd to ssd22:48
GOldkingG4Can I do something liek stop effects,or something like setting graphics to best performance like on windows?22:50
oerheks!info kubuntu-low-fat-settings22:51
ubottuPackage kubuntu-low-fat-settings does not exist in impish22:51
oerheksthat used to be a package to minimise effects22:51
oerhekshttps://en.naneedigital.com/article/how_to_optimize_kde_desktop_effects almost the same22:52
MaikGOldkingG4: what are your system specs?22:55
Maikoerheks: last release was in 201122:59
GOldkingG4Operating System: Kubuntu 21.1022:59
GOldkingG4KDE Plasma Version: 5.22.522:59
GOldkingG4KDE Frameworks Version: 5.86.022:59
GOldkingG4Qt Version: 5.15.222:59
GOldkingG4Kernel Version: 5.13.0-28-generic (64-bit)22:59
GOldkingG4Graphics Platform: X1122:59
Maik!paste | GOldkingG422:59
ubottuGOldkingG4: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:59
Maikand with system specs i mean CPU, how much RAM23:00
GoldkingG4I have 7.6gb ram23:03
GoldkingG4Processors: 4 × Intel® Core™ i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz23:04
GoldkingG4Memory: 7.6 GiB of RAM23:04
GoldkingG4Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 62023:04
Maikshould be no problem then23:04
MaikKDE Plasma is fast enough23:04
Maikyou can play around with the Animation speed23:04
GoldkingG4any tipson how to speed up even more? Besides using bleachbit and clenase applications?23:05
GoldkingG4tips on*23:05
Maikbleachbit and cleaners aren't recommended to use23:06
Maikand they don't speed up your system23:06
GoldkingG4why? then what should I use andor use?23:07
MaikGoldkingG4: set the animation speed to instant if you want it to fly and use a ssd23:07
MaikGoldkingG4: such apps can do more harm that anything else, so bleachbit and cleaners aren't needed at all23:08
oerheksthose 2 urls give some options23:08
oerheksbut yes, intel hd620 is limited, still you can run youtube on it23:09
MaikGoldkingG4: linux isn't windows....23:09
Maikwith his specs Kubuntu should run just fine23:09
GoldkingG4I know23:10
Maikheck i can even run it on a old T410 with 4GB of RAM and a i5 processor23:10
GoldkingG4I just wanted to see if there were similar things23:10
oerheks7.6 gb tells me you have selected the max shared memory for video, that is oke23:10
oerheksuse those tips, or be happy with it23:11
GoldkingG4alright thanks guys23:11
MaikGoldkingG4: get it out of your head that you need bleachbit or cleaner apps23:11
GoldkingG4by the way,can I change the taskbar color without installing any themes?23:16
oerheksmaybe, by editting the current theme?23:17
GoldkingG4how do I do that? Im such a noob23:18
oerheksnever done such, maybe this page is any help https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kate/katepart/color-themes.html23:19
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oerheksor https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/h91mi3/how_to_change_taskbar_color_without_changing_any/23:21
oerheksit needs to edit a css file, good luck!23:22

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