LubuntuUserDoes anyone know how I can install my lubuntu on my usb hdd in the installer only my internal drive shows up03:25
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BlackMagehow names the default panel in lxqt?12:40
kc2bezThe package name for the panel is lxqt-panel12:50
BlackMagehow i can fix the language choose?12:53
BlackMageit is ever openend down right at the screen12:53
BlackMageeven at the start12:54
BlackMagehow names the config`12:54
BlackMagein user directory12:56
kc2bezYou have gone past my knowledge here. I only know English. Perhaps someone that changes their language selection will be along to help. 12:57
kc2bezI would look to do it in the graphical interface rather than a configuration file. Sometimes changing a configuration file on a running system does not work well. 12:58
kc2bezThe system will revert back to the last thing selected in the graphical interface. 13:00
BlackMagethe language choose suddenly appears somewhere and won't go away!!13:00
BlackMagewhen i kill lxqt-panel all is gone13:00
BlackMagebut when i reopen it, the language choices reappear where they don't belong at all13:01
kc2bezYou can try right clicking and add a panel back or just restart in the terminal and it should return. 13:01
kc2bezI am not familiar with the language selection process. 13:02
BlackMageyes the panel returns with all the misplaced language selections that I can't get rid of13:03
BlackMagei use only english13:03
BlackMageokay, i try a logout13:04

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