PeGaSuSwhat am I doing wrong here: https://pastebin.pixelizez.com/view/1a1359dd17:41
santiPeGaSuS: I believe it should be right after the wifis17:55
santisorry, after the wifi interface17:55
santiPeGaSuS: you're adding it inside the `access-points` configuration.17:56
PeGaSuSsanti: oh. let me test it quickly.17:56
santiProbably the access point object does not expect a "dhcp4" key, so it throws an error.17:57
PeGaSuSoh, right. I see I can't set `addresses` inside each access point either?17:57
santiPeGaSuS: probably, I guess it is a property of the interface.18:00
santiIf you type `man netplan` and search for access-points, it says:18:01
santiThis provides pre-configured connections to NetworkManager.  Note that users can of course  select  other18:01
santi              access points/SSIDs.  The keys of the mapping are the SSIDs, and the values are mappings with the follow‚Äź18:01
santi              ing supported propertiesYyes18:01
santiSo you have, in json `{SSIDNAME:{key:val1,key2:val2...}}` and neither addresses nor dhcp4 are properties of that object18:02
santiPeGaSuS: 18:02
santiDoes it make sense PeGaSuS ?18:05
PeGaSuSkind of, yes18:06
santiyou're welcome, ask any question =) PeGaSuS 18:14

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