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ahasenackgood morning12:53
ahasenackare the dep8 tests for the excuses page really queued? I uploaded nfs-utils on the 16th, and the test still hasn't run13:08
ahasenackand others after that ran already13:09
ahasenackfor example https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/n/nfs-utils/jammy/s390x13:09
ahasenackthere are tests run on the 17th13:09
ahasenackI listed s390x because that's usually the fastest one to run13:15
* ahasenack triggers a test run manually to see if it runs or gets queued for ages14:33
ahasenackmy manual trigger ran :/ https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/n/nfs-utils/jammy/s390x14:48
ahasenackso previous tests are stuck?14:48
ahasenackjuliank: you seem to be the one lately working in dep8 tests, can you take a look? nfs-utils seems stuck for days, but a manual trigger like above that I did just now started and ran quickly14:49
ahasenackit's saying "Test in progress" for two days now: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#nfs-utils14:49
juliankahasenack: sometimes tests get lost14:51
juliankahasenack: I can retry all running tests on !amd64 !arm6414:52
ahasenackwhy exclude those two? Queues too large?14:53
juliankI could retry the others in the huge queue and filter out duplicates14:53
juliankI can't filter duplicates across queues14:53
ahasenackI need all of the run or else it won't migrate ;)14:53
juliankMaybe I should rewrite the code to deduplicate across normal and huge14:54
juliankOne day I'll make it so it doesn't schedule duplicate tests14:55
juliankahasenack: so nfs-utils is not listed as in progress14:57
ahasenackit is in the excuses page :/14:57
juliankahasenack: something is broken on britney it seems14:58
juliankahasenack: Sorry I don't know what's happening there, retry-autopkgtest-regressions is broken14:59
juliankurllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found14:59
juliankif I pass -sjammy i get results, but nfs-utils is not RUNNING14:59
juliankbut I see it RUNNING in the yaml15:00
juliank$ grep nfs-utils running15:00
juliankrun-autopkgtest -s jammy -a amd64 --trigger=rpcbind/1.2.6-2build1 nfs-utils15:00
juliankis all it produces15:00
juliankahasenack: oops, wrong argument, I passed --series RUNNING not --state RUNNING15:03
juliankahasenack: I think they got lost in the rabbitmq restart, fwiw; seems britney thought they were submitted for some reason (rabbitmq should have blocked it)15:12
ahasenackit's probably not the only one in this state15:12
juliankahasenack: everything should be queued now15:24
juliankdebci-huge-jammy-arm64  61915:26
juliankdebci-huge-jammy-amd64  478415:26
juliank^ huge queue sizes now15:26
juliankso about 1000 packages requeued on amd6415:27
ahasenackjuliank: thanks16:46

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