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guivercG'day folks... in case you see/hear issues about Lubuntu infrastructure (manual, discourse, phab, in fact any lubuntu.me page/link)... we started a move a number of hours ago that is expected to many hours/days. 08:01
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donnieanyone have anything cool i can try in ubuntu. I work in IT but thats 99 percent windows with hardly any linux so i wanted to try something new. I dont mind command line and i'm not afraid to break the system. I'm of the mind that if i break it too bad there is someone that can fix it or i can just reinstall. 15:24
donnieI backup data to a nas so i wont lose anything. 15:25
leftyfbdonnie: if you were to ask me, bash, lxd and ansible15:25
tomreynmaybe apt, too15:26
donniesee I know what those are but i've never used them very much. 15:26
tomreynwindows 11 will finally have something kind of like package management integrated by default15:26
tomreynbut just for additional software, not the OS itself15:27
donniei've used windows 11 it's kinda annoying really. it moved everything around and hid some stuff from the everyday user. 15:27
donniemakes it very difficult from and IT perspective15:27
tomreynthis wasn't supposed to be a recommendation15:27
tomreynmore like "20 years later they almost arrived there, too"15:28
donnietomreyn, sorry about that15:28
tomreynheh, no need to be sorry there15:28
donnieso I gotta ask. Mint or Ubuntu?15:30
tomreynthat's up to you, we really only disucss ubuntu on ubuntu channels usually15:31
donnieI used mint before but I find it's not quite different enough from windows. I found it hard to change the themes too. but that might have been a me problem15:31
donniethat makes sense. never thought of it that way. I keep forgetting that mint is it's own thing and not just a ubuntu that looks different. 15:32
donnieso is there anything that i should do for a new install that isn't on the how to guides? 15:33
donnieI've googled a bit but usually it's the normal update stuff15:33
leftyfbdonnie: it's all personal preference and use case15:34
donniemakes sense. 15:35
donniei'm using it for an everyday computer15:35

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