daftykinsphew managed to roll back a client machine from Win 11 to 10, then apply the block... evidently they didn't move quick enough after i phoned in that it had begun getting pushed00:41
penguin42was 11 causing problems?00:57
daftykinsi won't be supporting it, given it's a clear unfinished experimentation on users... so they should all stay on 10 for now01:04
daftykinsthankfully most of their machines have older CPUs that aren't on the permitted list, so they got away with just 1 that had managed to upgrade01:05
diddledaniI need to find something to spend my nectar points on11:40
zxmpi_how many points do you have? 12:55
penguin4242 of course15:37
davefugh, can you guys keep the noise down?16:55
davefi'm clearly out of practice being hungover16:55
* davef puts his shades back on16:55
davefwent out last night with a group of friends, first time in almost two years. 16:57
* zxmpi_ plugs in ibm model m keyboard and starts typing my 10000 page manifesto :-P16:57

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