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-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 22.04 - amd64 - amd64 built.07:22
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 22.04 - amd64 - amd64 built.07:47
JackFrostbluesabre, knome: I think we need a release wallpaper, no?08:02
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 22.04 - amd64 - amd64 built.08:18
bluesabreJackFrost: yes indeedy12:50
bluesabreQuite a few in fact...12:50
bluesabreknome: It looks like it should be dead simple to spin up a new wallpaper contest. Should we just go ahead and do it?12:51
xu-contribute43wHi! I was just looking at Xubuntu to download the 22.04 ISO - I am just a user and not inolved in anything - XFCE gets out of my way beautifully for years. Thanks first!13:29
xu-contribute43wBUT  checking the site I got the feeling that XFCE is dead - no calendar items, generally many deadends on the website - so I would like to ask:13:30
xu-contribute43wis this project still alive?13:31
Maikxu-contribute43w: both xubuntu and xfce are alive13:35
xu-contribute43wAsking because I had hope that 22.04 will fix some annoyances like high cpu power usage of xorg with a  second display , network not working after wakeup from suspend, unability to cleanly unmount sdcards - this kind of very basic hardware problems. I still love XFCE minimalism, but after some time with 20.04 I really would like to enjoy a fully13:35
xu-contribute43wworking computer without paying "Linux Tax" - so wanted to try 22.04 if it is any better.13:35
Maiki find this the wrong channel to ask in because it's a developers channel, not a support channel13:36
xu-contribute43wThanks for the answer - will try 22.04 iso and try to report problems. Thanks for our engegement! I am so very much hoping for an actually working XFCE that wold not make me feel so underdoggish.13:37
xu-contribute43wNo  this is the right channel to ask, because you should note that your website makes users feel that the project is dead.13:38
xu-contribute43wGood Luck! Hope XFCE will finally wor like expected (last try really, before buying a mac...) Have a nice weekend!13:41
Christian_CubanHello community.22:03
JackFrostbluesabre: It's not too late for that?22:35
bluesabreJackFrost: nope, not yet!22:41
Christian_CubanOk, it works. I just thought I joined the wrong channel xD.22:41
JackFrostJust tends to be quiet.23:14
JackFrostbluesabre: I uploaded ~things~, -notifyd and ristretto would be of most note.  hddtemp is going away so sensors doesn't recommend it anymore.23:14

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