tank_Goof Afternoon. First time on IRC in years04:39
Bashing-omtank_: Welcome back - IRC is still here :D04:44
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JohnAaronRoseUsing journalctl, there are a lot of log messages fails on tracker-miner & tracker-store. Anybody know what they mean and how to stop them?10:50
xu-irc42wwhen i input chinese in xubuntu21.10,there is no choice window show。12:01
JohnAaronRosejournalctl shows lots of messages with fail titled tracker-store & tracker-mine. What are they?12:01
xu-irc42wcan anyone help me?12:02
gnrpxu-irc42w: Have a bit of patience. People don'T answer immediately here12:12
xu-irc42wok,thank you for your answer12:12
tomreynxu-irc42w: tracker is known to have a couple bugs, maybe you are seeing some of those. you could check this against the existing bug reports on launchpad12:46
tomreynxu-irc42w: but those messages can also be entirely benign, so it really depends on the very messages and their context12:46
tomreynxu-irc42w: if you don't require the 'fast GUI search' (search index based search) capabilities of tracker, you could probably just uninstall those packages.12:47
tomreynother than that, if they're not causing any problems other than the warning messages you saw, you coud also just keep things as they are.12:48
xu-irc42wtomreyn: i see the system-logs,but there is nothing13:20
tomreynxu-irc42w i am very sorry, i meant to direct all of the above to JohnAaronRose, not to you13:21
tomreynxu-irc42w: i'm afraid i don't know the answer to your question.13:22
xu-irc42wtomreyn: thank you,too13:22
tomreynJohnAaronRose: see what i wrote above about "tracker" to xu-irc42w, this was actually for you.13:23
JohnAaronRosetomreyn Thanks.16:49
blanketdsrI can't set tiling to the right and top properly17:51
blanketdsrCould you please help me?17:53

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