valorieand I got 6 eggs00:24
valoriehee haw!00:24
RikMillsvalorie: I have to but eggs now. I was getting them free as my sister had tto many frpm their chickens, but a small 'fox incident' put an end to that for now :/00:26
RikMills*to buy00:26
valoriedamn fox!00:26
RikMillsok. too many typos there. shows my brain needs sleeps00:27
valorieall of ours years ago were killed and eaten by raccoons and opposums00:27
valoriesleep well!00:27
valoriethey have only 7 hens, and in a small movable enclosure00:27
valorieso far, safe from all the varmints including eagles and hawks00:28
RikMillsomg, it always seems like locations = not the UK have sooooooooooooooo many more predators to worry about than we do!00:30
RikMillsour wildlife must look tame00:31
valoriewe live in what was woods 50 years ago00:32
valorieand it's still rather woodsy00:32
RikMillsand with that, good night :D 00:32
valoriesweet dreams00:32
valoriewe see elk frequently, wild rabbits00:33
valoriehear coyotes howling in the summer00:33
valoriealthough more and more houses are going in; less room for the elk00:34

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