paramikehello I'm having issues with the latest LTS version ... when I install then update my computer comes up to a black screen ... is this an easy thing to fix ???01:14
paramike121 people here ... hello ???01:16
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Hi01:36
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Laptop or desktop?01:36
IrcsomeBot<impartial_just> Well, I have a same issue before. It’s happen sometimes when you install or the updated software having problem with qt. (I guess) You can check if this is a problem of plasma or the system’s problem by trying different environments such like gnome, cinnamon, xfce4, etc. (re @IrcsomeBot: <paramike> hello I'm having issues with the latest LTS version ... when I install then update my computer comes up to a black screen ... is this a02:57
IrcsomeBot<impartial_just> (The last it happened to me, I just uninstall a widget in plasma, then it fix: )02:58
IrcsomeBot<impartial_just> But, there are a lot of causes of this problem.02:59
user|86I seem to have a problem with KDE based distros03:20
user|86Like Kubuntu, and I also tried MX linux KDE to make sure, and same problem03:20
user|86Basically when I install VS code or Atom on KDE and I log into my github03:21
oerhekswe only support Kubuntu03:21
user|86The moment I close VS code or Atom editor, it logs out03:22
user|86And I need to sign into github again the next time I open VS code or Atom03:22
user|86Yes, sir, I am using Kubuntu03:22
user|86I need to sign into github on VS code or Atom every time I open either of these applications03:23
user|86Is there an intended reason for that? or am I doing something wrong?03:24
oerheksgit config --global credential.helper cache # might work to store credentials  https://www.tecmint.com/fix-git-user-credentials-for-https/#:~:text=To%20prevent%20Git%20from%20asking,in%20the%20URL%20as%20shown.&text=The%20main%20drawback%20of%20this,in%20the%20Shell%20history%20file.03:28
oerheksother page; https://www.codegrepper.com/code-examples/shell/stay+logged+in+to+git+terminal03:29
oerheksfor Atom, no idea03:30
user|86Thanks a lot, sir03:34
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IrcsomeBot<Channel_Bot> 108:23
Silver67Hello,how can I boost up my kde? I have 3gb ram10:24
Maikupgrade your ram then10:27
Maikor to speed it up set the Animation speed to Instant10:27
Maikthat's all you can do10:27
Maikto run Kubuntu or any of the ubuntu flavors properly you at least need 4GB RAM10:28
Maikbut how higher the better10:29
MaikSilver67: ^10:29
Silver67No more tips?10:30
Maiknope, that's it10:31
Maikor switch to another DE10:31
Maikor distro/flavor10:31
MaikSilver67: lubuntu or xubuntu are more suited for your system i guess10:32
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alkisgSilver67: you can also switch to debian/kde/32bit, as 32bit needs 40% less ram than 64bit10:51
alkisgkde is a bit lighter than xubuntu nowadays10:51
alkisg(wrt ram usage)10:51
alkisglubuntu < kubuntu < xubuntu < mate < gnome. It used to be that kubuntu was heavier than mate, but not anymore10:52
Maikalkisg: i don't agree that kde is lighter than xubuntu with xfce.10:55
alkisgMaik: well, that's what `free` showed in my tests10:56
alkisgI tested "freshly booted system" and "with firefox", the results was what I wrote above10:56
Maikxubuntu when idle uses about 490MB of RAM10:57
Maikkubuntu about 78010:58
Maikthey left anyway i see10:59
alkisgMaik, which version are you testing with? I tested with 20.0411:01
* alkisg re-tests with 21.10 live CDs..11:01
alkisgxubuntu: 442/731 (at boot/with firefox), kubuntu: 490/818 => you're right, in 21.10 kubuntu is indeed a bit heavier. I don't remember if I had tested with live CDs or installed systems...11:07
alkisgbullseye/kde/32bit (installed system): 396/658 (debian is a bit heavier than kubuntu, but 32bit makes it lighter)11:12
Maikalkisg: Kubuntu 22.0411:18
Maikhow much resources are used also depends on on which system/hardware you are running a distro on11:24
Maiki have a old netbook with 1GB RAM on which Debian 11 XFCE uses about 230 to 290 MB11:25
Maikand that's 32bit11:25
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alkisgSure, my tests are all done in the same VM, with the same RAM etc12:02
bastiaanfor old PC's with low hardware specs I've used Trinity Desktop Environment, which is a fork of the old KDE 3.514:19
bastiaantogether with debian14:19
alkisgIn truth, any advantage of 50MB-100MB RAM due to the DE, are insignificant when one loads a browser that needs 1GB+...14:22
IrcsomeBot<Anonim> Hello, Kubuntu lovers!14:37
xingwozhonghua__Kubuntu can not be installed in vMware, because the installer does not have a desktop icon at the time of installation, can someone reproduce it?14:47
Maikxingwozhonghua__: which version of Kubuntu?16:14
user|10bonjour je ne réussi pas ,a détecter le perpherique de son 00:0e.0 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation Celeron N3350/Pentium N4200/Atom E3900 Series Audio Cluster (rev 0b)16:52
user|10avez-vous une solution merci16:52
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:53
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user|591. How can I install kubuntu on my old macbook with disk on key (not CD)19:49
Maikif you already flashed the usb stick with Kubuntu19:52
user|592. Can I download the Kubuntu ISO file to a Mac  and install it on my other macbook (old one)19:53
Maikuser|59: read that manual19:56
Maikstart from the beginning19:57

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