dragon_I installed  Telegram from browser, can I remove it?01:42
oerhekstelegram-web? or the snap version?01:44
oerhekssnap remove telegram01:44
dragon_desktop version02:04
dragon_I sort of gave it up02:04
dragon_what kind of heks?02:04
dragon_this one02:05
dragon_I have given up on Telegram, can`t be bothered anymore. The confirmation code never arrives 02:06
dragon_I have tried sudo apt-get remove Telegram02:06
dragon_did not work02:06
oerheksregister in your browser.. on your phone?02:07
oerheksthen install the snap https://snapcraft.io/telegram-desktop02:07
dragon_it dowloads as an app for the blue click on thing then appears under menu-internet02:08
dragon_from* not for02:08
oerheksfor non-phone users, maybe this trick still works https://www.techbout.com/telegram-without-phone-number-57005/02:08
dragon_I have no idea why the code doesnt arrive on my phone though02:09
oerheksdunno either, in your mail maybe?02:10
dragon_nothing and no reply form their support form nor twitter 02:11
oerheksmaybe tomorrow, good luck!02:13
dragon_I have been at it all week, I don`t expect much to happen02:14
dragon_now, I try to remove it02:14
lubot[telegram] <matkoniecz> Where I can report misconfiguration in default systemd settings?09:43
lubot[telegram] <matkoniecz> Lubuntu, by default, waits with boot until network connection succeeds or fails which is quite pointless and noticeably increases boot time.09:44
lubot[telegram] <matkoniecz> See https://gist.github.com/matkoniecz/27031a4918944cb556e1742930e6d927 (12s->6s for time measured by systemd-analyze critical-chain)09:46
Maik@matkoniecz i guess you'll have to look on their website where to file bug reports09:52
guiverc@matkoniecz, systemd is Ubuntu maintained (part of base system), not Lubuntu specific.09:59
Maikin that case he has to report it at ubuntu's end on Launchpad10:02
SkyTokennice stuff11:09
dragon_has anyone tried microsoft teams app?19:21
dragon_I cannot run it in browser19:21
dragon_I get "cannot detect dependencies" when I try to install the app from browser19:22
dragon_I struggle a bit videconferances in lubuntu19:22
Maikdragon_: you were given a link on how to install the teams app on linux the last time you asked19:29
dragon_I have been through all the steps several times over19:29
dragon_There are hickups with the Teams registration and login, and I suspect it has something to do with area blocks or just technical issues19:30
Maikthen i don't know, i never used the teams app and never will19:31
dragon_I have put Teams aside for a while19:31
dragon_I have contacted Teams, and there aren`t any support replies 19:31
Maikprobably will take a while before they respond19:32
dragon_are you using any vide coference software?19:32
Maikme? No, i don't19:32
dragon_At work they use Teams19:32
Maikbecause they are forced to i guess19:33
dragon_something like that19:33
Maikmaybe dual boot windows with Lubuntu or run windows in a VM19:33
dragon_the weird thing is where I used to work, chrome books and less than ideal it department19:34
dragon_skype used to work in lubuntu, but it`s years since I used it19:35
dragon_I have to look into this19:35
dragon_I could ask in Ubuntu, more users there19:40
heavyglowhi there, i am trying to download the intel iso for 20.04 lts release but it's only listing the amd image file20:54
heavyglowim on lubuntu.me/download trying to get the torrent file20:54
tomreynheavyglow: is "amd64" what you're reading there?20:55
tomreynif so, that's also for current intel desktop / laptop cpus20:55
heavyglowyes will that work on intel laptop i320:55
heavyglowok thanks for your help20:55
tomreynwhere "current" refers to most computers of the past 10 years20:56
tomreyni3 should be 64-bits, should be fine20:56
heavyglowyeah i guess added 64bit so it makes sense haha20:56

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