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Fantuhi, freeipmi migration from proposed is blocked by an autotestpkg regression (https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#freeipmi) anyway on debian I not saw it and from a fast look to log I don't understand if there is a real issue, I tried to retry the failed test but tell I don't have the permission, can someone try to retry it please?11:09
ginggsFantu: .11:44
Fantuginggs thanks for reply, "." stay for what?11:48
ginggsFantu: i retried the autopkgtest12:11
ginggsbut it seems to have failed again12:14
ahasenackwaveform: hi, do I need both the new debhelper and debconf?16:53
waveformahasenack, no just the debconf -- the debhelper fix is just for the building of the package itself (i.e. it affects the prerm, preinst, etc. of the slapd package but doesn't interact with the running of those scripts)17:10
ahasenackI saw a note in the bug that debhelper was just uploaded, but I thought it had landed already17:11
ahasenackI guess it migrated, ah17:11
waveformyup -- debconf contains dpkg-reconfigure and defines which of the maintainer scripts are run during dpkg-reconfigure (this previously excluded preinst, which is now important after the fix in debhelper)17:11
ahasenackwaveform: so I don't need to rebuild it with the new debconf, just try it again with the new debconf?17:11
waveformnope, no need to rebuild -- just install debconf (to get the updated dpkg-reconfigure) and see if that does the trick17:13
ahasenackwaveform: it worked, I updaded the bug17:16
waveformahasenack, lovely! I'll stick a debdiff on there and see if I can find a sponsor17:16
ginggswaveform: i'll take a look18:05
waveformginggs, thanks!18:06
ginggswaveform: sponsored18:26
roehlingis there a way to retrigger a failed build (in particular, the s390x build of filament) if the failure was fixed by an updated dependency (in this case, glslang)?21:08
Eickmeyerroehling: You should be able to trigger a rebuild on Launchpad if the dependency is updated.21:45
Eickmeyerroehling: I just retriggered the build for you. :)21:46
roehlingThank you :)21:46

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