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cthulchuhuh, I so got used to iterm2 and it's not available for Ubuntu, unfortunately. Would you folks suggest a terminal with a similar window/tab management as there, plus the quick windows-style copy/paste in the terminal?00:29
leftyfbcthulchu: I personally like terminator. But this really isn't a support question and asking for opinions on software only gets you multiple answers based on personal preference(not yours ). You can try #ubuntu-offtopic for a list of terminal emulators to try or you could just search the ubuntu app store and try them out yourself and pick the one you like the best00:33
adoneyhola, al iniciar no tengo problemas, pero cuando cierro sesion y vuelve a la pantalla de inicio de sesion se me queda en negro, tambien cuando se suspende y trato de encenderlo00:34
adoneypor si hay alguna forma de arreglar ese problema00:34
leftyfb!es | adoney00:34
ubottuadoney: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:34
trafficjamwhat's a good scp alternative that copies the entire directory all at once?00:59
tomreyntrafficjam: sftp01:01
trafficjamway better, thanks01:02
Guest9220Hello guys01:07
Guest9220anyone online?01:08
tomreyn!ask | Guest922001:08
ubottuGuest9220: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:08
Guest9220how do you install git on mate desktop?01:09
kenperkins@cthulchu, I use terminator, I've also got alacritty01:09
Guest9220i have mate 1.2.001:10
Guest9220could anyone help? I've been searching this out for a really really long time, and haven't found any success.01:10
Bashing-om!git focal | Guest922001:11
Guest9220@Bashing-om can you guide me? i'm a beginner.01:12
Bashing-omGuest9220: The only experiences I have with "git" is the version control system from our repo. does ' apt show git ' reflect what you want ?01:13
Guest9220The program 'apt' can be found in the following packages:01:14
Guest9220This is what it says01:14
Guest9220and when i do apt-get install git, it says installing packages, and just says failed at the end.01:15
Bashing-omGuest9220: Well seems you are not then running ubuntu as your operating system - as "apt" is the default package manager in ubuntu.01:15
Guest9220oh okay..01:15
Guest9220E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?01:16
Guest9220This is what it says at the end of the command..01:16
Bashing-omGuest9220: Show the channel in a pastebin what you are running - and perhaps we cn guide you the better. pastebin the output of ' lsb_release -a ' .01:16
Bashing-om!paste | Guest922001:17
ubottuGuest9220: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:17
Bashing-omGuest9220: Still with us - or have I lost you somewhere ?01:21
Guest9220@Bashing-om i'm there.01:25
Bashing-omGuest9220: ^ waiting to see the paste ^ of what you are running before we continue here.01:27
Guest9220@Bashing-om here's the link01:42
oerheksoneiric... that is old man, EOL, dead jim01:42
oerheksupgrade to a supported ubuntu version01:43
oerheksor better; do a fresh 20.04 install01:43
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see https://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.01:43
Guest9220so, you can't install git on this OS?01:44
oerheksnope, it is dead.01:44
oerheks2013 .. ages ago01:45
Guest9220But i was working on a project, which'd support only this version..01:45
Guest9220That's why i was trying01:45
oerhekssorry, ask your project to give good stuff01:45
Guest9220Alright. Thanks for the info.01:46
Guest9220Actually i was trying out this Anonymous-OS01:46
oerhekswe do only ubuntu01:47
Guest9220Yeah it's like a cheaper version of Ubuntu, The OS is ubuntu, but it just has the name Anonymous OS..01:47
oerheksit has nothing to do with ubuntu, even if they use *our* repositories01:48
Guest9220It has some tools pre-built like HOIC, LOIC, Admin Finder, SQL and some others too01:48
Guest9220Just found it pretty interesting..01:48
rafaelsoaresbrYou can temporary use old-releases.ubuntu.com in your mirrorlist01:48
oerhekshoic and loic are hacking tools01:49
oerheksrafaelsoaresbr, not for such old versions, one gets stuck01:49
oerheksreinstall a good version, good luck!01:49
Guest9220Okay. Thanks01:50
inhahe_Hi, how do I stop Ubuntu from asking for my password every time I leave for a minute and come back?01:50
oerheksinhahe_, systemsettings > power blank screen  to 'never'01:51
cthulchufolks, how do you read this? eval "$(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv)"01:56
cthulchueval implies execution, but what is $?01:56
trafficjamwhat's this "start request repeated too quickly" systemd error?01:58
oerheksyou repeatedly try to start it, while once would do01:59
trafficjamso another systemd process is doing this?02:00
trafficjami don't think so, because i've disabled the only other service which mentions this one02:00
oerhekslimit it by adding StartLimitInterval=30 to your service file https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35452591/start-request-repeated-too-quickly02:01
trafficjamthanks, i'll try that02:01
inhahe_how do I see the update progress of UpdateManager?02:02
inhahe_i think it's downloading but i have no idea how much longer it has02:02
trafficjamoerheks: hmm it's still throwing that error when i restart and look at status02:03
oerheksinhahe_, usually you see it on your screen,?02:03
oerhekstrafficjam, what service exactly02:03
trafficjamoerheks: a service i wrote to run docker-compose02:03
inhahe_oerheks: i can't find it anywhere on my screen, but when I try "shutdown now" it says Operation inhibited by "UpdateManager"02:04
inhahe_oh, i found it02:04
inhahe_i think it was under 'activities'02:04
fowlcan multipass run a vm for another CPU architecture?02:13
oerhekshttps://ubuntu.com/server/docs/virtualization-multipass i think so02:15
inteloI am on ubuntu lts 20.x. having xfce,xubuntu desktop, awesomeWM. I want to remove all the UI/GUI , desktop, apps, everything then reinstall it again. What is best way to do it?  after that i will reinstall xfce and awesomeWM. The reason I am doing is to remove xorg, apps, get rid of broken/misconfigured apps/things that bload/slow down and make02:28
intelosystem bugy, crash etc.02:28
intelosudo apt-purge remove xorg* xfce* xubuntu* ?02:28
oerheksdo a fresh install, no way telling what will happen02:28
intelooerheks I have a lot of configs actually. fish, awesome, vim, keybindings (caps with escape key), fish history.. the list goes on.02:29
inteloI don't want to loose those02:29
inteloand those are cli baseed02:29
inteloso if I remove gui, it won't matter02:29
leftyfbintelo: that's what backups are for02:30
inteloleftyfb don't have one02:30
leftyfbintelo: backup your configs from your $HOME and you'll be fine. Just be sure to only restore the configs you know you want to restore. Do not just dump your home back02:31
inteloI see02:31
leftyfbintelo: if you do not have a backup, then the data is unimportant02:31
intelodata backups are there. configs backupsare not02:31
leftyfbintelo: you should just be backing up everything in /home/user/02:32
inteloeven if I did.. it would be a system backup as many configs are 'in the system'. e.g /etc02:32
inteloleftyfb so it won't go in /home. will it? (wondering)02:32
inteloleftyfb thats why I thought best to remove gui. upgrade, backup, install gui02:33
intelowhat do you think?02:33
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leftyfbintelo: most personal backups are done in home. System level configs are in /etc/. Regardless, backup /home/user and /etc. My machine which has way more configs then you probably ever will has the entire /etc at only 18M02:34
inteloIf I could get rid  of browsers or console based browsers or some ligth weight ones. that shows videos. I would just ditch gui altogether02:34
inteloleftyfb I see02:34
Guest1751Client: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz (2.90GHz) • Memory: Physical: 8.7 GiB Total (7.8 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 13.1 GB / 51.3 GB (38.3 GB Free) • VGA: VMware SVGA II Adapter @ Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX Host bridge • Uptime: 6m 19s02:34
inteloleftyfb so how do you take system backups?02:36
leftyfbintelo: rsync02:36
inteloI see02:37
inteloleftyfb only /home and /etc backup needed? nothing else?02:37
leftyfbintelo: mostly, but depends on your needs02:37
inteloleftyfb what might be a case wheni would need tohave  backups of more places?02:38
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leftyfbintelo: if you have any interest log files in in /var/log02:38
inteloleftyfb when I would reinstall the os, should I do ubuntu-server and install xfce OR I should install xubuntu-desktop?02:40
leftyfbintelo: nor sure why you would do the former02:41
inteloto make it as minimal as possible?02:41
oerheks'should' .. do it the hard way or the easy peasy way02:41
leftyfbintelo: your call. But you are lucky to see a few hundred MB difference02:42
leftyfb1GB tops. Though I'm just guessing02:42
oerheksat least with that bios update you have a more stable system02:42
inteloleftyfb rsync -avziP etc backup   ?02:42
leftyfbintelo: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-rsync-to-sync-local-and-remote-directories02:43
intelooerheks yes. not sure to make my 32k Mhz ram  be 32k in bios or 26k (default value there)02:43
inteloleftyfb I know but what do you do?02:43
intelothe rsync options02:43
inteloI want to read as sudoer but paste as normal user. don't know how to do that with rsync02:44
inteloleftyfb also, that reminds me. I have full disk encryption. THe disk I am taking backup is also encrypted. the both get auto mount on startup by same passphrase. I forgot where the setting was. in /etc?  will that mess anythign ?02:46
oerheksencrypted disks automount on startup, interesting02:48
oerhekshow would we know?02:48
oerhekshow do you store credentials?02:48
intelooerheks I don't store creds anywhere02:49
inteloI type it at start02:49
oerheksoke, that is good.02:50
inteloI also wanted to have dual booth and have freebsd and xubuntu on same disk but then I won't be able to do "full disk ecryption" for either of the OSes. BUt thats an other topic I guess02:50
intelooerheks so I am good?02:50
intelooerheks reinstalling won't cause any issue?02:51
inteloto the existing disk that is encrypting and at the time getting my backups being pasted in it02:51
inteloleftyfb don't you think if I repaste /etc again there. It will reproduce same issues again. as /etc will have the problematic configs of xorg or maybe somethign else?02:55
* intelo waits02:56
inhahe_I think it's weird that ubuntu doesn't come with make or gcc. not that I know much about linux.03:01
inhahe_just seems like something everyone would need03:01
oerheksbuild tools are not standard, by design03:04
oerheksbut you can03:04
intelooerheks leftyfb I don't plan to hold anyone responsible for loss (if any) so you can freely tell me your thoughts :)03:04
oerhekscertainly not anyone needs gcc or git03:05
jhutchinsinhahe_: Some people really need it, other people can go years without touching it.03:37
jhutchinsinhahe_: If you're building a public facing server, one of the first rules is no build tools.03:37
inhahe_It seems like every time I've used linux I've needed to build stuff right away, and I'm not even an expert. But I guess I only use linux when I want to run some software project that's only available forit03:42
KBarinhahe_: do you have Ubuntu-related questions?03:45
inhahe_KBar: right now i'm wondering how to make a shortcut to Chrome on my desktop03:47
inhahe_oh nevermind, it's there03:47
inhahe_no questions atm03:48
yrdsbhow do i install cinnamon on ubuntu04:36
lotus|TUXyrdsb: sudo apt install cinnamon04:38
lotus|TUXyrdsb: https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-cinnamon-desktop-installation04:38
lotus|TUXcinnamon-desktop-environment that is04:39
KBaryrdsb: be aware that you won't be able to undo this action04:41
lotus|TUXaka frankenubuntu04:41
KBarlotus|TUX: yep, thats the most accurate description04:54
lotus|TUXKBar: installing desktops easy, purge a bit harder04:55
KBarreverse "difficult to build, hard to destroy"04:57
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jayFiddsIs it safe to install & use KDE plasma 5.24 on Ubuntu 21:1011:03
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terminalpusherHello, in /var/log/apt/history.log it says the history for all package updates I've done. I have an entry with `Start-Date: 2022-02-19  10:12:52` and `End-Date: 2022-02-19  10:14:25`. How do I undo the package updates/changes done in that period?13:01
terminalpushermakes you think what those logs are for when you cant make use of them13:18
Assidso i upgraded to  21.10 on the raspberry pi .. and i see that imagick has support for heic in this.. however, my nextcloud instance isnt able to work with this.. anyone have any clue as to whats wrong?13:25
jancoowHi; Can I install this package https://packages.ubuntu.com/impish/printer-driver-ptouch on an older version of ubunut?13:47
ioriajancoow, define 'old', please13:49
jancoowI'm on 20.0413:50
ioria!info printer-driver-ptouch  focal13:50
ubottuprinter-driver-ptouch (1.4.2-3, focal): printer driver Brother P-touch label printers. In component main, is optional. Built by ptouch-driver. Size 25 kB / 66 kB13:50
ioriajancoow, yes, you can13:50
jancoowCan you guide me how?13:50
ioriajancoow,  you just apt install pkgname13:51
jancoowthis installs version 1.4.2-3 . I need version 1.6-213:51
jancoowThat's why I linked that version :)13:52
ioriai see13:52
ioriajancoow,  idk why you need that  specific ver, but you can make it from souce (https://github.com/philpem/printer-driver-ptouch) or try the snap ghostscript-printer-app13:53
jancoowI did compile it from source, but cups does not pick the driver up then..13:54
jancoowThis older version does not work with my printer, and on Arch version 1.6-2 works fine13:54
jancoowSo I need to install version 1.6-2 on ubuntu13:54
jancoowmmh, installing from dpkg worked13:59
jancoowwith manually downloading the files !13:59
jancoowgreat, but what a hassle :/14:00
krytarikWell, if you like rolling releases better, then just stick with Arch?14:02
ioriathat's very weird, because it wants libc6 >= 2.34  and focal is 2.3114:03
jancoowkrytarik I was not arguing arch vs ubuntu,  I was more like why can't I specifiy if I want an newer version which seems to be available for a newer version of ubuntu14:04
jancoowI was just mentioning Arch to  make clear that specific version of the printer driver works fine with my printer, so I needed that version too on Ubuntu :)14:06
coconutjancoow, that's because the sync system of packages in linux, it always has been like that14:06
jancoowcoconut ah okay, maybe I don't understand that properly then14:06
ioriajancoow, did it complain about the libc6 mismatching ?14:07
ioriajancoow, can you please, paste  'apt-cache policy printer-driver-ptouch' ?14:10
jancoowioria to be clear, the problem is solved now :) So not sure what you are after?14:11
jancoowit shows installed: 1.6-214:11
ioriajancoow, ok14:11
jancoowioria Im happy to help if you want to sort something out14:11
jancoowJust wanted to make clear it does work now :)14:11
ioriajancoow, no, thank you ... no problem14:12
jancoowoki, thanks for the help man!14:12
ioriafunny, i got  printer-driver-ptouch : Depends: libc6 (>= 2.34) but 2.31-0ubuntu9.3 is to be installed14:16
jancoowhow/where did you get that?14:16
ioriajancoow, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/ptouch-driver/14:17
jancoowI've downloaded the .tar.gz and .dsc file manually from https://packages.ubuntu.com/impish/printer-driver-ptouch and used https://packages.ubuntu.com/impish/printer-driver-ptouch14:17
jancoowdpkg-buildpackage -b -d -uc -us *14:17
ioriaah, ok14:17
ioriajancoow, you rebuild it14:18
ioriajancoow, now it's all clear14:18
jancoowHowever building it from the repository itself did not reload cups or something14:19
jancoowI'm still unsure why..14:19
ioriajancoow, sorry for the noise14:19
jancoowno worries!14:19
ice9every time when I unlock the screen after being locked for few mins, the screen keeps OFF for while then the whole system freezes and I have to hard reset: here is a log from previous boot if it's helpfull: https://termbin.com/15vq14:25
jancoowdo you see the login screen?14:28
jancoowCan you still switch to a different tty?14:28
eoli3nwhy does zfs root have a limit on /boot dataset ?14:30
ice9jancoow, not at all, the screen is literally turned off14:42
jancoowice9 I've the same problem with my nvidia card / 4k screen14:43
jancoowbut not sure if it's related. I can switch to another TTY tho14:43
dostoyevsky2I just installed ubuntu touch on my phone... was wondering if there is a channel here for that...  Really wondering how one can write apps that support touch14:44
Inteloleftyfb I have reinstalled xubuntu14:49
InteloQuestion to all? what file executes scripts 'aft'er gui is loaded. I want to do few things like 'redshift and launch few browsers/ apps' at each start up14:50
eoli3ni changed compress to "xz" in initramfs.conf, how to regenerate all initramfs ?14:55
eoli3nfound "sudo update-initramfs -c -k all", but should i rm previous initrd before ?14:55
alkisgIntelo: see the desktop files at /etc/xdg/autostart15:01
Inteloalkisg I see15:01
Inteloalkisg what is xgd?15:02
Inteloalkisg I planto  use awesomeWM, will that work with it?15:02
Inteloalkisg and what you said is in /etc  but I want it for eachuser.15:02
alkisgIntelo: read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedesktop.org for what freedesktop = xdg is15:03
alkisgThe stuff in /etc works for all users. While under /home/username they only work for a single user15:03
alkisgI don't know if awesomewm is compliant to the specs, but that directory works in anything that is compliant15:04
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Intelo                  so in which directory do I need to put script and what to write in that script? alkisg15:05
alkisgIntelo: put your local scripts in /usr/local/bin/script-here. Then call them from /etc/xdg/autostart/some-name.desktop15:05
alkisgWhat to write? Whatever commands you want to run on startup for every user15:05
alkisgThey will be executed after login15:05
Inteloredshift -O 3000;  launch chromium15:06
KBarI'd rather recommend placing them in your own home directory: $HOME/.local/bin should suffice. There is also a GUI that allows you to create new autostart items.15:07
KBarAll without needing superuser privileges.15:07
alkisgKBar: "for all users"15:07
KBaralkisg: ah, pardon me. I guess I missed that part.15:08
alkisgUnless I misunderstood; Intelo you want these commands to run for every user, not just for you, right?15:08
Inteloonly me15:09
KBarYeah, I think ~/.local/bin is a good location for that.15:09
Inteloso what do  I put there?15:10
Intelowhat exactly?15:10
Inteloyou said 'placing them'. what is 'them'?15:10
KBarIntelo: well, depends on what you want to achieve.15:11
Inteloredshift -O 3000;15:11
Inteloformar is a command15:11
KBarredshift already has its config file though?15:11
Intelolatter is also command of a browser15:11
KBarIntelo: just two lines, ill show you. hang on15:11
InteloKBar I want it to run via commands. actually I will add more commands that relate to gui or cli later15:11
Intelobut I need a mechanism15:12
Inteloand to understand first that how it workds15:12
InteloKBar ok!15:12
Inteloalso, i just reinstalled os. I just need to copy paste my old ssh key to the new location? thats all? no other commands needed?15:13
KBarIntelo: something like this: https://pastebin.com/DKuAKUDR and create a new autostart entry. if you are on GNOME, just search for the 'startup applications' app or whatever it might be called on your system/language15:13
Intelopastebin link is not working15:13
S4nt1mawesome wm has .config/awesome/autorun.sh also15:13
S4nt1mit runs that script at startup15:13
KBarIntelo: iirc yes, just copy paste should work. i know pgp keys need to be imported15:14
InteloS4nt1m thanks15:14
InteloS4nt1m you use it?15:14
Inteloawesome. I mean15:14
KBarIntelo: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/YUHnF7Wg15:14
KBarIntelo: after that, `chmod u+x /path/to/script`15:15
InteloS4nt1m KBar ok but I wanted a generic run script that would run in any desktop system. for instance I have xubuntu xfce and awesome. I want those apps and commands to run on either.15:15
KBarIntelo: it will run on anything as long as those programs are installed15:16
KBarIntelo: or do you want it to also test for their existence?15:16
InteloKBar ok I got it15:16
Inteloso I just put that file in  ~/.local/bin15:16
Inteloand whatever file(s) are there, they will auto execute when gui is loaded. here 'gui' is xfce or kde or awesome etc/15:17
KBarIntelo: not correct. you also need to add that item into your autostart list15:17
Intelowhere is the autostart list?15:17
KBarIntelo: which DE are you using?15:18
KBarIntelo: desktop environment, is it GNOME?15:18
Inteloxfce and awesomewm15:18
KBarIntelo: is it at least Ubuntu?15:19
Inteloactually i might delete xfce some day15:19
Inteloyou can assume I have ubuntu server. I installed xorg and awesome on it15:19
KBarIntelo: search for "Session and Startup" app15:19
KBaror something similar15:19
Intelook I got it. but this is xfce speciic? right?15:20
KBarGUI is easy, otherwise you need to add an autostart entry manually15:20
Intelohow do I add entry?15:20
Inteloin a place that is not xfce or awesome specific15:21
Inteloit should run for all env15:21
KBarIntelo: is there .config/autostart directory in your home directory?15:21
Intelook. one sec15:21
Intelothere isn't15:21
KBarIntelo: `echo $HOME` what's the output?15:22
S4nt1mI think you can run in the .xsession also, you can google it. All of those will be xsessions15:23
Intelo.  /home/user115:24
InteloS4nt1m ok15:24
KBarIntelo: something like this: `https://pastebin.mozilla.org/rUMUmqs7`15:25
KBarIntelo: you need to place that script in that directory and name it chromium-with-redshift, obviously15:25
Inteloshould I put 'firefox' in ~/.xsession , ~/.profile or  ~/.xinitrc15:26
KBarif your DE is XDG-compliant (most are), it should proceed to start the autostart items after initiating their desktop session15:26
S4nt1mThis is my takeaway from the post: If you log in in graphical mode on an X display manager (xdm, gdm, kdm, wdm, lightdm, …), traditionally, what is executed after you log in is some scripts in /etc/X11 then ~/.xsession.15:26
KBarIt's preferrable to create autostart items in .config/autostart15:27
Inteloso .xsession is best. not .profile or .xinitrc?15:27
S4nt1m.profile will be executed everytime you open up a terminal afaik15:27
KBarIntelo: .profile is for bash and other shells15:27
S4nt1mbecause .profile is sourced from .bashrc, which executes at terminal opening15:28
Intelomy .xsession now has one line. 'firefox15:28
Intelolets see15:28
InteloI will be back soon15:29
KBarS4nt1m: that won't work on Wayland15:30
KBarautostart items are distro-wm-agnostic15:30
Inteloit didn't launched firefox15:30
Intelodid I missed anything?15:31
KBarIntelo: because you're on Wayland15:31
InteloSo what should I do?15:31
KBarIntelo: just to make sure: `echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE`15:31
KBaris it x11 or Wayland?15:31
KBarIntelo: autostart items. did you check the paste i linked you to? ready for use, just copy and paste15:32
KBarIntelo: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html15:32
KBarIntelo: this is for chromium with redshift: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/rUMUmqs715:33
KBarIntelo: for firefox. Just use the GUI "Session and Startup" > Application Startup > New item > find firefox and add it, give it a name and optionally a description. It will create an autostart entry in .config/autostart15:34
KBaruse that as a template15:34
KBarfor future autostart items15:35
Intelothats not in awesome "Session and Startup" > Application Startup >15:35
KBarIntelo: awesome is a window manager, it's irrelevant here15:36
KBarIntelo: are you sure you're running Ubuntu?15:36
KBarIntelo: `cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 9999`15:36
KBarIntelo: also `cat /var/log/installer/media-info | nc termbin.com 9999`15:39
InteloI wanted to have a script thatruns for all env15:39
KBarIntelo: that's what I've been telling you the whole time.... autostart items are the way15:39
KBarIntelo: have a read of the specification15:40
KBarit explains everything better than I can15:41
Inteloxrandr commands should also go in autostart scripts? KBar?15:43
KBarit should have its own config file15:44
KBarIntelo: autostart items aren't scripts necessarily. you're confusing two different things. can you explain what you're trying to achieve and why is it a necessity that it should run on all DEs?15:45
KBarwhy are you concerned about portability when you're invoking very specific apps that aren't installed by default on any of the major distros?15:46
Intelojust wanted to maintain the scripts at one place15:47
Inteloif I play around with other DE/desktops, WMs I won't have to worry15:47
Inteloso commadns are15:48
Intelofirefox, chrome, redshfit, xrandr, maybe more15:48
KBarIntelo: you dont actually even need separate scripts, do you see that Exec= field in a .desktop file?15:49
KBarIntelo: you can do Exec="sh -c COMMAND" for one-liners15:50
KBarso for firefox, Exec="sh -c firefox"15:50
Inteloinside the .desktop file?15:51
KBarIntelo: .config/autostart/*.desktop files15:51
KBaruse the one that I gave you as a template and you're good15:51
Intelook, will do in few minutes15:52
* Intelo in middle of copying ssh keys15:53
KBarIntelo: actually, looks like even the sh -c part is not required. i checked my other autostart items; here's another15:53
* Intelo in order to gain access to his remotes  / scripts etc15:53
KBarIntelo: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/OyZZy1LO15:54
Intelodo I just need to copy the ssh private keys in .ssh dir and alll with be good or I need to execute commands as well  like ssh-add etc or agent commadns?15:54
InteloKBar ok\15:54
KBarIntelo: just copy the entire .ssh directory from one machine to another15:55
Intelomybalzitch what to do with that? is it madatory? what effect will it make?16:01
mybalzitchif you want to automate logging in to remote machines its the easiest way to copy your pubkey over16:02
Intelopublik key? not proivate?16:04
jhutchinsIntelo: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/ssh-to-connect-to-remote-server-linux-or-windows16:28
Inteloi know it16:29
Intelomy question was different16:29
MitachoHello guys! Here I am again :D to ask for help regarding my USB microphone ( https://askubuntu.com/questions/1393594/usb-microphone-does-not-work-on-ubuntu-21-10 ).16:51
MitachoI tried to use this " quirk_alias " after seeing a discussion on GitLab ( https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/-/issues/998 ), but with no success.16:52
ubottuIssue 998 in pulseaudio/pulseaudio "JBL Quantum 800 - Microphone not detected" [Closed]16:52
ubottuCommit 763d92e in kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git "ALSA: usb-audio: Add registration quirk for JBL Quantum 400"16:54
Minus_OneMitacho, I have never had to deal with quirks, but those hex codes in the quirk are the USB vendor and product IDs, right? Did you try registering the quirk using 0c76:120c, or the codes shown in the commit?17:03
Minus_Onelooks like 0c76 is harman kardon17:03
Minus_Onebut it does say JBL in the commit message and comments, so I'm not sure what's up there17:04
Minus_Oneerr 0ecb is harman I meant17:05
MitachoI tried, I copied this quirk alias: quirk_alias=0ecb205c:0ecb203e and replaced 0ecb205c with 0c76120c, and kept the value 0ecb203e on the right side of the : because I don't know what that value means.17:10
MitachoBut after I did that my mic disappeared from Gnome sound settings17:10
Minus_OneMitacho, the right hand of the : is the device you are mapping to. So you are saying that the left hand vendor ID pair should be treated the same as the right hand one for applying quirks. source: https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/alsa-devel/patch/1452531556-32622-3-git-send-email-tiwai@suse.de/17:15
Minus_Onetry making the right hand 0ecb203e17:16
Minus_Oneoh wait that is what you used, my bad17:16
Minus_Onethat seems right17:16
Minus_Onewell, did you try restarting after appling the alias? That's about all I've got to suggest at this point. Seems like you researched this a lot already17:20
Minus_One(or is the alias only applied after reboot? Again, haven't had to mess with that)17:20
MitachoI'll do it again and restart.17:23
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MitachoNow my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file contains this line: options snd-usb-audio index=-2 quirk_alias=0c76120c:0ecb203e. I will be back in a moment.17:26
MitachoThe microphone just disappears https://imgur.com/a/hnu7DfN17:35
Minus_Oneokay Mitacho, I may know what's up17:36
Minus_Onewhat kernel are you on?17:36
Minus_One(uname -a)17:36
MitachoMinus_One: Linux ubuntu 5.13.0-28-lowlatency #31-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 13 18:29:33 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:38
MitachoI think this " lowlatency " is because I tried another command from the internet ( sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency-hwe-20.04 ).17:38
Minus_OneOkay. I am also on 5.13, and looking at the quirks.c file for that kernel relase, the JBL Quantum family quirks are not present. But the Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight S is, and it uses the same quirk. So you can try making the right hand of the mapping 095116ea17:38
MitachoOh, OK.17:38
MitachoI will do that and also uninstall " linux-lowlatency-hwe-20.04 ".17:39
Minus_Oneonly if you want, you can try before removing it17:39
MitachoNow my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file contains this line: options snd-usb-audio index=-2 quirk_alias=0c76120c:095116ea17:40
Mitacho will be back in a moment.17:41
lotuspsychjenot here please lsd|217:47
Maik!ot | lsd|217:48
ubottulsd|2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:48
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pnwiseIs snap going to be heavily integrated in 22.04 like the previous releases18:45
matsamancan't think of a software initiative Ubuntu started that was abanonded18:45
matsamanthat was NOT abandoned, rather18:45
Minus_Onepnwise, seems like it is becoming more and more focused on. Firefox is going to offer only a snap in 22.04, for instance18:46
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!18:47
pnwiseMinus_One, thanks. I thought that would be the case18:47
lotuspsychjeand also see !next18:47
ubottuJammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.18:47
aienaI am trying to install the qt5feedback package but cannot find it. Is it there by some other name?19:03
aienaah seems like it's there only on a newer ubuntu19:05
coconutaiena, libqt5feedback5/impish 5.0~git20180329.a14bd0bb-3 amd6419:05
aienayes I think its not available for 20.0419:06
coconutmight be, i don't know that19:06
aienathanks a lot https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&keywords=qt5feedback&searchon=names19:06
aienaI found it after asking here.19:07
aienaTHank you for your help.19:07
dragon_is anyone using teams in Firefox?19:40
matsamandragon_: sometimes19:44
DebianNBHi, had disk A with linux and disk B with win10 the grub was detection both without any issue. the Disk A is damaged and bought a new disk for disk A and installed again linux on it. Right now the grub is just the linux section, it's possible to added win10 boot section from disk B to new istalled grub?20:26
tomreynDebianNB: which ubuntu version are you running there?20:28
tomreyndo you mean 20.04 LTS?20:29
dragon_matsaman, how to you set it up to work. I have missing dependencies when trying to install application20:29
tomreynDebianNB: and how is the system booting? uefi or legacy bios boot?20:30
tomreynecho -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS20:30
matsamandragon_: in Firefox, or on its own?20:30
dragon_matsaman, I have tried both running Teams in browser, and installing the app, there are two option for linux20:31
tomreynDebianNB: is windows selectable from the uefi boot menu? not grub, but the one of your mainboard firmware (UEFI 'BIOS')20:32
matsamandragon_: well pick which approach you want to work on, and then tell the channel the errors you're getting20:32
dragon_In browser I am told, to find a compatible browser like Edge20:32
matsamandragon_: from Firefox?20:32
dragon_yes I am in Firefox20:33
DebianNBtomreyn now because was in the damged disk UFEI dir20:33
tomreynDebianNB: if so, use that to switch between the two OSes, its the better approach over trying to chainload windows through grub20:33
tomreynyou could try whether installing os-prober will result in a windows option being added to grub. but that's no longer the recommended approach.20:34
dragon_Package teams, Status; Error cannot satisfy dependencies20:34
DebianNBtomreyn i dont have the win via any anything, but the disk B with win10 is untouched, i need just a section or any tool to added it in grub again.20:34
DebianNBos-prober doesn't detect the iwn1020:35
matsamandragon_: which version of Ubuntu?20:35
dragon_matsaman, I am in lubuntu 21.1020:35
tomreynDebianNB: this very much sounds like a windows question to me, really, you should try to make some windows recovery tool re-add windows bootcode to your efi system partition and efivars.20:35
xmetalhmm @ Microsoft offers a DEB and RPM for that software but doesn't say what distro's they are for (i mean say what Ubuntu BASE its for)20:36
dragon_matsaman, noone in the lubuntu channel used teams or web conferance software at all20:36
DebianNBthanks any way but isn't win question.20:36
tomreynDebianNB: i know you said you want to add a "windows" option to grub, but i already commented on that20:37
tomreynthere's ##windows also, if it helps20:37
matsamandragon_: maybe this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1391091/reinstall-ms-teams-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-21-1020:38
xmetalif that doesn't work ^ ... i'd GUESS that MS would release Teams for the LTS so that MAY be why there are dependency issues20:40
tomreynthere are four variants of ms teams that are kind of working on 20.04 LTS, if that helps20:42
matsamanI mean this is always the problem with Microsoft: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace,_extend,_and_extinguish20:42
matsamanbut sometimes you gotta use certain things for certain situations20:42
tomreyn3 of those are the three release channels of ms, and one is an open source client. all are electron based, all lack a relevant amount of features compared to the windows counterpart20:42
odd1its been  a long time since i need to debug OS installers, last was SLiM from early Solaris 2, but the installed from the daily build dated 2022-02-16, looked like it finishes, but not cleanly...   known issue? or shall i go debugging21:03
jhutchinsodd1: Not widely reported, what do you mean by "not cleanly"?21:05
Ravagealso: daily build of which Ubuntu release?21:07
odd1ill have to do it again, but a numver of unclosed buffer complaints, and resulting in a os partition that looked ok, but the bootloader could not mount it21:08
oerheks22/04 beta likely21:08
ubottuJammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.21:08
oerhekskeep bugs in one place21:08
odd1ok, just following the pointer on a page to get here   will do  thanx21:09
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goddardwhy doesn't gnome automatically elevate permissions if the current user is in the sudo group?22:45
goddardwhen i create a file in a directory that requires elevated permissions it shouldn't require some command line interaction right?22:46
oerheks'in a directory' ? where?22:46
oerheksin your home folder ??22:47
oerhekspretty vague22:47
goddardany folder the requires elevated permissions22:48
goddardit just says permission denied and that is it22:48
goddarddoesn't offter a prompt to enter password for sudo22:48
Chunkyzinstall policykit-1-gnome22:48
oerheksone should install nautilus-admin to raise the level22:48
Chunkyzthat'll prompt you for a password...22:49
tomreynpress ctrl-l, add admin:// in front of location, press enter22:50
Chunkyzwhilst I'm here, I'm using thunar... I try and right click and remove a USB drive but it fails and tells me I don't have the correct permissions. can I fix this?22:52
ChunkyzI can unmount it though.22:52
jhutchinsgoddard: The idea is that elevated permissions should not be seamless, there should be an additional step required, essentially for confirmation that you want to break the non-privileged mode,22:55
jhutchinsgoddard: The premise being that privileged mode allows you to break things outside of your own sequestered domain.22:56
goddardmaybe just a preference option to disable the training wheels mode then?22:57
goddardsometimes it would be nice to use nautilus via sftp and use sudo to move and copy files and other stuff22:57
jhutchinsgoddard: It's not training wheels, it's good discipline.  Otherwise why even require elevated permissions?  Have flat access like DOS.22:58
goddardbecause it requires you to authenticate22:58
jhutchinsgoddard: Most experienced system administrators would scold you soundly for using a GUI as root.22:58
goddardthat is the reason why sudo exists23:00
goddardoften nautilus is safer especially if you delete something as the default behavior is to use the trash23:01
jhutchinsAn administrator should not need a graphical crutch, which both constrains his actions and allows catastrophic errors.23:07
goddardnever said i needed it, I want it23:07
jhutchinsgoddard: And no, sudo exists to allow specific users access to a restricted set of privileged commands.23:07
goddardits easier and i think has less chance for an error23:07
goddardjhutchins: that is basically what i just said23:08
jhutchinsgoddard: We'll be seeing you again.23:09
Chunkyzwhilst I'm here, I'm using thunar... I try and right click and remove a USB drive but it fails and tells me I don't have the correct permissions. can I fix this? I can umount it, not sure if that helps.23:09
Chunkyza lot of noise, sorry for repeating myself. :-)23:09
goddardjhutchins: i think you have an old dogma maybe23:09
jhutchinsgoddard: You asked for an explanation, that's where it comes from.23:15
goddardI'm happy to change my mind, but I haven't heard a good argument.23:16
jhutchinsChunkyz: I usually see an eject symbol next to removable dries in thunar.23:16
jhutchinsgoddard: As a single user of your own personal computer, you probably won't.  A lot of the assumptions and conventions don't really apply.  Remember, *nix systems tended to be either batch-based or multi-user TSO.23:18
goddardSure and that is fine, but the Linux community has a lot of dogma that isn't really based on reality as of today.23:21
Chunkyzjhutchins: yeah I see that, I press it and it gives a quarks error or something.23:22
goddardSome person teaching you to do something a certain way and then repeating without knowing the reason why is a classic example23:22
ChunkyzI'm *guessing* it's a permission error but no clue where to look. :')23:22
goddardreminds me of a joke i heard once about how a grand daughter asked her mom and her mom asked her mom and found out she just did something that way because hurt turkey wouldn't fit in that fashion so she did it another way.23:23
oerheksgoddard, how is this related to ubuntu support?23:24
goddardoerheks: good question23:24
oerheksanyway you have been answered, admin// or install nautilus-admin23:24
jhutchinsgoddard: The vast majority of linux systems are in large server farms.23:25
cbreakgoddard: I somewhat like "ranger" on the CLI23:25
cbreakit's superior to the normal file managers ubuntu offers by supporting three column view (miller columns or something like that)23:26
goddardyeah ranger is nice23:26
cbreakespecially if you use it with a good terminal like Kitty23:27
cbreakit can show images and thumbnails of movies in terminal :D23:27
jhutchins!info mc23:28
ubottumc (3:4.8.26-1.1, impish): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Built by mc. Size 496 kB / 1,536 kB23:28
Eickmeyergoddard, cbreak: Let's keep it support-related. :)23:29
jhutchinsYeah, let's get it back to that 95 minutes of dead air.  That's a great use of resources.23:29
Eickmeyerjhutchins: We have other channels for idle chatter. :)23:30
cbreakI'm supporting the selection of a good terminal and cli file manager.23:30
Eickmeyercbreak: Doesn't look like anybody asked.23:31

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